McConnell Proposes Adding Probing of Election Fraud and Getting Rid of Liability Protection For Social Media Platforms to $2,000 Covid-19 Relief Bill reports that

After blocking a Senate move to vote on boosting coronavirus stimulus checks on Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell introduced an alternative proposal. In it, the checks are increased as President Donald Trump, many Democrats and even some GOP lawmakers have urged.

But McConnell also ties those fatter payments to Trump priorities including probing allegations of election fraud and diminishing liability protections for social media platforms, Newsweek reports.

Sent the original COVID-19 economic stimulus bill, Trump declined to sign without major changes. He wanted individual relief checks boosted from $600 to $2,000.

Unrelated to COVID, he also wanted a repeal of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which protects social media platforms from being sued over third-party content. And he wanted inquiries into his claims of election fraud, which have been been pressed without success in court and at the legislative level for weeks since the Nov. 3 election outcome favored opponent Joe Biden.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of New York said the new proposal from McConnell could not pass, giving the majority leader an “out” on the larger relief package.

In a statement, Newsweek reported, Schumer had this to say: “Senator McConnell knows how to make $2,000 survival checks reality and he knows how to kill them,” Schumer said. “If Sen. McConnell tries loading up bipartisan House-passed CASH Act with unrelated, partisan provisions that will do absolutely nothing to help struggling families across the country, it will not pass the House and cannot become law.”

The move by McConnell creates a bind for Dems, who can either vote the bill down and be blamed for killing the package of much-needed aid, or embrace it with the add-ons and, as Newsweek put it, “lend credence” to Trump’s claims of election fraud that drove his loss to Biden.

The immediate future of the Republican legislator’s proposed alternative is not clear. He said Tuesday, albeit without a precise time frame, that lawmakers would be beginning a process to help focus and refine the president’s wishes.

In a sign of how House Dems were likely to view the McConnell plan, New Jersey Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. tweeted this, Newsweek reported: “To block you from getting $2000 mitch mcconnell is demanding a ‘commission’ to spew lies about the election trump lost and attack democracy. This is a goddamn disgrace. The depravity of republican leaders has no bottom.”

Dem firebrand and New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted: “I think it’s a big mistake to not approve a clean bill sending $2k checks out to people, so let’s call it even. Keep going @BernieSanders! Make the Senate countdown the New Year on the Senate floor until they pass $2k checks, no funny business attached.”

Here’s the thing: the Democrats had a “YUGE” amount of Pork stuffed into the original bill that had absolutely nothing to do with Covid-19 Relief or the health and well-being of American citizens.

Garbage like money for Gender Studies in Pakistan had no place in such an important bill.

The Democrats have become notorious over the last several decades for throwing temper tantrums on the House Floor and the Senate Chambers if they did not get their way in negotiations.

And, time after time the spineless Vichy Republicans would allow themselves to be run over, even if a Republican was President at the time of the legislation in question.

So, one of the things about Trump which caused the Democrat Hierarchy to lose their ever-lovin’ minds when he was elected President was the fact that he was a skilled negotiator and the Dems knew it.

They had a problem: Trump would not let them walk all over him.

And, boys and girls, that is what is happening now.

Trump does indeed want the things which McConnell is attempting to add to the $2,000 per American citizen payout.

However, the President’s first priority is to get the money to the people in order to ease their suffering and to rocket launch the economy…again.

I understand the move by McConnell.

However, for the sake of average Americans, I believe that the Covid-19 Relief Payout should be a stand-alone bill, passed immediately.

The Far Left Democrats and the Vichy Republicans can negotiate all of the special interest handouts, the Section 230 Issue, and a detailed examination of Election Fraud after the checks are in the mail or Americans’ Bank Accounts.

America (and Americans) First.

Until He Comes,


Trump Signs COVID-19 Relief Bill After Promise by McConnell to Hold Vote on $2,000 Relief Checks and to Investigate Changing “Section 230” reports that

President Donald Trump on Sunday signed the massive COVID-19 relief bill that he had long refused to sign.

The White House issued a statement that it has secured a promise from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to hold a standalone vote for $2,000 per person relief checks Trump had been pushing for, over the $600 that is in the bill.

The statement also said the Senate will consider legislation to repeal “Section 230” of the Communications Act that gives immunity to social media publishers. It also said the Senate would conduct investigations into voter fraud.

Trump earlier tweeted “Good news on Covid Relief Bill. Information to follow!” but did not give further details as millions of Americans struggling through the pandemic faced the loss of unemployment benefits.

For nearly a week, Trump has refused to sign the $900 billion relief package approved overwhelmingly by Congress following months of negotiation, calling it a “disgrace.”

Two federal unemployment benefit programs approved in March as part of an initial COVID relief plan expired at midnight on Saturday, cutting off an estimated 12 million Americans, according to The Century Foundation think tank.

The delay also threatened to provoke a government shutdown by Tuesday since the relief package is part of a larger spending bill, though lawmakers could approve another temporary extension to keep the government open.

The relief package, passed by Congress on December 21, would extend those benefits as well as others set to expire in the days ahead.

But Trump has pushed for the $600 direct payments to US taxpayers spelled out in the bill to be more than tripled, and argued the legislation included too much excess spending on unrelated programs.

He did not say why he waited until the bill was already approved to make his views known.

President-elect Joe Biden, due to be sworn in January 20, warned of “devastating consequences” on Saturday if the president continued his refusal.

The problem is. as I wrote yesterday, Congress can not be trusted.

“To the Wayback Machine, Sherman!”

Before they moved over to the Dark Side, reported in 2017 that

Proponents of amnesty for illegal immigrants point to President Reagan as an iconic conservative leader who supported a path to legal status for such individuals in the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. If it was good enough for President Reagan, they say, it should be good enough for today’s Republican Party.

What these armchair historians often fail to say, however, is that President Reagan’s support for amnesty was part of a compromise that his congressional counterparts reneged on. In exchange for amnesty, Congress was supposed to fund and enforce the other half of the deal to make it unlawful to hire or recruit individuals illegally residing in the U.S. The compromise would have required employers to attest to their employees’ immigration status.

However, no successive Congress since the Reagan years – regardless of which party held the majority – has ever lived up its side of the bargain.

The more that I think about this situation, the madder I get.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has literally had months to pass a COVID019 Stimulus Bill to provide relief to Americans.

Instead, she waited until after a rigged election, which she no doubt had knowledge of before it happened, to pass a Pork-laden Bill which provided more American Taxpayer money to illegals than it did to American citizens.

And, after spineless Vichy Republicans fell right in line like the French did when they saw the Nazis invade their Sovereign Country, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell joined in he chorus of Democrats demanding that President Trump sign that travesty which they called a Relief Bill.

And now, he has signed it…with demands that they may or may not meet.

I believe that President Trump, caring for average Americans more than anyone in Washington, signed the bill so that America’s small business men and women would immediately receive money to help them keep their business doors open and their family to survive.

And, in doing so, he made a deal with not just one devil but a bunch of them.

Once professional politicians move to the lofty heights of Capitol Hill, they forget about the American Voters who sent them there, pursuing their own special interests while looking for ways to line their own pocketbooks.

I desperately pray that President Trump made the right move and that McConnell and the other Vichy Republicans who entered into this agreement with the President keep their word.

If they don’t, it will be hard on average Americans and small business owners.

However, in 2022, it will be harder on those who screwed over the American Voters who got them their phony baloney “government jobs”.

Until He Comes,


Trump Wants McConnell and Congressional Vichy Republicans to Fight! Not Just For Him, But For You and Me! reports that

President Donald Trump has kept the pressure on Senate Republicans amid his campaign election challenges and a push for $2,000 stimulus checks that would be a tough order for the party’s fiscal hawks.

Trump tweeted Saturday:

“If a Democrat Presidential Candidate had an Election Rigged & Stolen, with proof of such acts at a level never seen before, the Democrat Senators would consider it an act of war, and fight to the death. Mitch & the Republicans do NOTHING, just want to let it pass. NO FIGHT!”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has proved to be less a supporter of the president this fall, saying he considered the White House off limits during coronavirus outbreaks, willfully jumping to defend Joe Biden as president-elect amid election challenges, and telling Republicans in the Senate to not jump on the effort to contest the Electoral College on Jan 6.

McConnell has said he considers Biden a friend.

Trump’s comments came in a tweetstorm from the winter White House of Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida:

“I will not stand by and watch this travesty of a bill happen without reigning in Big Tech. End Section 230 now, before it is too late. So bad for our Country. Show courage, and do what’s right!!!”

“Our $740 defense bill is a gift to China, Russia & Big Tech. It fails to terminate the internationally dangerous Section 230, won’t allow us to bring our troops back home (where they belong), renames & destroys our forts & National Monuments, & makes 5G almost impossible!”

“The ‘Justice’ Department and the FBI have done nothing about the 2020 Presidential Election Voter Fraud, the biggest SCAM in our nation’s history, despite overwhelming evidence. They should be ashamed. History will remember. Never give up. See everyone in D.C. on January 6th.”

“Where the hell is the Durham Report? They spied on my campaign, colluded with Russia (and others), and got caught. Read the Horowitz Reports about Comey & McCabe. Even the Fake News @nytimes said ‘bad’. They tried it all, and failed, so now they are trying to steal the election!”

“The U.S. Supreme Court has been totally incompetent and weak on the massive Election Fraud that took place in the 2020 Presidential Election. We have absolute PROOF, but they don’t want to see it – No ‘standing’, they say. If we have corrupt elections, we have no country!”

“A young military man working in Afghanistan told me that elections in Afghanistan are far more secure and much better run than the USA’s 2020 Election. Ours, with its millions and millions of corrupt Mail-In Ballots, was the election of a third world country. Fake President!”

“I simply want to get our great people $2000, rather than the measly $600 that is now in the bill. Also, stop the billions of dollars in ‘pork’.”

Congress is set to convene Monday to weigh the override of the presidential veto of the National Defense Authorization Act and reconsidering the stimulus impact payments, if not the foreign aid in the recently passed appropriations omnibus.

For all of McConnell’s bravado during the Trump Presidency, he certainly has showed his true colors since the 2020 Presidential Election, hasn’t he?

For someone who is supposed to be the leader of the Republican Majority in the Senate, he comes off as just another Vichy Republican, in love with the Washington Status Quo, ready to drop his rifle at the first sign of aggression by the Far Left Democrats.

He is not only refusing to fight for President Trump…he is refusing to fight for you and me!

Average Americans have taken a major economic hit over the last 10 months dealing with the Chinese Coronavirus,

$2,000 would be very welcome to those who are struggling financially as a result of an economic crisis brought on by something that was not their fault.

And, when they should provide much needed relief to small American business owners and average American families, those who are supposed to be representing their interests on Capitol Hill are more interested in sending obscene amounts of American Taxpayer money to foreign countries and special interest groups, while patting Americans on the head and “giving” us $600 allowance to run down to the corner market and buy some candy…or something.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats refused to come to the bargaining table earlier in the year because they did not want to give President Trump a “victory”.

They did not give a rat’s rear about the economic plight of average Americans suffering because of lockdowns brought about by Democrat Politicians playing dictator.

They were still getting paid and traveling where they wanted to go.

Pelosi still had her enormous freezer full of gourmet ice cream inside her gated San Francisco Mansion.

Besides a few Congressmen and women who still realize who they answer to, the only one in a position of power who actually gives a tinker’s damn about average Americans is President Donald J. Trump.

Forget about Joe Biden. His handlers have him trying to make Trump give in and sign the lousy Covid-19 Stimulus Package which he sent back.

Average Americans want all of the Pork Projects stripped from the Stimulus Bill and support the President’s call for $2,000 per American Citizen.

Anything else is and would continue to be, an insult to all Americans.

Until He Comes,


Trump Calls Covid-19 Relief Bill “A Disgrace”, Sends it Back to Congress Calling for $2,000 Each for Americans Instead of Just $600 reports that

President Donald Trump threatened on Tuesday not to sign a $892 billion coronavirus relief bill that includes desperately needed money for individual Americans, saying it should be amended to increase the amount in the stimulus checks.

The outgoing Republican president’s threat, with less than a month left in office, throws into turmoil a bipartisan effort in Congress to provide help for people whose lives have been upended by the pandemic.

“The bill they are now planning to send back to my desk is much different than anticipated,” Trump said in a video posted on Twitter. “It really is a disgrace.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi was quick to embrace Trump’s call for bigger checks in the relief package.

After the president posted his video, she tweeted: “Republicans repeatedly refused to say what amount the President wanted for direct checks. At last, the President has agreed to $2,000 — Democrats are ready to bring this to the Floor this week by unanimous consent. Let’s do it!”

Both the House of Representatives and the Senate passed the legislation on Monday night.

Trump said he wants Congress to increase the amount in the stimulus checks to $2,000 for individuals or $4,000 for couples, instead of the “ridiculously low” $600 for individuals currently in the bill.

Trump also complained about money in the legislation for foreign countries, the Smithsonian Institution and fish breeding, among other spending.

“I’m also asking Congress to immediately get rid of the wasteful and unnecessary items from this legislation, and to send me a suitable bill, or else the next administration will have to deliver a COVID relief package. And maybe that administration will be me,” he said.

If you do know what the Far Left Democrats and the Vichy Republicans actually think of average Americans,,,read how OUR money is allocated in the Covid-19 Stimulus Bill which the President just sent back…

Now, I know that some of y’all may be shocked that the same Republicans who said that they were riding on the Trump Train are now riding on the Pelosi Push Cart.

The thing is, boys and girls, this is why we sent Trump to Washington in the first place.

He is not a professional politician.

He is a Citizen Statesman…a successful businessman who owes allegiance to no one except Americans.

Pelosi, Schumer, and McConnell are birds of a feather. They all love the Washington Status Quo.

Trump can in and not only rocked the boat, he capsized it, making them all have to work for a living for a change.

And now that they think that he is on his way out, they are free to show their true colors, placing their special interest groups and “benefactors” before the average Americans who gave them their phony boloney jobs in the first place.

In stark contrast to the bunch of carpetbaggers up on Capitol Hill stands the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump. who not only donated all of his salary as President to worthy causes, but also, even while fighting the greatest Election Fraud in American History, is fighting for average Americans.

While Trump has told us that America’s brightest days are ahead of us, Biden is telling Americans that our darkest days are ahead of us.

Judging from what is going on up on Capitol Hill, if Trump can not somehow nullify the Rigged Election, for the first time in his four decades in Washington, Sleepy Joe Biden will be exactly right.

Our darkest days WILL be ahead of us.

Thank you, Mr. President for fighting for US.

Until He Comes,


Press Sec McEnany Lays the Smackdown on Pelosi for Blocking Covid-19 Stimulus Money Calling Her “Fundamentally Unserious” and Derelict in Her Duties” reports that

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the ongoing impasse over coronavirus relief stimulus legislation, accusing her of being “fundamentally unserious” and “derelict in her duties.” “Her stimulus bill was chock-full of, guess what, mail-in voting regulations to try to secure Democrat power in the halls of Congress,” McEnany said on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” adding that President Donald Trump has been serious about negotiating. “She does not deserve to be speaker ever again,” McEnany said of Pelosi, who was nominated in November to keep her seat. The full House will vote on the new speaker when it convenes in early January. Her comments come as a bipartisan group including Sens. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Mitt Romney, R-Utah, push for coronavirus relief legislation and pressure grows on lawmakers to take action, according to a Tuesday report from The Washington Post. McEnany said Trump has “continually put the pressure on” Pelosi for a bill but the speaker has been “laughable.” “She wants this amount of funding to open schools and we give that we give more than that and she rejects it,” said McEnany, adding that the bipartisan group needs to put pressure on “radicals” such as Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar who “control Nancy Pelosi like a marionette puppet.” Also on Tuesday, McEnany said she was appearing on the program in her official role as press secretary but still commented that the president has been “unapologetic” for the past 10 months in saying mail-in voting “is subject to fraud.” “This has been a key part of what he has talked about when it comes to election integrity. He wants to make sure signatures are matched,” she said. She added that when Pelosi took the gavel, her first bill was one to allow illegal immigrants on voting rolls and to allow ballots to be cast without signature matching. “Democrats for years, far before the 2016 election, the 2020 election, have tried to make our election system less secure,” she claimed. “The president is going to continue to fight for that while also saying it’s important to turn out and vote while also perfecting the system.”

In a related story from my hometown of Memphis,Tennessee

A longtime Summer Avenue eatery is closing, although owners say they hope to come back, better than ever. Bryant’s Breakfast has been serving up sausage, biscuits and plate lunches at 3965 Summer since 1977. Jimmy and Jane Bryant originally opened the restaurant as a Loeb’s Bar-B-Q in 1968 in Parkway Village before moving the location and later making breakfast the main feature. The owners announced the temporary closure in a Facebook post marked “COVID-19 Update” over the weekend, saying they’d have to suspend their operations until they could “operate in a safe and productive environment where everyone’s health and safety is of top number one priority.” “We will be back! We will be back better!” the post continued. The Summer Avenue Merchant’s Association said Bryant’s Breakfast has 10 employees, most of whom have been there for 10 years, some for 20.

As CNN’s Wolf Blitzer found out the hard way a couple of months ago, the word “delusional” does not even begin to cover San Fran Nan’s s Superiority Complex and her tone-deafness when it comes to average Americans’ wishes.

Nancy Pelosi’s station in life defies logic.

As she has shown us for decades and these past four years especially, she has to be the most tone deaf aristocrat since Marie Antoinette, who, when supposedly asked about the starving rabble in France, quipped,

Let them eat cake!

For her to completely brush off the plight of America’s small business owners and employees in our to try to “bully” President Trump into giving her the outrageous sum of taxpayer money that she wants to “share” with illegal immigrants and all of her other special interest groups, in not just tone-deaf…it’s oblivious. It is also obvious that she is stalling because she rightly believes that she will be able to walk all over Sleepy Joe Biden when (and if) he becomes President.

There are two possibilities for Pelosi’s misjudgment of the American People:

  1. She has been so sheltered from us “rabble” during all of those years up on Capitol Hill, that she simply is clueless to the daily lives of average Americans and how we feel on the issues of the day. Or…
  2. She, like Joe Biden, is a victim of galloping dementia.

The brilliant Conservative Economist, Dr. Thomas Sowell once wrote,

…Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the world envisioned by today’s liberals is that it is a world where other people just passively accept whatever “change” liberals impose. In the world of Liberal Land, you can just take for granted all the benefits of the existing society, and then simply tack on your new, wonderful ideas that will make things better.”

Pelosi and her compatriots are holding up giving additional money to America’s small businesses to leverage for add-ons to the bill which will strictly be political pork to the Democrats’ handpicked special interest groups and these add-ons will have nothing to do with the Chinese Coronavirus.

Like the money they added to the Stimulus Package for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Liberal Ideas always cost taxpayer money…and they never make things better for the average American.

President Ronald Reagan once famously said,

It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.

A quotation which also helps to explain Pelosi’s gross overestimation of the popularity of Liberal Ideals among Average Americans here in “Flyover Country”.

Pelosi’s continued denial of the fact that Americans rejected the political ideology of the Democrats and voted for change in the 2016 Presidential Election appears to be a part of an alternative reality that she and the rest of the “Special Snowflakes” who voted for Hillary Clinton and who compose the Far Left Base of the Modern Democratic Party, have transformed themselves into, considering all they have done during the past 4 years since the election is to try to damage President Donald J. Trump and remove him from office by any means necessary.

The pain of their frustration remains so immense over Clinton’s loss that they have created a reality in which Clinton actually beat Trump, one in which their embracing of the tenets of Marxism has won the hearts and minds of the American People.

Their undersized medulla oblongotas and oversized craniums will not allow them to accept the fact that Americans completely rejected their candidate, Hillary Clinton, and their Political Ideology on that fateful day in November.

So, they have retreated to that alternative reality, where they can feed and ride their unicorns somewhere over the rainbow and where they will find rest in their “Safe Space”.

And, if “Marie Antoinette” Pelosi and all of her cronies want to remain “sheltered in place”, let them stay there.

Average Americans want to get back to their jobs so that they can provide for their families.

Average Americans’ individual freedom means more to them than Pelosi’s room-sized freezer full of ice cream means to her.

The time to “Reopen America’s Economy Again” is at hand.

Her and her fellow members of the Democratic Elite can either help or shut up and get out of the way.

Pelosi needs to face actual reality and “wisen up”.

However, I would not hold my breath waiting for that to happen any time soon.

Until He Comes,