The “It’s Not My Fault” President and Carter Gas Prices Deja Vu

“There is no question that Vladimir Putin is principally responsible for the intense financial pain the American people and their families are bearing,” Biden wrote in a series of letters to oil CEOs on Wednesday. “But amid a war that has raised gasoline prices more than $1.70 per gallon, historically high refinery profit margins are worsening that pain.”

“Your companies and others have an opportunity to take immediate actions to increase the supply of gasoline, diesel and other refined product you are producing,” he continued. “My administration is prepared to use all reasonable and appropriate Federal Government tools and emergency authorities to increase refinery capacity and output in the near term, and to ensure that every region of this country is appropriately supplied.” – President Joe Biden, courtesy

Now, let me get this straight.

This blooming idiot wants oil companies to ramp up oil production and increase our supply.

However, he does not want to allow American businesses to open more drilling operations in this country and he refuses to crank back up the Keystone Pipeline which made us energy independent and which provided great jobs to tens of thousands of Americans.

Where does Dementia Joe think that he’s going to get more oil from? Olives?

Also, does he actually think that average Americans are believing this Putin BS that he is shoveling?

Come on, man!

Joe, in case your handlers have not told you, you are the President of the United States of America, the greatest country on the face of the Earth.

Everything that is going wrong in this country is your fault.

It’s the fault of you, your handlers, and the rest of the Democrat Elite.

Just like Jimmy Carter blamed OPEC and our dependence on foreign oil for a gas shortage and rampant inflation, you’re blaming everybody but yourself.

The difference is, Jimmy Carter, while being a horribly inept president, actually loved this country.

You and your handlers are purposely destroying this nation.

You are trying to force Americans into buying Electric Cars that are impractical and that we can’t afford in the first place.

This inflation that we are suffering through is a direct result from printing all the free money that you have been giving out to people who don’t want to work.

And, all these new jobs that you are bragging about are actually old jobs that people are finally getting to come back to, that is, if their old employer did not have to close their business because of the stupid lockdowns we all suffered through.

Joe, tell the Far Left Democrats to go to Blazes and start listening to the American people.

As it stands now, the Republicans are going to win the majority of seats in the House and Senate in a landslide this November and then, if they have any courage at all, you’re going to go through an impeachment process.

I don’t know why I’m saying this to you, Joe.

You are nothing more than a Puppet President whose age is higher than his IQ.

The Democratic Cabal who put you in this position should be tried for treason.

Come to think of it…you and Hunter should be brought up on the same charges for using your Vice-Presidency to make money off of Foreign Powers.

I am sure that you will continue on this path of destruction.

I just hope and pray that this country I love so much will survive until November when we get a chance to begin taking back America.

Until He Comes,


A KJ Rant: There’s a Light at the End of the Tunnel

I have been watching the news events this past week, as those who are so bent on taking America to Hell in a handbasket continue to foist their failed political ideology upon us.

Watching a rapidly deteriorating President of the United States of America continue to blame a failing Russian Leader for the inflation which is destroying Americans’ lives, would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic.

Americans are suffering.

Americans want their country back.

Instead, we’re getting bread and circuses as we travel through a dystopian nightmare leading to a Marxist Oligarchy.

Americans are being patted on our heads by those who feel like they are smarter than us and consider us nothing more than three-year-old toddlers or mentally disabled individuals who don’t know any better.

This past week, as we were trying to decide between eating or putting gas in our only means of getting to our jobs, Democrat Representatives were on Prime Time Television, starring in a program produced by a Former ABC Producer, desperately trying to convince us that people who did not even have weapons were participating in an insurrection, when in reality it was something that was undoubtedly arranged by the Democrats themselves.

And, I would not be surprised if RINO Mitch McConnell was a part of the planning of it as well.

Just sayin’…

Things are so out of control in Washington, that the word is that Biden and his handlers want the World Health Organization to control our Sovereign Nation’s Health Decisions.

However, there is a “stirring” is the air.

From the stickers at the gas pump, to the low ratings at the Box Office for “Woke Movies”, to the discussions at family gatherings and water coolers in American Businesses everywhere, it is evident that Americans have had enough.

The word is, that the Democrats’ Dog and Pony show this past week bombed bigger than Hiroshima.

Angry parents standing up at school board meetings was just the beginning.

And, the threats made by Biden and the Democrats to take away law-abiding Americans’ Second Amendment Rights, added fuel to the fire.

If Democrats thought that their plans to turn Americans into their “New Proletariat” through their authoritarian didactic unconstitutional governance during the COVID-19 “Pandemic” was going to work, they were sadly mistaken.

Even polls who are heavily weighted with Democrat voters are showing that Biden is thought of as a horrible President and the Democrats’ embrace and implementing of Far Left Socialism is extremely unpopular with the overwhelming majority of Americans.

The Democrats are scrambling to keep their phony baloney jobs right now, trying to build a new Soviet Union before the Midterm Elections.

However, their desperate machinations are too little, too late.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, fellow Americans.

It’s the “Light From Above”…the Light of Freedom.

Until He Comes,


According to MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, Biden’s Runaway Inflation is Not a Problem…Americans Can Afford It…(Let Them Eat Cake!)

Stephanie Ruhle reports that

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle argued Americans have to put the high inflation rate and rising costs of food and other every day items “in perspective” on Sunday.

The consumer price index rose 6.2% year over year in October, according to the Department of Labor, the largest annual gain since November 1990. And prices rose 0.9% month over month.

But the soaring costs, Ruhle said on NBC, were expected after the worldwide pandemic, before telling anchor Willie Geist that Americans “on average” can actually afford the higher prices.

“The dirty little secret here, Willie, while nobody likes to pay more, on average, we have the money to do so,” she said. “Household savings hit a record high over the pandemic, we didn’t really have anywhere to go out and spend.”

Ruhle added that the U.S. is expecting “record” retail sales this year, home values are up, and the stock market is experiencing record highs, to justify her argument.

Conservative pundits predicted that, if adopted by Democrats, the kind of messaging Ruhle was espousing will derail their chances in the next round of elections. Others referred to Ruhle as “Stephanie Antoinette,” in reference to Marie Antoinette, the arrogant Queen of France during the French Revolution.

Others called her “tone deaf,” “elitist” and “out of touch.”

Andrew Wagner, the director of public affairs for the Minnesota House Republicans, called Ruhle’s comment “next level out of touch stuff.”

Ruhle was accused of out-of-touch thinking after she argued that unvaccinated Americans can just work from home or homeschool their children, despite studies showing that it was harder for less well-off Americans to have the ability to work from home.

“If you do not want to get vaccinated, you can work from home,” she said in September. “You can home school your children. You can shop online.”

Inflation is credited as one of the driving factors causing Democratic senators like Joe Manchin, W.Va., from supporting President Biden’s social spending bill. The bill has reportedly dropped from $3.5 trillion price tag to under $2 trillion.

The president argued the reconciliation bill will help reduce inflation.

“It is important that Congress pass my Build Back Better plan, which is fully paid for and does not add to the debt and will get more Americans working by reducing the cost of child care and elder care, and help directly lower costs for American families by providing more affordable health coverage and prescription drugs — alongside cutting taxes for 50 million Americans, including for most families with children,” he said.

Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, argued the Democrats’ spending bill will “add fuel to the fire.”

Indeed, it will.

You know what else is adding fuel to the fire?

The overwhelming arrogance of the Far Left Democrat Elitists.

From Joe Biden on down, the Democratic Party has demonstrated in the last 10 months that they do not care what Americans think…nor what we want and need.

All these oligarchs care about is their special interest groups who help them grow their political power and wealth.

The Democrat Elite view themselves not only as the “Smartest People in the Room”, they view themselves as superior in ever criteria to average Americans.

Stephanie Ruhle remains oblivious as to the condescending tone of her comments.

To her, average Americans like us deserve to be talked down to because we cannot possibly be as intelligent as she is.

Biden feels the same way.

When Biden leans forward at the podium and whispers when he is trying to make a point during a speech or when he says that Americans do not understand how the Supply Chain operates, his dementia-riddled brain is allowing his Democrat Elitism to come out from behind his “Lunchbucket Joe” façade.

That is the reason that Biden, Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrat Snobs in Washington are still trying to pass the fiasco known as the Build Back Better Bill.

They want to “radically change” America into a Marxist nation so that they can get richer than they already are and rule with impunity like the old Soviet Politburo.

Americans have had enough.


Until He Comes,




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