A KJ Rant: There’s a Light at the End of the Tunnel

I have been watching the news events this past week, as those who are so bent on taking America to Hell in a handbasket continue to foist their failed political ideology upon us.

Watching a rapidly deteriorating President of the United States of America continue to blame a failing Russian Leader for the inflation which is destroying Americans’ lives, would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic.

Americans are suffering.

Americans want their country back.

Instead, we’re getting bread and circuses as we travel through a dystopian nightmare leading to a Marxist Oligarchy.

Americans are being patted on our heads by those who feel like they are smarter than us and consider us nothing more than three-year-old toddlers or mentally disabled individuals who don’t know any better.

This past week, as we were trying to decide between eating or putting gas in our only means of getting to our jobs, Democrat Representatives were on Prime Time Television, starring in a program produced by a Former ABC Producer, desperately trying to convince us that people who did not even have weapons were participating in an insurrection, when in reality it was something that was undoubtedly arranged by the Democrats themselves.

And, I would not be surprised if RINO Mitch McConnell was a part of the planning of it as well.

Just sayin’…

Things are so out of control in Washington, that the word is that Biden and his handlers want the World Health Organization to control our Sovereign Nation’s Health Decisions.

However, there is a “stirring” is the air.

From the stickers at the gas pump, to the low ratings at the Box Office for “Woke Movies”, to the discussions at family gatherings and water coolers in American Businesses everywhere, it is evident that Americans have had enough.

The word is, that the Democrats’ Dog and Pony show this past week bombed bigger than Hiroshima.

Angry parents standing up at school board meetings was just the beginning.

And, the threats made by Biden and the Democrats to take away law-abiding Americans’ Second Amendment Rights, added fuel to the fire.

If Democrats thought that their plans to turn Americans into their “New Proletariat” through their authoritarian didactic unconstitutional governance during the COVID-19 “Pandemic” was going to work, they were sadly mistaken.

Even polls who are heavily weighted with Democrat voters are showing that Biden is thought of as a horrible President and the Democrats’ embrace and implementing of Far Left Socialism is extremely unpopular with the overwhelming majority of Americans.

The Democrats are scrambling to keep their phony baloney jobs right now, trying to build a new Soviet Union before the Midterm Elections.

However, their desperate machinations are too little, too late.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, fellow Americans.

It’s the “Light From Above”…the Light of Freedom.

Until He Comes,


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