Trump at Louisiana KAG Rally: “We Did Nothing Wrong – And They’re Doing Nothing”…He’s Right


Ladies and gentlemen, they don’t have anything. I’m trying to be very reasoned here and very serious. This is a Schiff show, and Pelosi is committed to it. And I am telling you right now that if she could find a way out of this, she would. They don’t have anything. They didn’t have anything to start with. They never had collusion with Russia. They never had any of the things they told us that Donald Trump did.

After the first day we had two witnesses and neither of the two witnesses at any time in their lives have ever had direct contact with the president of the United States. They are the star witnesses. They were the witnesses that were going to create the inertia that would lead to the public clamoring for the removal of Donald Trump.

There is no clamoring today for the removal of Donald Trump. The media doesn’t even have anything to make a bombshell out of. There literally was nothing yesterday. And I’m telling you that Schiff and Pelosi know exactly how bad this show is playing. They are not confident. They’re gonna have to make another pivot. They’re gonna have to change directions. They’re gonna have to do something if they’re going to save this because, folks, there is nothing. – Rush Limbaugh, 11/14/19 reports that

Introducing a new political attack line on House Democrats amid their ongoing impeachment inquiry, President Trump forcefully declared at a rally Thursday night on friendly turf in Louisiana, “We did nothing wrong — and they’re doing nothing.”

Hours earlier, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused the president of “bribery” by allegedly “threatening to withhold military aid” in exchange for an “investigation into his political rival” — signaling that Democrats were preparing to go all-in on impeachment, even as the Trump administration was touting its successes on unemployment and energy independence. The Washington Post had reported Democrats were retiring the “quid pro quo” language in exchange for “bribery” following an internal study showing the word “bribery” resonated more in battleground states.

Although the Louisiana rally ostensibly was an effort to oust the state’s governor, a Democrat, in this weekend’s election, Trump almost immediately turned his attention to the first public hearings in the impeachment inquiry earlier in the week, reading from an article from The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra.

Saavedra reported that a top Ukrainian official said Thursday that U.S. Ambassador Gordon Sondland “did not link financial military assistance to a request for Ukraine to open up an investigation into former vice president and current Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.”

Sondland, a key witness in Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, has testified that Trump explicitly told him there were “no quid pro quos of any kind” with Ukraine, including one in which military aid would be conditioned on any politically motivated investigations. (Sondland later amended his testimony, claiming his recollection had been “refreshed,” to say that he had come to “understand” from other sources that Trump wanted Ukraine to issue an “anti-corruption statement.”)

“First it was the Russia hoax — then it was the Mueller witch hunt,” Trump said, referencing the former special counsel, to sustained boos. “We’ve been going through this from before the election took place. A bunch of bad people, and then, one of the single greatest lies ever told by anybody in this government. … and now the absolutely crazed lunatics, the Democrats, the radical left, and their media partners standing right back there, are pushing the deranged impeachment witch hunt, for doing nothing wrong. We did nothing wrong — and they’re doing nothing.”

The president argued that Democrats were holding up a vote on his newly negotiated United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement [USMCA] trade deal so they could handle impeachment-related matters. Pelosi promised Thursday that a vote on USMCA was “imminent,” but other House Democrats contradicted her later in the day, saying a vote was “close” but not quite that close.

Separately, Trump called the diplomats who have testified thus far in the impeachment probe “Never Trumpers,” echoing GOP claims that the unelected bureaucrats simply were frustrated that the president was asserting his constitutional authority over foreign policy, and sidelining their agenda.

Then, mocking House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s physical appearance, Trump remarked, “He will not make the LSU football team, and the neck is gone. He’s a bad guy, a dishonest guy.”

The president added that, but for his immunity as a congressman, Schiff, D-Calif., “should be prosecuted” for reading from a fake transcript of Trump’s call with Ukraine’s leader.

Yesterday morning, I was watching Fox News as Bill Hemmer interviewed some House Democrat. I forget his name and it doesn’t really matter because all of the House Democrats have been assimilated into the Far Left hive-mind.

Anyway, this talking mannequin starts right in with all of the Democrat Talking Points to the point where Hemmer could hardly get a word in. He finally told the esteemed public servant that it sounded like his mind was already made up to impeach.

The Democrat never gave Hemmer a direct answer.

Watching the activities of the Democratic Party, in this case those of Pelosi, Schiff, and the rest of the House Dems, I feel like I am living in Bizarro Word, where up is down, the sky is green and the grass is blue, and right is wrong and wrong is right.

How in the world can they expect to convince American Voters that they are justified in calling for the impeachment of a President who has turned around America’s economy, keeping all of his campaign promises while having to deal with the opposition party lying about him and his family as a part of a never-ending attempt to remove him from office?

Heck, Shifty Schiff can’t even keep his story straight about whether he has actually met the Whistleblower or not. First, he has and then he hasn’t.

And, every single witness, public and private, has not provided any actual proof that there was any sort of quid pro quo during the President’s phone call with the President of Ukraine. Every single witness has provided nothing but hearsay, which would be inadmissible in any courtroom in America.

And, to top it off, Wednesday’s public hearing is being compared to the horrible testimony of Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the Russia Probe’s Final hearing.

At this point, Pelosi, Schiff , and the rest of the House Democrats remind me of a singer, well past his prime, who refuses to leave the stage, even though the passage of time has left him with a two-note vocal range.

It’s time for the House Dems to leave the stage and get back to doing their job: working for the American People, instead of trying to undo our vote in the 2016 Presidential Election, simply because they did not like it.

Until He Comes,





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