Manhattan DA Indicting Trump Received $1,000,000 From George Soros

When Former President Donald J Trump announced on Truth Social that he would be arrested, he mentioned the fact that Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg received a donation of $1,000,000 from Billionaire Puppet Master Feorge Soros. That money was laundered through Color of Change, a “Progressive” Political PAC.

Color of Change also sponsored the Olympic Activist and participant in the Hammer Throw, Gwen Berry.

George Soros is the “Vladimir Lenin” of our time.

As was the case in the Russian Revolution, any “Democratic Socialist” nation we see around our Modern World went through a course-altering revolution, whether through a violent overthrow of the Government or through a “radical change” in the political ideology of their nation and the way that their populace voted in the subsequent election.

I firmly believe that the mission of Billionaire Financier George Soros and all of the Far Left Organizations and Democratic Party Politicians whom he supports, is what his political puppet, Former (Thank God) President Barack Hussein Obama, said that his was during his first presidential campaign: to “radically change” our nation into something that every patriotic American will no longer recognize.

America’s Alt-Left, which Former President Trump identified by name during the 2017 “Press Conference”, which shall forever be known as the “Trump Tower Thrashing”, is a fringe group of radicalized young people, who grew up during the Obama Administration being programmed by “Organizing for America”, Liberal College Professors, and a pop culture which told them that to love America and to respect her history and those who had gone before them, was “jingoistic”.

The 2020 Rioters used the justified shooting of a madman attacking police officers with a knife as an excuse to riot and loot in several poorly-run Democrat-controlled cities.

They were told through indoctrination that it is evil to try to be better than others….to achieve and make their own way.

They were told that everyone “should be equal” and those who do achieve should “share the wealth”.

This programming led these young minds full of mush to become the “useful idiots” (as Communists used to call their dupes in the Cold War) whom we have been watching on television for the last decade as they attack America’s History, our Constitutional method of deciding our leaders, our Former President, and even, how we select our Supreme Court Justices.

Now, thanks to the push to “Defund the Police”, Soros’ funding of campaigns to install Far Left District Attorneys in major American cities, and his covert and overt support of the perpetually grieved protesters, paid to stage organized demonstrations which morph into riots and his meddling in local and elections, America is being attacked from within.

And, Soros’ bought-and-paid-for Manhattan DA may be about to indict a Former President of the United States of America so that the “Radical Change” of our Sovereign Nation may continue aided and abetted by “useful idiots” in search of more “free money”.

What these “useful idiots ” do not realize is that their “free money” comes at a heavy price: the loss of our American Freedom.

Until He Comes,


The Political Elite and America’s “Great Purge”

“Great Purge, also called purge trials, three widely publicized show trials and a series of closed, unpublicized trials held in the Soviet Union during the late 1930s, in which many prominent Old Bolsheviks were found guilty of treason and executed or imprisoned. All the evidence presented in court was derived from preliminary examinations of the defendants and from their confessions. It was subsequently established that the accused were innocent, that the cases were fabricated by the secret police (NKVD), and that the confessions were made under pressure of intensive torture and intimidation.

The trials successfully eliminated the major real and potential political rivals and critics of Joseph Stalin. The trials were the public aspect of the widespread purge that sent millions of alleged “enemies of the people” to prison camps in the 1930s.” (Courtesy

Sound familiar?

What Americans have been witnessing, since Donald J Trump came down that escalator to announce that he was running for President, is the birth and maturation of an American “Great Purge”, initiated by the “Progessive” fascists of the Far Left Democratic Elite and supported by Vichy Republicans determined to preserve the Washington Status Quo.

These forces of the totalitarian Deep State have identified and isolated Trump as the point of the spear of those who oppose their campaign to “radically change” our Sovereign Nation, and are moving to indict him and imprison him in order to minimize the political clout of those who they call “Nationalists”, and whom we call patriotic average Americans.

And now, through the installation of a Dementia-riddled puppet president, they have weaponized the Department of Justice into a political weapon in order to facilitate their own version of the Soviet Union’s Great Purge.

Through the use of a willing Main Stream Media and the cooperation of Leftist Social Media Oligarchs, this New Politboro has brainwashed a generation of “useful idiots ” into believing that Traditional American Individualism is bad and cradle-to-grave amoral fascist governmental control is what is best for this “shameful” country.

The good news is that, at least for now, Patriotic Americans outnumber these totalitarian Marxist fascists.

The bad news is the fact that they are well-organized and well-funded by billionaires like George Soros.

And, no political trick is beneath them.

And, if the announcement that Former President Trump gave yesterday proves to be right, that is exactly what Americans will witness this week.

God protect us.

Until He Comes,


DeSantis Releases Video of Horrible Results of the Transgender Surgeries That Biden and Dems Support

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ political team released a video Tuesday that shows the graphic results of multiple transgender surgeries alongside President Joe Biden’s comments on “The Daily Show” where he called the Republican’s policies “cruel.”

During an appearance on Comedy Central on Monday night, Biden said that “what’s going on in Florida” when it comes to transgender people is “close to sinful.”

DeSantis’ video of Biden’s remarks features a split screen with Biden on the left and still photos of double mastectomy and skin graft scars on the right. The bottom of the screen reads, “Biden thinks it’s ‘cruel’ Florida banned these surgeries for children.”

“It’s just terrible what they’re doing,” Biden says in the video. “It’s not like, you know, a kid wakes up one morning and says, you know, ‘I decided I wanted to become a man’ or ‘I want to become a woman.’ I mean, what are they thinking about?”

“They’re human beings,” the president added. “It’s cruel. And the way we do it is we make sure we pass legislation like we passed on same-sex marriage; you mess with that, you’re breaking the law, and you’re going to be held accountable.”

Biden didn’t specify what policies he was criticizing, but Florida recently joined a handful of states in banning gender-transition surgeries and treatments like puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for minors.

“It is not ‘sinful’ to prohibit the mutilation of minors,” DeSantis fired back in a tweet Tuesday. “It is not acceptable for the federal government to mandate that procedures like sex change operations be allowed for kids.”(Courtesy

When I started writing posts like this, way back in April of 2010, I started taking notice of the fact that Liberal Democrats had taken over our nation’s Education System.

Since then, I have watched them incorporate their political ideology into traditional lesson plans, which were designed to teach children mathematics, english, history, geography, and other traditional subjects.

Soon, children were being taught that individual achievement was bad and that “progress” happens because of “movements”,

And then, thanks to Far Left Democrats graduating from colleges and universities with advanced degrees in Instructional Design, textbooks, including those on history, were rewritten and revised to teach that traditional American Faith and Values are bad and that we should be ashamed of our country and our capitalist economy.

This led to the teaching of “Social Justice”.

Now that “Cultural Marxism” has been programmed into our children’s minds, there was only one aspect of their lives left for Far Left “Educators” to try to corrupt: the sexual identities of young, innocent children.

These “Groomers”, along with “Useful Idiot” parents, began convincing innocent children that they were not really who God made them to be.

The results, as shown above, have been monstrous and horrifying.

Thank you, Governor DeSantis, for standing up for the children.

All the other 49 states MUST do the same to protect America’s children.

And, every single Groomer across this country should be in jail.

Until He Comes,


Fonda Says Her Suggestion to”Murder” Pro-lifers Was Just a “Passing Joke”

“After liberal activist actress Jane Fonda joked abortion advocates should resort to “murder” to defend abortion rights, she is now telling critics to take a joke.

“While women’s reproductive rights are a very serious issue and extremely important to me, my comment on ‘The View’ was obviously made in jest,” Fonda told Fox News in a statement. “My body language and tone made it clear to those in the room — and to anyone watching — that I was using hyperbole to make a point.

“Women across the country are facing real threats when it comes to our bodies, and people lose faith in our mission to protect women when others choose to focus on tangential issues and passing jokes instead of the actual problem at hand.”

But conservatives are noting she is not joking about killing the unborn.

“Jane Fonda went on national television today and suggested that pro-life politicians should be murdered for trying to protect unborn children,” former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson, who is now a pro-life advocate, tweeted.

“I guess she believes in killing people both in and out of the womb.” (Courtesy

There is a reason that us “older Americans” call Jane Fonda “Hanoi Jane”

In July-August 1972 Fonda made her infamous trip to North Vietnam. By this time, over 50,000 Americans had been killed in the war. While there, she posed for pictures on an anti-aircraft gun that had been used to shoot down American planes, and she volunteered to do a radio broadcast from Hanoi. She made approximately eight radio addresses, during which she told American pilots in the area:

“Use of these bombs or condoning the use of these bombs makes one a war criminal … Examine the reasons given to justify the murder you are being paid to commit … I don’t know what your officers tell you … but [your] weapons are illegal and that’s not just rhetoric … The men who are ordering you to use these weapons are war criminals according to international law, and in the past, in Germany and Japan, men who committed these kinds of crimes were tried and executed.”

Isn’t she just a sweetheart?

Do you want to know why I believe that Far Left Democratic Women like Fonda are so mad that Abortion on Demand is not under the control of the Federal Government anymore?

It’s because so many of them used abortion as birth control, giving them permission to have sex with any man any time that they wanted to.

It takes a cold, calculating woman to view an unborn human being as a burden and a liability.

But, a lack of morals and ethics seems to be a requirement to be a member of the Far Left Democratic Party.

What baffles me is the fact that she has proclaimed abortion to be a “good” thing, instead of the taking of an innocent life.

However, it shouldn’t.

She is just another shallow Hollywood “Star” whose arrogance is matched only by her ignorance.

Tonight, on the Academy Awards, you will see a bunch of Democrat Elitists brag about themselves and movies that nobody went to see while proclaiming how in touch they are with average Americans.


That’s why nobody has watched the Academy Awards for years and why Jane Fonda is about as popular as toenail fungus.

Until He Comes,


9th Grader’s Parents File Lawsuit Because Daughter Was Forced to Stand Still During Pledge of Allegiance

“The parents of a ninth grade South Carolina student who said she was accosted by a teacher for quietly walking to class instead of stopping and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance are suing the teacher, principal, school district and state education officials.

Marissa Barnwell said she was walking quietly to class and decided not to stop for the pledge or a moment of silence that followed. A teacher yelled at her, confronted her and pushed her against a wall.

Barnwell was then sent to the principal’s office, which she said was humiliating because she feared she was in trouble. The principal promised to look at the video of the encounter and sent her back to class, but Barnwell said he never let her know that the teacher was wrong and she was right.

“I was completely and utterly disrespected,” Barnwell, 15, said at a news conference Thursday, according to The State newspaper. “No one has apologized, no one has acknowledged my hurt. … The fact that the school is defending that kind of behavior is unimaginable.”

Barnwell’s parents are suing the River Bluff High School teacher, the principal, Lexington School District 1, and the South Carolina Education Department in federal court, saying they violated the girl’s civil rights and her First Amendment rights to both free speech or not to speak at all.

A state law passed more than 30 years ago requires public schools to play the Pledge of Allegiance at a specific time every day.

But that law also prohibits punishing anyone who refuses to recite the pledge as long as they are not disruptive or infringe on others.

“The thing that’s beautiful about America is we have freedoms,” said Tyler Bailey, the family’s lawyer. “Students in our schools should feel safe, they should not feel threatened for exercising their constitutional rights.” (Courtesy

I remember back in elementary school, every morning we began by singing “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” and then, reciting The Pledge of Allegiance. Even remembering that ritual today, I find comfort in it.

In the South, at least in the Mississippi County in which I live, the school day still begins with the recitation of the Pledge, which is led by a group of students, standing around a microphone in the Principal’s Office.

Unfortunately, that is no longer the case in many schools around our blessed land.

Good old-fashioned American Patriots are now considered by Woke Far Left Democrats to be “White Nationalists”

So, what is the cause of this 180 degree turn from where we were, as a mostly cohesive society, based on love of God and Country, which I remember so fondly from my childhood, to where we are now as a country divided and compromised, to a certain extent, of individuals, who believe in relative morality, situational ethics, and a malleable Constitution.

Learned individuals have been trying to discern exactly what has caused this societal and cultural decline, and in the process, they have blamed it on everything from poor schools to poverty to malnutrition.

Being a simple man, (Hey, that would make a great title for a rock song. Oh, wait. It was. Never mind.) I believe that because Americans have wanted, for at least 3 generations now, to give their children everything materialistically possible.

They have to a great extent, ignored teaching their children both how to discern between right and wrong and how to be grateful for living in the Greatest Country on the Face of the Earth. A country that provides them with endless opportunities and advantages…like college scholarships.

God’s Word tells us that we, as parents, should “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” – Proverbs 22:6 (ESV)

What these ungrateful parents and their teenager do not understand is the fact that the exceptionalism of America lies not in the Halls of Power but in the courage and spirit of the average American. A courage and spirit, which our history proves, has driven American citizens to build a nation which is indeed exceptional among all others.

A nation which they are free to leave anytime they wish, in order to find one in which they will not feel so “oppressed.”

Good luck with that.

Until He Comes.


Biden Supports Illegals Voting in Local D.C. Elections… And, So It Begins

“President Joe Biden is suggesting support for allowing foreign nationals, including diplomats of foreign countries like China and Russia, to vote in local Washington, DC elections.

In October 2022, the Washington, DC, City Council voted 12-1 to advance a law to allow foreign nationals, regardless of whether they have visas, green cards, or are illegally in the United States, to vote in local elections such as school board and mayoral races.

Most significantly, the law gives the right to vote in local elections to foreign diplomats and others who work at embassies of foreign governments, including China and Russia.

This week, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre suggested that Biden supports allowing foreign nationals to vote in local D.C. elections.

“The President does not support allowing noncitizens to vote in federal elections,” Jean-Pierre said. “We’ve been clear about that from here. As it relates to that particular vote or that particular bill, I don’t have any updates from here to share … and we’ll update you as soon as — if we have anything, if that changes.”

Last month, House Republicans and 42 House Democrats voted to block the D.C. law from taking effect.

As Breitbart News detailed, Senate Republicans are now looking to pass an identical resolution sponsored by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) sometime before March 14 when the law’s 30-day review period ends. Even if Senators fail to pass the resolution within the 30-day period, though, Congress still has the power to invalidate the law at any time and refuse funding for D.C. officials to implement the law.

The latest statement from Biden’s administration comes after the president, in a memo, said he supports D.C. giving voting rights to foreign nationals, including illegal aliens.” (Courtesy

Why are the Democrats, including Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America, so desirous to give those who are in our Sovereign Nation illegally the Constitutional Right to vote, a right reserved for American Citizens?

And, why are they starting with Washington, D.C.?

Remember the story of the frog in a pot of water on the stove?

The story goes that if you place a frog in a pot of water on the stove and slowly increase the heat of the burner that the pot is resting on, the frog will not make an effort to jump out. Instead, it will stay in the water until it boils to death.

That’s the same principle that the Democrats are using.

By starting out in local elections, like D.C., they are getting Democrat-led communities used to the idea of allowing illegals to vote.

Before these communities know what’s happening, they will have illegals on their city council or Board of Aldermen. After that, they will have an illegal as the major of their city.

Once that is allowed to happen, it’s Katie bar the door.

The Democrats are so eager to allow illegals to vote in OUR elections because the “Democratic Socialism” which has become their party’s political ideology has been rejected in elections from local to national by the overwhelming majority of American Voters….and they will lose every election they enter.

However, those who are in our nation illegally will be more than happy to vote for Democratic Socialist Candidates because they will be told and will believe that they will be getting a bunch of free stuff and they will be able to share in the American Dream.

It is a new version of the same pitch that the Democrats made to Black Americans when they launched their “Great Society” under President Lyndon Baines Johnson.

And, we see how well that worked out.

But, I digress…

Voting in American Elections is a Constitutional Right as prescribed by our Founding Fathers, to be exercised by American Citizens ONLY.

Our Founders gifted us with our American Liberty, won through the blood of patriots.

Liberty is Freedom with Responsibility.

Voting is the responsibility of all American Citizens of legal age.

It is also a PRIVILEGE…one which illegal immigrants have not earned.

Until He Comes,


Coach Deion Sanders Under Attack For Sharing His Christian Faith With Players

“Colorado head coach Deion Sanders has yet to officially appear on the sidelines for the Buffaloes after taking the job in December, but he’s already at the center of controversy over his religion.

Sanders was known for expressing his strong belief in God when it came to his coaching style at Jackson State. When he left the Tigers for the Colorado gig, he was mocked for saying that God had sent him to become the coach of Jackson State but left the job anyway.

With kickoff to the 2023 Buffaloes season just months away, Sanders is now in the middle between two religious groups. One group wants Colorado to force him to stop preaching his religious beliefs to his players, while another one warned the university that telling him to do so could infringe on his rights.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation sent the University of Colorado a letter on Jan. 24 about Sanders’ references to Christianity and claimed they were contacted by residents who were concerned players were potentially being pressured to pray during their team meetings.

The letter also pointed to one prayer in question, which read “Lord, we thank You for this day, Father, for this opportunity as a group. Father, we thank You for the movement that God has put us in place to be in charge of. We thank You for each player here, each coach, each family. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.”

The group called on the university to teach Sanders about “his constitutional duties under the Establishment Clause” and to “ensure that Sanders understands that he has been hired as a football coach and not a pastor.” The letter urged the school to provide the group that the coach “will not continue to proselytize to his players or subject them to coercive team prayers,” according to The Christian Post.

The school would respond to the letter the next week, saying Sanders was “very receptive to this training and came away from it with a better understanding of the University of Colorado’s policies and the requirements of the Establishment Clause,” according to the Deseret News. The school said if a player had a problem with prayers in the future, it would direct them to the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance.” (Courtesy

Who is the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), and why should they be concerned about Collegiate Football Teams participating in prayer?

According to their website:

“The purposes of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc., as stated in its bylaws, are to promote the constitutional principle of separation of state and church, and to educate the public on matters relating to nontheism.”

Down here in Dixie, we still pray at school functions…and that fact drives that idiotic bunch of atheists up in the Great White North, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, absolutely nuts. So much so, that they have made it their mission in life, to sue every school that dares have any sort of prayer at any event, on campus or off.

The FFRF has achieved a modicum of success in our court system. However, at least in the South, school organizations such as the Fellowship of Christian Students and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes are still flourishing.

I remember back in elementary school, every morning we began school by singing “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” and then, reciting The Pledge of Allegiance. Even remembering that ritual today, I find comfort in it.

In the South, at least in the Mississippi County in which I live, the school day still begins with the recitation of the Pledge, which is led by a group of students, standing around a microphone in the Principal’s Office.

Unfortunately, that is no longer the case in many schools around our blessed land.
Nowadays, good old-fashioned American Patriotism is not considered Politically Correct by the Far Left Democrats who are in charge of our Education System.

And, the same Far Left Democrats have screaming hissy fits over any violation of the mythical “Separation of Church and State”, a phrase which does not appear in our Constitution, or any other legal and binding document for that matter.

So, what is the cause of this 180 degree turn from where we were, as a mostly cohesive society, based on love of God and Country, which I remember so fondly from my childhood, to where we are now as a country comprised, to a certain extent, of individuals, who believe in relative morality, situational ethics, and a malleable Constitution?

Learned individuals have been trying to discern exactly what has caused this Societal and Cultural Decline, and in the process, they have blamed it on everything from poor schools to poverty to malnutrition.

Being a simple man, (Hey, that would make a great title for a rock song. Oh, wait. It was. Never mind.) I believe that because Americans have wanted, for at least 3 generations now, to give their children everything materialistically possible, they have to a great extent, ignored their children’s spirituality.

God’s Word tells us that we, as parents, should

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” – Proverbs 22:6 (ESV)

The Obama Administration and the Biden Administration have tried to step in and fulfill the role of “parent,” making the situation that I’ve been describing even worse.

And now, Coach Deion Sanders is being reprimanded for sharing his faith with the young men in his charge, as Christian Americans have done since the beginning of our Sovereign Nation.

Just like the high school football coach who won his job back thanks to a ruling by the Supreme Court, Coach Sanders has the right to pray in front of his team or to walk out to the 50 yard line and kneel in prayer.

Christian Americans have rights, too.

Until He Comes,


Teacher Says It’s OK to Keep Secrets From “Christo-fascist” Parents… What??!!

“A Washington teacher complained on Friday that many schools’ “guidelines and laws” haven’t helped them keep students’ information secret from “Christo-fascist” parents.

A tweet shows Auburn School District 408 teacher Karen Love responding to another that urged parents to check their school district’s policy regarding keeping info about their child’s secret from them.

“Parents-check your school districts’ policy regarding keeping info about YOUR child secret from you. There are some scary policies out there. Schools should not have a right to keep info about your child from you unless abuse by you is suspected. There I said it and mean it,” a tweet written by “The Principle’s Office” reads.

Love responded, “I cannot disagree with this more. So many students are not safe in this nation from their Christo-fascist parents. And our guidelines and laws haven’t caught up with this.” (Courtesy

Fellow Americans, do you understand what has been happening in the schools that our children and grandchildren attend 5 days a week?

They are being brainwashed to believe that Christianity is evil, Devil worship is okay, as is Marxism, that there are more than two genders, and that a man can get pregnant!!!

If you wonder why they don’t want to listen to you at home, it is not just because they’re (fill in the age), IT IS BECAUSE THEY ARE BEING PROGRAMMED BY A GODLESS TOTALITARIAN BIG GOVERNMENT LOVING BUNCH OF SOULESS GROOMERS!!!

For example, consider the demonic excuse for a “teacher” quoted in the article above.

She truly believes, like all Marxists, that it is the State’s duty to teach children that the State knows what is best for them.

She also knows that hiding the truth of her horrifying “lesson plans” from parents is the only way that she and her fellow travelers will succeed in their mission.

What “mission”?

Former President Barack Hussein Obama (mm mmm mmmm) let it slip several years ago.

Their mission is to “radically change” America into something that it was never meant to be: a totalitarian mob-ruled remake of the Soviet Union.

So, why is this groomer (yeah, I said it) calling Christian Americans “Christo-fascists”?

We stand in the way of Far Left Democrats like her and her fellow travelers completing their mission.

That is why they are absolutely freaking out about the Revival happening on College Campuses across this country.

Young Christian Americans are “putting on the whole armor of God,” experiencing and sharing His Wonderous Love with fellow Americans … and it is spreading like Wildfire.

Through God’s Grace and the Holy Spirit, we may be witnessing the answer to the prayers of the faithful.

God bless America.

Please, Lord.

Until He Comes,


Trump to Visit East Palestine, Biden Sends Government Agencies Instead of Water and Money

“Former President Trump will travel to East Palestine, Ohio next week to visit the area and members of the community as they grapple with the aftermath of the train derailment that led to a large release of toxic chemicals, Fox News has learned.

A source familiar with the former president’s plans told Fox News that Trump plans to travel to East Palestine on Wednesday to meet with members of the community.

The source said Trump, who announced his 2024 presidential campaign in November, has a strong relationship with the people of Ohio.

Trump’s planned visit comes after a train derailment on Feb. 3, when about 50 cars on a Norfolk Southern Railroad train carrying vinyl chloride derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, a small community that is located along the Ohio-Pennsylvania border.

The company opted to release the gas from the derailed cars, releasing potentially deadly fumes and other dangerous chemicals into the air, to prevent a disastrous explosion. Local residents were told to evacuate the area during the release, but were assured it was safe to return on Feb. 9.

Residents of the East Palestine community have reported severe symptoms from toxins and chemicals that have seeped into the air and waterways since the derailment on Feb. 7.

After more than two weeks, the Biden administration on Friday announced it would deploy medical personnel and toxicologists to East Palestine from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).” (Courtesy

Have you noticed that it took Trump announcing that he was going to visit the Americans impacted by the disaster in East Palestine for Biden’s handlers to do ANYTHING?

And yet, the Biden Administration and the other Useful Idiots in Congress have given billions of OUR Tax Dollars to Ukraine.

You want to know why Trump is visiting while Biden isn’t?

Trump was a very successful Billionaire Businessman and a very successful President..

However, unlike the very wealthy who contribute to Liberal causes and buy and sell Liberal politicians in order to gain more wealth and power, Trump ran for President because he actually loves our great country and its citizens.

Now Trump, by demonstrating how an American President should act, placed Biden and his handlers in a situation in which they had to do something to appear that they were trying to help those affected in the chemically-ravaged region, in what is actually a weak attempt to pretend like he actually cares about us “common folk”.

Not since Marie Antoinette supposedly quipped that the starving French living under her and her husband’s rule should “eat cake”, has there been such an obvious disconnect between those in authority and “common folk”.

In reality, they care more about sending OUR money to Ukraine and giving money and free lodging to those who enter our country illegally.

Actions speak louder than words.

Until He Comes,


Jordan Calls DC Dems “Ridiculous” for Wanting Illegals to Vote. He’s Right!

“Rep. Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, caused a stir on Twitter Friday night after he said Democrats in Washington D.C. were “ridiculous” to support a decision allowing non-citizens the opportunity to vote.

“Only Americans should vote in American elections,” said Jordan, prompting backlash.

The Republican’s tweet concerned House Joint Resolution 24, or the “Disapproving the action of the District of Columbia Council in approving the Local Resident Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2022,” which passed the House of Representatives on Thursday.

The resolution seeks to overturn a bill that passed the D.C. Council in October, which opened the local voting process to immigrants.” (Courtesy

Before Donald J. Trump was president, Republicans brought up the subject of required Voter Identification in order for American Citizens to exercise their Constitutional Right to Vote.

Of course, the Democrats hollered that it was some sort of Civil Rights Violation, which made every sane person in the country scratch their heads while wondering what the Dems were smoking.

The Democrats’ quest for more voters to support their minority political ideology transcends such ‘passe” concepts as right and wrong, legal and illegal.

And, that is their reasoning when it comes to giving those who have broken into our country the same rights as law-abiding citizens, including the right to vote in American Elections.

A Voter I.D. would spoil the plans of the Democratic Party Leadership.

In my state, even if you cannot drive, you can still get a state identification.

There is nothing to it and it comes in useful for all sorts of things where you need an I.D., even purchasing a cellphone and service plan.

Trump was absolutely right.

I.D.’s are a part of the overwhelming majority of Americans’ everyday lives.

The only reason to intentionally not carry one would be if you do not want to be identified because you’re breaking the law in some form or fashion…such as being in this Sovereign Nation illegally.

The right to vote in American Elections should remain as it always has been: a right enjoyed by American Citizens Only.

Giving illegals the right to vote is rewarding them for not having enough respect for America to enter our country in a legal manner.

It is the wrong thing to do.

Until He Comes,