Trump Calls Covid-19 Relief Bill “A Disgrace”, Sends it Back to Congress Calling for $2,000 Each for Americans Instead of Just $600 reports that

President Donald Trump threatened on Tuesday not to sign a $892 billion coronavirus relief bill that includes desperately needed money for individual Americans, saying it should be amended to increase the amount in the stimulus checks.

The outgoing Republican president’s threat, with less than a month left in office, throws into turmoil a bipartisan effort in Congress to provide help for people whose lives have been upended by the pandemic.

“The bill they are now planning to send back to my desk is much different than anticipated,” Trump said in a video posted on Twitter. “It really is a disgrace.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi was quick to embrace Trump’s call for bigger checks in the relief package.

After the president posted his video, she tweeted: “Republicans repeatedly refused to say what amount the President wanted for direct checks. At last, the President has agreed to $2,000 — Democrats are ready to bring this to the Floor this week by unanimous consent. Let’s do it!”

Both the House of Representatives and the Senate passed the legislation on Monday night.

Trump said he wants Congress to increase the amount in the stimulus checks to $2,000 for individuals or $4,000 for couples, instead of the “ridiculously low” $600 for individuals currently in the bill.

Trump also complained about money in the legislation for foreign countries, the Smithsonian Institution and fish breeding, among other spending.

“I’m also asking Congress to immediately get rid of the wasteful and unnecessary items from this legislation, and to send me a suitable bill, or else the next administration will have to deliver a COVID relief package. And maybe that administration will be me,” he said.

If you do know what the Far Left Democrats and the Vichy Republicans actually think of average Americans,,,read how OUR money is allocated in the Covid-19 Stimulus Bill which the President just sent back…

Now, I know that some of y’all may be shocked that the same Republicans who said that they were riding on the Trump Train are now riding on the Pelosi Push Cart.

The thing is, boys and girls, this is why we sent Trump to Washington in the first place.

He is not a professional politician.

He is a Citizen Statesman…a successful businessman who owes allegiance to no one except Americans.

Pelosi, Schumer, and McConnell are birds of a feather. They all love the Washington Status Quo.

Trump can in and not only rocked the boat, he capsized it, making them all have to work for a living for a change.

And now that they think that he is on his way out, they are free to show their true colors, placing their special interest groups and “benefactors” before the average Americans who gave them their phony boloney jobs in the first place.

In stark contrast to the bunch of carpetbaggers up on Capitol Hill stands the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump. who not only donated all of his salary as President to worthy causes, but also, even while fighting the greatest Election Fraud in American History, is fighting for average Americans.

While Trump has told us that America’s brightest days are ahead of us, Biden is telling Americans that our darkest days are ahead of us.

Judging from what is going on up on Capitol Hill, if Trump can not somehow nullify the Rigged Election, for the first time in his four decades in Washington, Sleepy Joe Biden will be exactly right.

Our darkest days WILL be ahead of us.

Thank you, Mr. President for fighting for US.

Until He Comes,


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