Schiff Claims Not to Know the Name of the Whistleblower, Bureaucrats Think That They Run Our Foreign Policy


This was gonna be, this was it, finally, folks, they were gonna get rid of Trump today. This was it, the first public hearings of impeachment, and finally the American people were gonna see what an absolute disaster Donald Trump is. They haven’t seen that. They haven’t seen any evidence of anything the Democrats have been alleging. And they’re watching a couple of guys, some witnesses here they didn’t know existed, seemed very disturbed that they weren’t used and their counsel wasn’t taken, their advice wasn’t accepted. It’s exactly why Donald Trump was elected. – Rush Limbaugh, 11/13/19 reports that

Lawmakers largely signaled that the hours of partisan back-and-forth did not appear to leave a singular moment etched in the public consciousness the way the Watergate proceedings or former President Clinton’s impeachment did.

“No real surprises, no bombshells,” said committee member Rep. Chris Stewart, R-Utah.

Taylor and Kent had defied White House instructions not to appear. Both received subpoenas.

They were among a dozen current and former officials who already testified behind closed doors. Wednesday was the start of days of public hearings expected to stretch into next week.

All day, the diplomats testified about how an ambassador was fired, the new Ukraine government was confused and they discovered an “irregular channel” — a shadow U.S. foreign policy orchestrated by the president’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani which raised alarms in diplomatic and national-security circles.

For their part, Republican lawmakers observed that the president — not unelected career bureaucrats — dictated foreign policy.

At its core, the inquiry has stemmed from Trump’s July 25 phone call when he asked Zelensky for “a favor.”

The White House already has released a transcript of the call, in which the two discussed past U.S. “support” for Ukraine, as well as Ukraine’s issues with corruption. On the call, Trump asked Kiev to investigate reports that Ukraine was involved in 2016 election interference.

Later on, the president also mentioned former Vice President Joe Biden’s push to have Ukraine’s chief prosecutor fired, and suggested the country look into the matter.

The call came a day after former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s widely derided appearance on Capitol Hill appeared to leave Democrats’ hopes for impeachment dashed.

Several things struck me as I watched the epic fail that was yesterday’s public Hearing.

The first thing, which was not mentioned in the above clip of an article from, was Adam Schiff telling Jim Jordan that he did not know the identity of the “Whistleblower” who started this whole fiasco, even though members of his staff supposedly met with him.

As anyone who goes on Facebook or the Internet knows, Eric Ciaramello, a CIA Bureaucrat, has been identified as the “Whistleblower”.

Rep. Schiff lies as easily as he breathes.

The next thing that struck me was the pomposity and arrogance of Ambassador Bill Taylor.

The reason that he, Kent, and their peers are providing third and fourth-hand accounts of the Ukrainian Phone Call in an attempt to damage President Trump is that they truly believe that it is THEY, a bunch of nonelected bureaucrats who set America’s Foreign Policy, and not the President of the United States of America.

After the Deep State Covert Operation known as Spygate and the “Russia Probe”, which failed miserably, we all should have seen this coming.

There is an invisible army of Deep State Bureaucrats, holdovers from the Obama Administration, who resent a “commoner”, a “Citizen Statesmen” like Donald J. Trump, being elected to the Presidency.

As the “impeachment Inquiry” Hearing showed the American Public yesterday, these popinjays do not have a grasp as to how our government works.

Perhaps American Civics Class was not taught in their schools.

President Donald J. Trump is the head of our Constitutional Republic form of government.

Every single nonelected bureaucrat serves at HIS pleasure. He does not serve at theirs.

He is responsible for American Policy, both Foreign and Domestic.

What I saw from the majority party and their witnesses in that House Intelligence Committee Public Hearing yesterday was an attempt to justify throwing out the results of the 22016 President Election over nothing but a bunch of hearsay, which would be thrown out of any court in the country.

The Democrats, being true to the animal seen on their logo, are truly making asses out of themselves.

Until He Comes,


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