Senate Votes in a Short Term Extension of the Debt Ceiling as McConnell and Vichy Republicans Give Dems Their Way…Again

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Senators voted to approve a short-term increase to the federal debt ceiling on Thursday night, ending a weekslong standoff on Capitol Hill and likely averting a default that could have triggered a recession.

Senate Democrats passed the $480 billion increase by a simple majority vote of 50-48. The vote on the final measure occurred after 11 GOP lawmakers joined Democrats in a vote to invoke cloture, clearing the 60-vote filibuster threshold.

The 11 Republicans who voted to allow the measure to proceed were Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Minority Whip John Thune, John Cornyn, Lisa Murkowski, Shelley Moore Capito, Richard Shelby, Rob Portman, Susan Collins, John Barrasso, Mike Rounds and Roy Blunt.

The bill will now proceed to the House, where lawmakers could consider it by as early as next week. The $480 billion increase is enough to fund the government through at least early December.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and other business leaders had warned of a potential economic catastrophe if Congress did not raise the debt ceiling by Oct. 18 when the U.S. federal government would run out of cash to cover its obligations.

Republicans blocked multiple attempts to raise the debt ceiling in recent days, with GOP leaders arguing the Democrats should use the budget reconciliation process to suspend the borrowing limit without their help. But as the default deadline approached, McConnell offered to drop GOP opposition if Democrats raised the debt limit by a fixed dollar amount, buying Schumer and his allies more time to find a longer-term solution.

Democrats claimed victory after McConnell’s offer went public, with some claiming he had “caved” to political pressure. Some GOP lawmakers accused McConnell of giving up his leverage and capitulating to Democratic demands.

Last night, as I was driving home from work, I was listening to “Hannity” on Sirius XM Channel 114.

Sen. Lindsey Graham was on with Sean, and you could tell that he was embarrassed by McConnell’s spineless actions, even though he was trying to maintain the “good fellow well met” B.S. that the Republican Elite are famous for.

Hannity was not buying it and told Graham so.

Hannity said that the Republicans are acting just like they did before Trump came along.

He was right.

The professional politicians on both sides of the aisle up on Capitol Hill live in a bubble, totally and purposely oblivious from the wants and needs of the American Voters who gave them their cushy jobs.

When Donald J. Trump came down that golden escalator, along with his beautiful wife Melania, a loud thunderclap could be heard emanating from Capitol Hill and Democrat and Republican Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

That sound was the sound of the sphincters of all the “Keepers of the Washington Status Quo” slamming shut in unison.

You see, boys and girls, the Vichy Republicans in Washington had made a lot of money being “buds” (i.e. servants) with the Democrats.

Of course, they never won Presidential Elections, but, why should they care?

They were getting filthy rich from all of the stock tips and other perks which came from “reaching across the aisle”.

They knew that Trump was going to change all of that.

He was not coming to Washington to make money. In fact, he was not even going to take a salary.

He could not be bought.

And, by the way, that is just one of the reasons that Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and the rest of the Never Trumpers among the Republican Elite hate our Former President so much.

He refused to take their money and play their games.

He would rather hold a MAGA Rally and speak directly to thousands of average Americans, that to attend some political soiree full of the Washington Elite.

As shown by the polls which are showing that Trump is not only leading other prospective Republican candidates but also crushing Biden in a possible 2024 Presidential Race, the American People have had enough of the tone-deaf spineless Vichy Republicans and have definitely had enough of #DementiaJoe.

They want someone who will listen to and stand up for them.

Hence, the results of all of the polls on this subject.

That is why Sen. Mitch McConnell was so upset after Trump was acquitted in the last Shampeachment.

The Republican Elite know that these polls are true.

And, they are afraid of the “Deplorables” (me and you).

And, after yesterday’s spineless move, they have a right to be.

Until He Comes,



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