Trump Wins TP USA Straw Poll…What It Means – A KJ Analysis

“Former President Donald Trump dominated the 2024 GOP presidential nomination straw poll at the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit

TPUSA polled conference attendees—youth activists from around the country—who they would vote for in 2024 if Trump decided to launch another White House run. The straw poll was sponsored by Turning Point Action, the affiliated 501(c)(4) of TPUSA.

78.7% attendees said they would vote for Trump.” (An Exclusive Report Courtesy of

Imagine that. The very man whom the Democrats are still trying to impeach, even though he is no longer President, via means of professionally-produced Prime Time Televsion Programming of a dog and pony show kangaroo trial without a judge and without credible witnesses, wins a straw poll at a Young Republican Conference.

So, boys and girls, what does that mean?

It means that the Democrats and the Vichy Republicans who are on the House J6 Committee, or support their efforts, are not swaying anyone to come over to their side.

In fact, the Democrats, with their move over to the Far Left of the Political Spectrum and their installing a Dementia-riddled old man as President, have lost almost all of their hispanic voters with only 15% saying that they still support them.

Perhaps that is why they are still leaving our Southern Border wide open.

But, I digress…

By deciding to listen to a small minority of Americans who are the lunatic fringe at best, Democrats have allowed their own arrogance to be their downfall.

The TP USA Poll and Biden’s 29% popularity poll rating shows they have changed nobody’s opinion as regards the popularity of Former President Donald J Trump.

Instead, the horrific political disaster that is the Presidency of Joe Biden, has dug the Democrats a political hole that it will take decades to get out of, while leaving America in a ruinous predicament which only someone who is not bound by professional politicians’ protocol may be able to lift us out of.

And, that is why they are continuing to hold these kangaroo court sessions.

The Democrat Elite are scared to death of the return of Donald J Trump.

The American People, besieged by out-of-control crime, high gas prices and runaway inflation, want it to happen today.

See you in November at the Midtern Elections, Capitol Hill Democrats.

I hope you have an actual trade to fall back on besides politics.

Until He Comes,


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