Trump Posts “Totally Exculpatory” Document From Cohen’s Lawyer

“As Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg contemplates bringing his grand jury back in session Thursday to weigh the case against Donald Trump, the former president has posted what he calls a “totally exculpatory” document from the lawyer who turned star witness against him, Michael Cohen.

“Wow, look what was just found — A Letter from Cohen’s Lawyer to the Federal Election Commission,” Trump posted Wednesday night to his social media site, Truth Social, sharing an image of a document marked “highly confidential.”

“This is totally exculpatory, and must end the Manhattan District Attorney’s Witch Hunt, immediately.

“Cohen admits that he did it himself. The D.A. should get on with prosecuting violent criminals, so people can walk down the sidewalks of New York without being murdered!”

The letter, if authentic, has Cohen’s attorney, Stephen Ryan, representing that the payment to Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, was made by Cohen using his own funds, with no reimbursement from the Trump campaign or Trump Organization, and neither entity as a “party to the transaction.”

Trump, 76, would, if indicted, become the first former or sitting president to ever be charged with a crime. The unprecedented move would send shockwaves through the 2024 election campaign, in which Trump is planning to run after losing a bid for a second term to Joe Biden in 2020.

Bragg formed the grand jury — a citizens’ panel tasked with deciding whether there is a case meriting a response — in January following his investigation into $130,000 paid to Stormy Daniels in 2016.

The payment to Daniels, an adult film star, was made weeks before the 2016 election, allegedly to stop her from going public about a liaison she says she had with Trump years earlier.

Cohen testified before the grand jury, saying he made the payment on his boss’ behalf and was later reimbursed — the reimbursements were reported classified as campaign expenses.” (Courtesy

Cohen is trash. There’s no doubt about it.

Yesterday, the planned Grand Jury Session was called off.

Rumors immediately started appearing on Main Stream Media and Social Media.

For example…

Rumor #1 – Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is having trouble convincing the jury that there is anything to indict Trump on

I can believe that.

Rumor #2 – The Democrat Elite has been pressuring Bragg to drop this nothing indictment because of the backlash from average Americans and the fact that an indictment would work in Trump’s favor, ensuring him a return to the White House in 2024.

I can believe that.

Rumor #3 – Bragg has hidden 600 exculpatory letters like this one in order to get the indictment he craves.

And, I can believe that.

Bragg has to be the most powerful example of Trump Derangement Syndrome that I have ever seen, even bigger than the trolls on Facebook and Twitter.

To try to irreparably damage the American System of Justice in such a blatantly politically partisan way is an unforgivable act of egotistical fascism.

In other words, it’s SOP for the Democrat Elite.

They have been after former President Donald J Trump since he came down that escalator to announce that he was running for President.

They are obsessed and will not get over their TDS any time soon.

Unfortunately for them, they are going to have to learn to live with it.

Trump’s not going away any time soon, either.


Until He Comes,


Chris Rock Tells DC Politicians That Arresting Trump Would Only Make Him “More Popular”… He’s Right

“Comedian Chris Rock warned U.S. lawmakers on Sunday that arresting former President Trump would only make him “more popular.”

Rock made the comments while in Washington, D.C., for an event honoring Adam Sandler. He began poking fun at the well-connected capital crowd, which included former Speaker Nancy Pelosi and members of President Biden’s administration.

“Are you guys really going to arrest Trump?” Rock asked.

“Do you know this is only going to make him more popular. It’s like arresting Tupac. He’s just gonna sell more records. Are you stupid?” he said as the room laughed.” (Courtesy

Chris Rock is exactly right.

The reason for that is simple: Average Americans view Trump as “one of us.”

Those on Capitol Hill, who American Voters keep sending up there to speak for THEM, stopped caring about them long ago.

The Professional Politicians in Washington have purposefully become tone-deaf and utterly removed as to the payers, hopes, and dreams of average Americans, which are born out being raised in families who believed in America’s Traditional System of Faith and Values which have made this country both great and admired around the world.

Instead, the Washington Elite have embraced a hedonistic lifestyle, surrounded by special interest groups and lobbyists, who as Rep. Swalwell and Joe and Hunter Biden found out, include our representatives of our enemies, Red China.

Americans from all over the country support former President Trump.

They will view a Trump Indictment as an attack on the only man who can keep our country from becoming another Venezuela.

Trump actually cares more about preserving our Sovereign Nation than those in Washington who are supposed to be working for US and who are instead up there for themselves.

The Far Left Democrats and the Vichy Republicans look down their nose at average Americans because we have sat back and allowed them to run over us for decades.

And then, we elected Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America and turned the Washington Status Quo on its collective head.

The coming together of the Far Left Democrats and the Vichy Republicans, in support of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s Witch Hunt, is an act of self-preservation.

They would rather turn America into a Third World “Democratic Socialist” country than to allow a “rank outsider” like Donald J. Trump to become President in 2024 and “Make America Great Again”.

And, that is why we are witnessing this attempt by Bragg to invent a charge on which to indict a former President.

And, in return, that is why Chris Rock is right.

Average Americans’ sense of fair play will generate a backlash, which will culminate in the second term of President Donald J Trump.

The Washington Elite never saw it coming in 2016, and they won’t see it coming in 2024.

Their arrogance won’t let them

Until He Comes,


Manhattan DA Indicting Trump Received $1,000,000 From George Soros

When Former President Donald J Trump announced on Truth Social that he would be arrested, he mentioned the fact that Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg received a donation of $1,000,000 from Billionaire Puppet Master Feorge Soros. That money was laundered through Color of Change, a “Progressive” Political PAC.

Color of Change also sponsored the Olympic Activist and participant in the Hammer Throw, Gwen Berry.

George Soros is the “Vladimir Lenin” of our time.

As was the case in the Russian Revolution, any “Democratic Socialist” nation we see around our Modern World went through a course-altering revolution, whether through a violent overthrow of the Government or through a “radical change” in the political ideology of their nation and the way that their populace voted in the subsequent election.

I firmly believe that the mission of Billionaire Financier George Soros and all of the Far Left Organizations and Democratic Party Politicians whom he supports, is what his political puppet, Former (Thank God) President Barack Hussein Obama, said that his was during his first presidential campaign: to “radically change” our nation into something that every patriotic American will no longer recognize.

America’s Alt-Left, which Former President Trump identified by name during the 2017 “Press Conference”, which shall forever be known as the “Trump Tower Thrashing”, is a fringe group of radicalized young people, who grew up during the Obama Administration being programmed by “Organizing for America”, Liberal College Professors, and a pop culture which told them that to love America and to respect her history and those who had gone before them, was “jingoistic”.

The 2020 Rioters used the justified shooting of a madman attacking police officers with a knife as an excuse to riot and loot in several poorly-run Democrat-controlled cities.

They were told through indoctrination that it is evil to try to be better than others….to achieve and make their own way.

They were told that everyone “should be equal” and those who do achieve should “share the wealth”.

This programming led these young minds full of mush to become the “useful idiots” (as Communists used to call their dupes in the Cold War) whom we have been watching on television for the last decade as they attack America’s History, our Constitutional method of deciding our leaders, our Former President, and even, how we select our Supreme Court Justices.

Now, thanks to the push to “Defund the Police”, Soros’ funding of campaigns to install Far Left District Attorneys in major American cities, and his covert and overt support of the perpetually grieved protesters, paid to stage organized demonstrations which morph into riots and his meddling in local and elections, America is being attacked from within.

And, Soros’ bought-and-paid-for Manhattan DA may be about to indict a Former President of the United States of America so that the “Radical Change” of our Sovereign Nation may continue aided and abetted by “useful idiots” in search of more “free money”.

What these “useful idiots ” do not realize is that their “free money” comes at a heavy price: the loss of our American Freedom.

Until He Comes,


The Political Elite and America’s “Great Purge”

“Great Purge, also called purge trials, three widely publicized show trials and a series of closed, unpublicized trials held in the Soviet Union during the late 1930s, in which many prominent Old Bolsheviks were found guilty of treason and executed or imprisoned. All the evidence presented in court was derived from preliminary examinations of the defendants and from their confessions. It was subsequently established that the accused were innocent, that the cases were fabricated by the secret police (NKVD), and that the confessions were made under pressure of intensive torture and intimidation.

The trials successfully eliminated the major real and potential political rivals and critics of Joseph Stalin. The trials were the public aspect of the widespread purge that sent millions of alleged “enemies of the people” to prison camps in the 1930s.” (Courtesy

Sound familiar?

What Americans have been witnessing, since Donald J Trump came down that escalator to announce that he was running for President, is the birth and maturation of an American “Great Purge”, initiated by the “Progessive” fascists of the Far Left Democratic Elite and supported by Vichy Republicans determined to preserve the Washington Status Quo.

These forces of the totalitarian Deep State have identified and isolated Trump as the point of the spear of those who oppose their campaign to “radically change” our Sovereign Nation, and are moving to indict him and imprison him in order to minimize the political clout of those who they call “Nationalists”, and whom we call patriotic average Americans.

And now, through the installation of a Dementia-riddled puppet president, they have weaponized the Department of Justice into a political weapon in order to facilitate their own version of the Soviet Union’s Great Purge.

Through the use of a willing Main Stream Media and the cooperation of Leftist Social Media Oligarchs, this New Politboro has brainwashed a generation of “useful idiots ” into believing that Traditional American Individualism is bad and cradle-to-grave amoral fascist governmental control is what is best for this “shameful” country.

The good news is that, at least for now, Patriotic Americans outnumber these totalitarian Marxist fascists.

The bad news is the fact that they are well-organized and well-funded by billionaires like George Soros.

And, no political trick is beneath them.

And, if the announcement that Former President Trump gave yesterday proves to be right, that is exactly what Americans will witness this week.

God protect us.

Until He Comes,


Manhattan Grand Jury May Vote to Indict Trump Next Week…Why?

BREAKING NEWS 3/18/23: Former President Donald J Trump has posted on Truth Social that he will be arrested on Tuesday. He has asked for protests.

“The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has asked for a meeting with law enforcement ahead of a possible indictment of former President Donald Trump next week, according to a court source.

According to the source, the meeting was requested Thursday and hasn’t been set. The meeting is to “discuss logistics for some time next week, which would mean that they are anticipating an indictment next week,” the source familiar with the planning said.

Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung reacted to the news by ripping district attorney Alvin Bragg in a statement to Fox News Digital, calling his investigation a “witch hunt” and accusing him of being in the pocket of President Biden and “radical Democrats.”

“President Donald J. Trump is completely innocent, he did nothing wrong, and even the biggest, most Radical Left Democrats are making that clear,” Cheung said. “From Russia, Russia, Russia, to the Mueller Hoax, to Impeachment Hoaxes 1 and 2, and even the Unlawful Mar-a-Lago Raid, Democrats have investigated and attacked President Trump since before he was elected – and they’ve failed every time.”

“Now Democrats are at it again, pushing the ‘Nuclear Button’ and attacking a President because of a disgraced extortionist,” he said. “This is happening because President Trump is leading in the polls by a large margin against both Democrats and Republicans, and there’s never been anything so blatant in American political history.”

“Everyone knows it’s a sham. In fact, the Department of Justice stocked the DA’s office with top people from DC to help ‘Get Trump’ at a local level. Americans will not tolerate Radical Left Democrats turning our justice system into an injustice system to influence a presidential election, which is all they want to do. Our Country is not going to let this happen. This will backfire massively for the Democrat Party, and end in disgrace for our Nation,” he added.

The potential indictment stems from the yearslong investigation surrounding Trump’s alleged hush money scandal involving porn star Stormy Daniels. Towards the end of the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump’s then-lawyer Michael Cohen sent $130,000 to Daniels to prevent her from disclosing her 2006 affair with Trump. Trump reimbursed Cohen through installments.

The potential indictment stems from the yearslong investigation surrounding Trump’s alleged hush money scandal involving porn star Stormy Daniels. (AP)” (Courtesy

Like the repeated attempts by the Democrat Elite to impeach Former President Donald Trump during his Presidency and afterward, this seating of a Grand Jury leading to a possible indictment is nothing but a Political Dog and Pony Show.

Just as the Roman Emperors entertained the citizenry with “bread and circuses”, so the Manhattan District Attorney is appeasing the Trump Derangement Syndrome-addled leaders and members of the Far Left Democratic Party by attempting something that his predecessor, Cyrus Vance, refused to take on.

There is a very good reason for that.

For the Far Left Democrats out there, here is one of your sources to explain why:

“Even if Mr. Trump is indicted, convicting him or sending him to prison will be challenging. The case against the former president hinges on an untested and therefore risky legal theory involving a complex interplay of laws, all amounting to a low-level felony.” (Courtesy

Bragg and his fellow Democrat politicians believe, that by indicting Trump, they will disgrace him in the eyes of average American Voters.

They overestimate themselves.

First, paying “hush money” is not illegal.

Second, their failed attempts at impeachment did not hurt Trump’s popularity.

Finally, they didn’t pay attention to the fact that the J6 Committee’s Televised Hearings failed spectacularly.

That’s okay.

Americans didn’t pay attention to them, either.

Until He Comes,


Trump Fires Back at Pence “… In Many Ways You Can Blame Him For Jan. 6th”

“Former President Donald Trump fired back at former Vice President Mike Pence on Monday, saying the failure to proceed to debate on the 2020 Electoral College vote was the true cause of the Jan. 6 unrest at the Capitol.

“Had he sent the votes back to the legislatures, they wouldn’t have had a problem with Jan. 6, so in many ways you can blame him for Jan. 6,” Trump told reporters on Trump Force One, en route to his Monday night speech in Davenport, Iowa, The Washington Post reported.

“Had he sent them back to Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, the states, I believe, number one, you have had a different outcome,” Trump continued. “But I also believe you wouldn’t have had ‘Jan. 6,’ as we call it.”

Trump was responding to Pence’s most critical remarks yet of his former boss.

“President Trump was wrong,” Pence told a Saturday Gridiron Dinner. “I had no right to overturn the election. And his reckless words endangered my family and everyone at the Capitol that day, and I know history will hold Donald Trump accountable.

“Make no mistake about it, what happened that day was a disgrace — and it mocks decency to portray it any other way,” added Pence.

Trump characterized the amped-up rhetoric from his former VP as being a politically opportunistic attack, amid Pence’s own presidential aspirations.

“I guess he figured that being nice is not working,” Trump told reporters on the plane, according to the Post. “But, you know, he’s out there campaigning. And he’s trying very hard. And he’s a nice man, I’ve known him, I had a very good relationship until the end.”

Trump repeated his position that Pence had authority — as evidenced by the Democrat-led Congress’ immediate effort to change the laws.

“He had the right to send them back. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have changed the Voting Act,” Trump concluded on the plan.” (Courtesy

Former President Donald J Trump is being more nice about the words spoken by the turncoat professional politician than I would have.

I was truly shocked when Mike Pence first turned on President Donald J. Trump.

Perhaps, I shouldn’t have been.

The things which drew a lot of average Americans to literally fall in love with Candidate and then President Donald J. Trump was the fact that he was “one of us”.

He was not a professional politicians.

He knew how to laugh and he spoke to us, whether in one of his live appearances or on television, as if we were close friends who had known each other all of our lives.

He was authentic.

Unfortunately, with the future of our Constitutional Republic hanging in the balance, average Americans found out that his Vice-President, Mike Pence, was not.

Former Vice-President Mike Pence proved himself to be just another plain vanilla professional politician, more than willing to trade his spine for political expediency.

And, boys and girls, as we all know, actions have consequences.

Failure to act does, too.

In Pence’s case, his failure to act started our Sovereign Nation on a downward spiral, at home and abroad.

At that time, Pence’s actions really disillusioned me.

You see, Pence proclaims himself to be a Christian.

Well, that’s not for me to judge.

However, he turned his back on a man whom Dr. James Dobson described after sitting down with him before the 2016 Presidential Election as “a new Christian”…to side with individuals who want to legalize full-term abortions and who believe in 36 genders.

One of the “Fruits (or Gifts) of the Holy Spirit” described in the Bible is that of “discernment”.

I think that Brother Pence needs to exchange his “gift of discernment” for one that actually works.

What he did on that fateful day has proven to be a disastrous decision.

His decision to run for President will turn out to be one, as well.

Until He Comes,


#Documentgate: 9 More Boxes of Classified Documents Stored in Biden’s Attorney’s Office reports in an Exclusive that…

“Nine boxes of documents were taken from President Biden’s attorney Patrick Moore’s Boston office, but have yet to be reviewed, the National Archives disclosed in a response letter to Sens. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., and Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, this week first obtained by Fox News Digital.

The Archives had not previously publicly disclosed the number of boxes taken from Boston. It had been reported that Moore had shipped boxes of documents from the Penn Biden Center to his Boston office before discovering the initial trove of classified documents at the Washington, D.C.-based think tank.

In response to questions by Johnson and Grassley in a Feb. 24 letter asking how and when the archives learned that records were transported to Boston, Acting Archivist of the United States Debra Steidel Wall responded the agency learned about it on Nov. 3, 2022.

“When NARA [National Archives and Records Administration] contacted President Biden’s personal counsel on November 3, 2022, to arrange to pick up boxes from the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C., they informed NARA that Mr. Moore had moved other boxes from the Penn Biden Center to Mr. Moore’s law firm in Boston,” the letter states.

In addition, the archives notified the Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General on Nov. 4 that the documents had been moved. The documents were then picked up on Nov. 9 and were secured in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston.”

I am sure that you have noticed that those classified documents were not secured properly.

Biden’s personal attorney is not an employee of the United States Government.

Biden had hidden classified documents as Vice-President at the Penn Biden Center, his Delaware Mansion, his Delaware Beach House, and his personal attorney’s Boston office.

All of the documents remained hidden until after the 2022 Midterm Elections.

Why did Biden have these documents?

What was he doing with them while he was out of office, and why were they not turned in until after the election?

Well, boys and girls, I have three words for you: Biden Crime Family.

Do you know how much money the information contained in classified documents would be worth to those countries who “worked” with Biden to procure “jobs” for his worthless addicted perverted son, Hunter?


Could the lengthy and questionable possession of these documents explain the passivity of Biden when it comes to standing up to China’s President Xi?

Was the raid on Former President Trump’s home in Florida done by AG Merrick Garland to cover for Biden’s #Documentgate”?

Is this the most corrupt presidential administration since Warren G. Harding and the Teapot Dome Scandal?

Will the Republicans in the House of Representatives have the cajones to launch a full investigation into #Docementgate?

Yes, yes, yes, and probably no.

The Washington Status Quo must not be disturbed.

Until He Comes,


Trump Beats DeSantis by 42% in CPAC Straw Poll

“Former President Donald Trump topped the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) straw poll for the 2024 GOP nomination by a wide margin at the conservative conference Saturday.

Trump won 62% support in the poll, which was announced shortly before he was scheduled to speak to the crowd gathered at the Gaylord in Fort Washington, Maryland.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis came in as second choice with 20% support. The third-place pick at 5% support was long-shot GOP candidate Perry Johnson, a businessman who attempted to run for governor in Michigan but was blocked from participating in the Republican primary.

Kari Lake, the Republican Arizona gubernatorial nominee in 2022, received the most support for vice presidential candidate with 20%. DeSantis received 14% support for the 2024 vice presidential nominee in the CPAC poll. Over 2,000 attendees completed the poll, organizers said.

Trump easily won the 2024 GOP presidential nomination straw polls at major CPAC gatherings in Orlando, Florida and Dallas, Texas last year. The former president, who launched his 2024 bid last November and who remains the most popular and influential politician in the GOP more than two years after leaving the White House, captured 69% of ballots cast in the anonymous online straw poll last August in Dallas and 59% in Orlando last February.” (Courtesy

I am not surprised by the vote at CPAC.

Trump was right…about everything.

In just over 2 years, Biden and his handlers have begun to turn the “Shining City Upon a Hill” into a Third World Socialist Barrio resembling Venezuela.

Even as I type this, America continues to face a supply chain problem affecting food, clothing, and other essential supplies.

Whether it is because they cannot find anyone willing to offload the ships sitting in the waters of our ports because of the labor shortage or if it has to do with some sort of blackmail by the Chinese, I do not know.

I do know that it is affecting our economy and hurting a lot of Americans’ jobs and paychecks who have continued working hard since before the entire Chinese Coronavirus Pandemic.

A non-functioning National Supply Chain can destroy a Sovereign Nation.

Just ask Venezuela.

During the Trump Administration, America was beginning to absolutely boom economically.

Now, we have have more people than ever sitting around waiting for some more “Free Money” from “Uncle Sugar”, a.k.a. #DementiaJoe instead of going out and getting a job.

The lines and poor service at fast food restaurants, grocery stores, and even in Walmarts from coast to coast bear witness to this mostrous decline in our economy.

So do the conrinuing high prices at the pump at gasoline stations across the Fruited Plains.

Out of control crime and inflation, young people not working, groomers “teaching” innocent children, thousands of illegals pouring across our Southern Border, a rapidly deteriorating President trying to shake hands with people who aren’t even tbere…children being taught to hate America and each other…nope…nothing to see here…move along.

Hold on. Let me answer for you Far Lrft TDS-suffering Democrats out there: But…but…Trump!!!!!

Yes, Donald J Trump can be his own worst enemy sometimes, but he was certainly turning this country around when the Wuhan Lab Leak happened.

Former President Trump was exactly right.

Joe Biden and the Democrat Elite, in their zeal to turn our Constitutional Republic into a “Democratic Socialist” country are attempting to push average Americans, the majority in our country, out of the way through tyrannical intimidation.

It is going to be up to average Americans, those of us whom Hillary Clinton referred to as “Deplorables” to take our country back.

In between now and then, we need to stand up and be counted, whether it is at school Board meetings protecting our children, talking to friends, family, and co-workers, or letting our opinions about the current Administration be known on Social Media.

We simply cannot remain idle and silent at this critical time.


Until He Comes,


Cruz: Biden is a “Feckless Commander in Chief”…Here’s Why He’s Right

“Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, told Newsmax Friday that President Joe Biden is a “feckless” commander in chief who is a “major cause” of the war in Ukraine.

“When it comes to foreign policy, [President] Joe Biden has managed, for over two years now, to get everything exactly backwards,” Cruz said during an appearance on Newsmax’s “The Chris Salcedo Show.” “He has managed to alienate and abandon our friends and allies and, simultaneously, to show weakness and to show appeasement to our enemies.”

“Look at Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, his surrender to the Taliban,” he continued. “When that happened, every enemy of America looked to Washington, looked to the Oval Office. They took a measure of the man, and they concluded the commander in chief was weak and feckless and ineffective. That was a major cause of the war in Ukraine.” (Courtesy of

Our enemies do not respect Biden the way that they did President Trump.

How could they?

They have watched the videos of his campaign and his appearances then and now, as President.

They see how frail and impaired he is.

Their intelligence agencies have, no doubt, uncovered information about this whole charade, known as the Biden Presidency, which his Handlers and the Democrat Elite keep desperately trying to keep hidden from the American people.

The war in Ukraine is an example of the effects of Biden’s weakness. The whole scenario is the result of the weakness of an “installed” American President.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin recognized that Joe Biden was going to be a pushover as President from the moment that the Democrats decided to make him their Presidential Candidate. He and his advisers recognized that Biden was nothing but a demented old fool with no backbone at all and none of the grit and determination that President Trump possessed.

That assessment was proven to be spot on, as Biden and his administration staged the worst military withdrawal from a country ever witnessed in American history, leading to the death of American Servicemen and women and the stranding of Americans and our allies in an Islamic Terrorist Country.

And now, as regards the Ukraine/Russia Conflict, Biden is doing nothing but continue to issue empty threats and “sanctions” at Putin, who is probably laughing his butt off…because he knows that Biden is throwing money at the problem, instead of giving Ukraine the weapons they need to win

If average people around the world have learned anything from Biden’s Presidency, it is the fact that Biden’s weakness invites conflict and oppression.

President Ronald Reagan famously said,

“When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.”

There is no way that Joe Biden will ever gain the respect of our Sovereign Nation’s enemies.

We are so screwed.

Until He Comes,


Trump to Visit East Palestine, Biden Sends Government Agencies Instead of Water and Money

“Former President Trump will travel to East Palestine, Ohio next week to visit the area and members of the community as they grapple with the aftermath of the train derailment that led to a large release of toxic chemicals, Fox News has learned.

A source familiar with the former president’s plans told Fox News that Trump plans to travel to East Palestine on Wednesday to meet with members of the community.

The source said Trump, who announced his 2024 presidential campaign in November, has a strong relationship with the people of Ohio.

Trump’s planned visit comes after a train derailment on Feb. 3, when about 50 cars on a Norfolk Southern Railroad train carrying vinyl chloride derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, a small community that is located along the Ohio-Pennsylvania border.

The company opted to release the gas from the derailed cars, releasing potentially deadly fumes and other dangerous chemicals into the air, to prevent a disastrous explosion. Local residents were told to evacuate the area during the release, but were assured it was safe to return on Feb. 9.

Residents of the East Palestine community have reported severe symptoms from toxins and chemicals that have seeped into the air and waterways since the derailment on Feb. 7.

After more than two weeks, the Biden administration on Friday announced it would deploy medical personnel and toxicologists to East Palestine from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).” (Courtesy

Have you noticed that it took Trump announcing that he was going to visit the Americans impacted by the disaster in East Palestine for Biden’s handlers to do ANYTHING?

And yet, the Biden Administration and the other Useful Idiots in Congress have given billions of OUR Tax Dollars to Ukraine.

You want to know why Trump is visiting while Biden isn’t?

Trump was a very successful Billionaire Businessman and a very successful President..

However, unlike the very wealthy who contribute to Liberal causes and buy and sell Liberal politicians in order to gain more wealth and power, Trump ran for President because he actually loves our great country and its citizens.

Now Trump, by demonstrating how an American President should act, placed Biden and his handlers in a situation in which they had to do something to appear that they were trying to help those affected in the chemically-ravaged region, in what is actually a weak attempt to pretend like he actually cares about us “common folk”.

Not since Marie Antoinette supposedly quipped that the starving French living under her and her husband’s rule should “eat cake”, has there been such an obvious disconnect between those in authority and “common folk”.

In reality, they care more about sending OUR money to Ukraine and giving money and free lodging to those who enter our country illegally.

Actions speak louder than words.

Until He Comes,