Trump Signs COVID-19 Relief Bill After Promise by McConnell to Hold Vote on $2,000 Relief Checks and to Investigate Changing “Section 230” reports that

President Donald Trump on Sunday signed the massive COVID-19 relief bill that he had long refused to sign.

The White House issued a statement that it has secured a promise from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to hold a standalone vote for $2,000 per person relief checks Trump had been pushing for, over the $600 that is in the bill.

The statement also said the Senate will consider legislation to repeal “Section 230” of the Communications Act that gives immunity to social media publishers. It also said the Senate would conduct investigations into voter fraud.

Trump earlier tweeted “Good news on Covid Relief Bill. Information to follow!” but did not give further details as millions of Americans struggling through the pandemic faced the loss of unemployment benefits.

For nearly a week, Trump has refused to sign the $900 billion relief package approved overwhelmingly by Congress following months of negotiation, calling it a “disgrace.”

Two federal unemployment benefit programs approved in March as part of an initial COVID relief plan expired at midnight on Saturday, cutting off an estimated 12 million Americans, according to The Century Foundation think tank.

The delay also threatened to provoke a government shutdown by Tuesday since the relief package is part of a larger spending bill, though lawmakers could approve another temporary extension to keep the government open.

The relief package, passed by Congress on December 21, would extend those benefits as well as others set to expire in the days ahead.

But Trump has pushed for the $600 direct payments to US taxpayers spelled out in the bill to be more than tripled, and argued the legislation included too much excess spending on unrelated programs.

He did not say why he waited until the bill was already approved to make his views known.

President-elect Joe Biden, due to be sworn in January 20, warned of “devastating consequences” on Saturday if the president continued his refusal.

The problem is. as I wrote yesterday, Congress can not be trusted.

“To the Wayback Machine, Sherman!”

Before they moved over to the Dark Side, reported in 2017 that

Proponents of amnesty for illegal immigrants point to President Reagan as an iconic conservative leader who supported a path to legal status for such individuals in the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. If it was good enough for President Reagan, they say, it should be good enough for today’s Republican Party.

What these armchair historians often fail to say, however, is that President Reagan’s support for amnesty was part of a compromise that his congressional counterparts reneged on. In exchange for amnesty, Congress was supposed to fund and enforce the other half of the deal to make it unlawful to hire or recruit individuals illegally residing in the U.S. The compromise would have required employers to attest to their employees’ immigration status.

However, no successive Congress since the Reagan years – regardless of which party held the majority – has ever lived up its side of the bargain.

The more that I think about this situation, the madder I get.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has literally had months to pass a COVID019 Stimulus Bill to provide relief to Americans.

Instead, she waited until after a rigged election, which she no doubt had knowledge of before it happened, to pass a Pork-laden Bill which provided more American Taxpayer money to illegals than it did to American citizens.

And, after spineless Vichy Republicans fell right in line like the French did when they saw the Nazis invade their Sovereign Country, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell joined in he chorus of Democrats demanding that President Trump sign that travesty which they called a Relief Bill.

And now, he has signed it…with demands that they may or may not meet.

I believe that President Trump, caring for average Americans more than anyone in Washington, signed the bill so that America’s small business men and women would immediately receive money to help them keep their business doors open and their family to survive.

And, in doing so, he made a deal with not just one devil but a bunch of them.

Once professional politicians move to the lofty heights of Capitol Hill, they forget about the American Voters who sent them there, pursuing their own special interests while looking for ways to line their own pocketbooks.

I desperately pray that President Trump made the right move and that McConnell and the other Vichy Republicans who entered into this agreement with the President keep their word.

If they don’t, it will be hard on average Americans and small business owners.

However, in 2022, it will be harder on those who screwed over the American Voters who got them their phony baloney “government jobs”.

Until He Comes,


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