Trump on “Hannity”: “I Don’t Think In All of the Years Our Country Has Ever Been So Humiliated”…He’s Right

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Lamenting the results of President Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, former President Donald Trump on Tuesday night declared that his “conditions-based agreement” with a Taliban co-founder was forceful and “understood.”

“We had very strong conversation,” Trump told Fox News’ “Hannity” of a conversation with Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar Akhund, a Taliban co-founder. “I told him up front, I said, ‘look, before we start, let me just tell you right now that if anything bad happens to Americans or anybody else — or if you ever come over to our land, we will hit you with a force that no country has ever been hit with before, a force so great that you won’t even believe it, and your village — and we know where it is, and I named it — will be the first one.'”

Trump noted that the Taliban’s planned trip to Washington was canceled during his administration after the Taliban killed an American to show its force in the country, and said the Taliban co-founder had understood his warning.

“I asked him, ‘do you understand?’ And he said, I do understand,'” Trump told host Sean Hannity. “And I wanted them to get a deal done with the Afghan government.”

Fleeing former Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani was a “crook” who had “gotten away with murder,” Trump said.

“I never had a lot of confidence in Ghani,” Trump added. “I said that openly and plainly. I thought he was a crook and got away with murder. He spent all of this time wining and dining our senators. The senators were in his pocket.

“That was one of the problems that we had, but I never liked him.”

Trump mentioned the corruption of the fleeing president having reportedly escaped with piles of cash, adding the Taliban were truly the leadership to negotiate with during his administration.

“He got away with murder in many different ways, but I had a very strong talk with the Taliban, which I consider to be much more important in a sense, because they were the problem,” Trump said. “And they had been there for a long time and are good fighters and they fight hard. And after I said that, we had a pretty good conversation.”

Trump lamented the fall of Afghanistan under Biden’s withdrawal without conditions.

“I don’t think in all of the years our country has ever been so humiliated,” Trump said. “I don’t know what if call it a military defeat or a psychological defeat, there is never been anything like what’s happened here.

“This has been the most humiliating period of time that I’ve ever seen.”

Trump added that the Afghan military “was basically bribed to fight,” saying they did it for money and not for their country, permitting the Taliban to take over quickly.

I agree with Former President Trump.

This is humiliating.

The President of the United States of America is supposed to be the Leader of the Free World…not a dementia-riddled idiot who has stranded 10-40,000 Americans in a country which has been taken over by Muslim Terrorists with no plan to get them out.

This Foreign Affairs Disaster, caused by Biden and his handlers, has literally opened the flood gates for un-vetted Afghanis to enter our Sovereign nation.

It has also given the go-ahead for Communist China to overthrow the government of Taiwan.

Without a strong president, America’s continuance as a nation is in peril.

Do you realize that the Taliban has several U.S. Military Helicopters at their disposal, along with a huge cache of the latest weapons of war, which the military did not dispose of in the proper manner on their way out of the country?

Despite what Obama’s Military Leaders say in their press conferences, the Biden Administration was not ready for the complete takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban in the short span of two weeks.

Why did it happen? Who is to blame?

Just like he said (after he blamed everybody else), the buck stops with the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden.

He is a senile old man, battling dementia, and losing.

In no way, is he able to perform the functions of his job, as clearly demonstrated by the numerous Foreign and Domestic Failures that Biden is responsible for after only 7 months in office.

Even his Vice-President, Kamala “Heels Up” Harris is keeping her distance from him.

And, she is so incompetent that when you look up “lightweight” in the dictionary, you find her picture.

The entire world is watching President Joe Biden. waiting to see what he will do to handle a situation which is thousands of times worse than the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

Whatever he does, given his track record as President so far, it will fail.

He is no Ronald Wilson Reagan.

And, he is certainly not Donald John Trump.

God protect us.

Until He Comes,





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