Why is the Media Pushing So Hard on “Social Issues”?

obamamyworkAs I was trying to choose what to write about this morning, a hard, cold fact struck my simple mind:  We are living in a country that has been suffering under the tyranny of a minority. 

Not a racial minority, mind you, but an ideological one.

I’m sure that you have probably heard the old saying, “The squeaking wheel gets the grease.”

Well, this seems to be the Political Strategy that today’s Modern Liberals have taken. I was reminded of this during this past week, as America watched Michael Sam get selected by the National Football League, even though he really does not have the talent to be playing at that level.

Let’s face facts. He was selected because of his sexuality. He is a homosexual male who has declared his sexuality to be a badge of honor and used it as a tool to get himself drafted by the NFL.

Watching all the local and national news, you would have thought that Sam coming out of the closet was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

The way they treated Michael Sam as the new “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, presented their negative reaction to Conservative Christian Tim Tebow in a whole new light.

At that time, those bozos were acting like Tim was going to evangelize the entire National Football League, which actually would not have been a bad thing at all. A lot of those professional young men certainly need Jesus.

But, I digress.

The fact of the matter remains that homosexuals only account for less than 5% of America’s population. Liberals account for less than 25%.

So, why is the push for normalizing the deviant sexual preferences of homosexuals and transexuals also, dominating the national news stories coming out of the Liberal Main Stream Media?

For an answer to that, please refer back to the first sentence of this blog.

Through the strategic use of the media, all forms of it, the plight of homosexuals has become one of the Liberals’ causes du jour.

The other cause,of course, is the legalization of marijuana. However, the Liberals are having a difficult time with that because of the recent instances of children selling their parents’ stash in Colorado schools and the increasing number of automobile accidents caused by marijuana smokers .

So why is the Liberal Media pushing these stories so hard upon the American public?

Well, the answer to that question can be traced back to the old saying, “S*** rolls downhill.”

All of this present madness serves basically two functions:

1. It opens the door for the “Me First!” Generation to get their way and to be able to openly practice their libertine behavior.

2. It provides cover for the worst American President in modern history. That’s right…all this mess is designed to provide cover for the incompetency of President Barack Hussein Obama.

With all the scandals coming forward before and after his reelection, the media was put in a corner. Even they cannot directly defend his incompetency, anymore. So, the Democratic Party told their minions in the media, to start pushing these Libertine Lifestyle Issues, instead of Obama’s Economic, Domestic, and Foreign Policies, which at this point, halfway through his second term, are under his ownership and are indefensible.

Also, by pushing these lifestyle issues, they appeal to the Socially Liberal Republican voters and to the self-identified pot-smoking libertarians as well.

Marx and Lenin always advocated dividing a nation in order to conquer it. And, that is exactly what Obama, the Democrat Party, and their Mainstream Media Minions have been attempting to do for quite a while now.

The problem with their plan to divide and conquer our Constitutional Republic through their push to normalize these lifestyle choices is tri-fold:

1. The overwhelming majority of Americans still proclaim Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. In fact, per Gallup, 77% of us do.

2. The majority of Americans remain Conservative in our political ideology. How do you think the TEA Party, a groundswell movement, got started in the first place?

3. As current polls show, the majority of Americans believe that both President Barack Hussein Obama and the Main Stream Media lie like a rug. And,both Obama and the MSM, including CNN and MSN, continue to have abysmal ratings.

In conclusion, the next time you view a story on or read a story in the Main Stream Media, or you see a poll that they have sponsored, which claims that the majority of Americans support things that we traditionally have not considered “normal” or acceptable, consider the source.

…And, the real reasons that these issues are being pushed so hard for your approval.

The majority of Americans have a great deal in common, “Ties That Bind”, if you will.  As our external enemies discovered after their cowardly attack on September 11th, 2001, Americans will come together when our neighbors and families are being harmed and our freedom is at stake.

The tyrannical minority who have been ruling with impunity saw a small sampling of Americans’ independent spirit and resolve to remain free on November 2nd, 2010.  So far, they seem blinded by their ideology and own self-importance.

They underestimate Americans.  The tyrannical always have.

So, this November… vote accordingly.

Until He Comes,


9 thoughts on “Why is the Media Pushing So Hard on “Social Issues”?

  1. BuckeyeSam

    Saw the link at HotAir. Sorry to nitpick, but think about the following:
    First, in para seven, you use the word “presented,” when I think you want something like “contrasted.”
    Second, in para 10, “only” isn’t necessary.
    Third, in para 11, the “also” and the comma that follows it seem unnecessary.
    Finally, in para 14, I think you want “their parents’ stashes” rather than “their parents stash.”
    On the content, I tend to agree. You might have also added that the media and Dems have turned to homosexuality, alone, for a few reasons. Abortion has lost its power as a wedge issue. Gosnell bubbles under the surface and may rise to the surface with the new film. Wendy Davis has proved to be a horrible abortion champion. GOP candidates are getting smarter about talking about it. Younger people are beginning to realize that they’re missing a lot of colleagues thanks to their parents’ decision to take the easy way out. And, frankly, an overwhelming number of voters find abortion after, say, 20 weeks to be absolutely ghoulish unless the mother’s health is demonstrably at risk.
    So that leaves homosexuality. There, liberals have the arm of libertine Hollywood and media to keep it in the public eye. They also have federal district court judges who seem to be in a race to overturn state constitutional provisions and laws recognizing only traditional marriage. That keeps things in the news. Of course, homosexuals–along with illegal immigrants–are the nation’s new baby seals. And in all the media coverage, the widespread promiscuity, the public health costs of the accompanying diseases, and that fact that people are being celebrated for their sexuality rather than their character are all being ignored. Most of all, the coarseness that homosexuals bring to the culture by introducing sexuality into every walk of life–especially among children–is completely overlooked.


  2. spayandneuterallleftists

    I agree with the entire column. The only problem is The Stupid Party is giving Christians & conservatives (liberaltarians DO NOT count) nothing to vote accordingly for. To quote Edmund Blackadder given the choice of voting for more DIABLOs, “I’d rather have my tongue beaten wafer thin with a meat tenderizer, then stapled to the floor with a croquet hoop!” Or better yet, “I’d rather receive an arrow through the neck & find a gas bill attached to it!” This household is DONE with The Stupid Party, “The Shrub Dynasty” Tokyo Rove, “Weepy” John Boehner, Tough Guy” Mitch McConnell, & the rest of the DIABLOs. No more DIABLOs! I’m sick of being played for a fool! The Stupid Party have no problem with modern liberalism as long as they’re the ones pulling the strings in Congress. They can do that without my aiding & abetting their left wing buffoonery.


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