Schiff Has the “Sads”: Impeachment Inquiry Witnesses Say No Bribery, No Quid Pro Quo, No Extortion

2068f862-5e0d-4659-8285-aafab732287f-AP_Trump_Impeachment_10 reports that

Republicans sounded a celebratory note as House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry wrapped up another day of public hearings Tuesday evening, saying the day’s witnesses had served only to highlight fundamental problems in the case against President Trump.

“Did anyone ever ask you to bribe or extort anyone at any time during your time in the White House?” House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes, R-Calif., asked at one point in Tuesday’s hearing.

Former National Security Council (NSC) aide Tim Morrison: “No.”

U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker: “No.”

Later, Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., hit the same notes in asking the witnesses about Trump’s fateful July 25 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky: “Mr. Morrison, you were on that call, and there was no quid pro quo, correct? No bribery? No extortion?”

“Correct,” Morrison replied in response to each question.

“And, Ambassador Volker, I presume you got a readout of the call. … Was there any reference to withholding aid? Any reference to bribery? Any reference to quid pro quo? Any reference to extortion?”

“No, there was not,” Volker replied, again and again.

The answers underscored a problem facing House Democrats as their impeachment inquiry continued into its second week of public hearings: As more witnesses have testified, more soundbites have emerged that may help Republicans and the Trump campaign argue that the proceedings were politically motivated theater, long in the works and foreshadowed openly by Democrats for months, if not years.

Morrison, in another key moment, testified Tuesday afternoon that he understood the transcript of Trump’s call with Ukraine’s leader wound up on a highly secured and classified computer system due to an “administrative error” — not, as Democrats have alleged, because the president wanted to hide his conversation.

And, Volker testified repeatedly that he never received any indications at all that there was an improper quid pro quo with Ukraine, in which the Trump administration allegedly sought a probe of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter in exchange for military aid.

As the hearing concluded, President Trump tweeted, “A great day for Republicans, a great day for our Country!”

Ohio GOP Rep. Jim Jordan told Fox News, “This was a very good day for Republicans, for our president.”

“Kind of hard to prove a corrupt quid pro quo theory when the key U.S. policy people, plus the Ukrainians, were never aware of such an arrangement,” Texas GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw added late Tuesday, noting that Ukraine’s president has said he felt no pressure from Trump to open any probes. “Can we go back to governing now, that’d be great thanks.”

No kiddin’.

Earlier in the day, Alexander Vindman…err…excuse me, “Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, please” as he told Ranking Member Devin Nunes who referred to him as “Mr. Vindman”, testified.

To say that he was not very impressive would be an understatement.

Memes of the Lt. Col. as “Flounder” from “Animal House” were quickly spread all over Facebook during his self-righteous testimony.

Lt. Col. Vindman came across as a pencil-pushing, gala-attending bureaucrat in an Army Uniform.

Vindman and all of the other professional nonelected bureacrats whom we have seen testify so far have been prime examples of the reason that President Trump needs to continue to drain the Bureaucratic Swamp.

In the minds of these people, THEY set Foreign Policy, not the President.

And, certainly not an “amateur” like President Trump.

Between the arrogance displayed by Adam Schiff and the House Democrats and most of the Professional Bureacrats, what we have been witnessing during the Impeachment Inquiry Hearings is an EGOSTORM of hurt feelings.

The bureaucrats have hurt feelings because Trump is putting American first instead of nation building.

The House Democrats, including Adam Schiff, had their feelings hurt on Election Night 2016 and their ensuing temper tantrum is still in progress.

All of these well-paid “professionals” need to buck up, grow up, and do their jobs.

However, with the Democrats busy showing their backsides during these hearings, it means that they are too busy to pass legislation which would interfere with America’s Economic Boom under President Trump.

So, it’s a win-win.

The House Democrats are looking like a bunch of idiots…

And, America is becoming greater every day.


Until He Comes,





Capt. “Ahab” Schiff’s and the Dems’ Quest for “Moby Trump” Continues With Witnesses With No First Hand Knowledge of the Phone Call


“He tasks me; he heaps me; I see in him outrageous strength, with an inscrutable malice sinewing it. That inscrutable thing is chiefly what I hate; and be the white whale agent, or be the white whale principal, I will wreak that hate upon him. Talk to me not of blasphemy, man; I’d smite the sun if it insulted me” – Captain Ahab, “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville reports that

Beginning Tuesday morning, in a rush of five hearings ahead of the Thanksgiving recess, eight witnesses — including several who have provided inconsistent accounts of key events — are set to testify over three days in what could be a make-or-break week in House Democrats’ impeachment investigation.

Less than 24 hours before the proceedings are set to be gaveled in at 9 a.m. ET, President Trump floated the idea of testifying, rather than tweeting, during the inquiry. A top Republican called for a last-minute postponement, citing secretive new developments behind closed doors. And, the Trump campaign has pointed out apparent inconsistencies in some witness testimony already on the record.

Though he’s not slated to testify until Wednesday, the key witness expected to come up throughout the week is Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland, the wealthy donor who has bragged about his proximity to President Trump — and who repeatedly has frustrated Democrats’ narrative by contradicting several other key witnesses in the probe.

For example, Sondland previously testified behind closed doors that Trump explicitly told him there were to be “no quid pro quos of any kind” with Ukraine, and that he didn’t recall any conversations with the White House about withholding military assistance in return for Ukraine helping with the president’s political campaign. Democrats have alleged that Trump held up the aid to ensure a public probe into the Ukraine business dealings of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Then, William Taylor, the U.S. chargé d’affaires for Ukraine, told lawmakers that Sondland himself said “everything” — a White House visit for Ukraine’s new leader and the release of military aid to the former Soviet republic — was contingent on a public announcement of investigations into the 2016 election and into Ukraine gas company Burisma. Hunter Biden sat on its board.

Weeks later, after testimony from Taylor and National Security Council [NSC] official Tim Morrison placed him at the center of key discussions, Sondland suddenly amended his testimony and claimed his recollection had been “refreshed.” Sondland said he now could recall a September conversation in which he told an aide to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky that military aid likely would not occur until Ukraine made public announcements about corruption investigations. Sondland said he came to “understand” that arrangement from other sources.

Morrison, the NSC’s outgoing senior director of European and Russian affairs and White House deputy assistant, is to testify Tuesday afternoon. In his closed-door deposition, which Democrats released over the weekend, Morrison said Trump didn’t want tax dollars funding Ukrainian corruption, and remarked that he wasn’t concerned Trump’s calls with Ukraine’s leader were tied to his political interests.

Additionally, Sondland has insisted he knew acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney only well enough to wave and say hello — and that’s about it. He said he may have spoken to him once or twice on the phone, but not about Ukraine. Meanwhile, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a National Security Council official, has testified Sondland cited a discussion with Mulvaney when pushing Ukrainian officials to open the investigations that Trump wanted into the 2016 U.S. presidential election and into potential 2020 election opponent Joe Biden.

Vindman is scheduled to testify Tuesday morning. Republicans have further noted that Morrison has testified privately that he “had concerns about Lieutenant Colonel Vindman’s judgment” and had heard concerns that Vindman was a leaker.

Separately, Fiona Hill, another White House national security official, said Sondland often talked of meetings with Mulvaney. In a further link between the two men, she quoted the-then National Security Adviser John Bolton as telling her he didn’t want to be part of “whatever drug deal Sondland and Mulvaney were cooking up.”

Hill is to testify Friday morning, after Sondland’s appearance.

And, what kind of individual is in charge of this fiasco?

An extremely biased professional politician who is obsessed with impeaching President Trump.

The Far Left Democratic Party and all of their Hive-mind “New Bolsheviks” have been proving ever since the night of November 8, 2016 that denial truly is not just a river in Egypt.

While it was definitely a hoot to watch the Democrats and their minions The Main Stream Media and the New Bolsheviks have a complete and utter meltdown on that historic night, it made me wonder to what lengths the Democrats up on the Hill would go in order to try to obstruct, impede, and even end the Presidency of Donald J. Trump.

Now…I know.

The thing is, even after the Special Counsel’s Russia Investigation turned out to be nothing but a total embarrassment for the Dems, they decided that we the people still had to be saved from “poor choice” as our President.

And now, he we are in the middle of a Soviet-style tribunal in which Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and the other Democrats have already found President Donald J. Trump guily and do not care that he is innocent.

By the way, did you know that a goupr of baboons is called a “Congress”?

It’s true.

Anyway, these self-righteous baboons on Capitol Hill are about to be hoisted on their own petard.

Even if the investigations by IG Horowitz and AG Barr find just minor violations (which I seriously doubt), the Far Left Democrats will most assuredly lose in 2020.


They will have shown their backsides way too often to average American Voters who elected Donald J. Trump as President because they were sick and tired of the Washingtonian Status Quo.

If the Democrats were ever to have even had a chance in the 2020 Presidential Election, it sure would not have been by siding with those on the Far Left end of the Political Spectrum in their demented obsession to somehow get Trump out of office, while not championing any sort of legislation which would benefit those average Americans mentioned earlier.

Just like Captain Ahab’s obsession with the Great White Whale, Moby Dick, led to his and his crew’s doom, so will Adam Schiff and the Democrats’ obsession with extricating President Donald J. Trump from the Oval Office doom their political future as a viable party which average Americans can relate to.

The Democrats’ embracing of special interest groups, their advocacy of the Socialist brand of Marxism, and their obsession to destroy Trump, are the perfect storm of tone-deafness towards those Americans who could actually give them the political power which they so intensely crave.

However, their hatred of us average Americans, whom they have referred to as “Deplorables”, and their embracing of so many things which normal people living in America’s Heartland view as “anti-American”, will doom the Democrats, like Captain Ahab, to a political watery grave.

What makes me so sure?

Well, since my family were Southern Democrats until Ronald Wilson Reagan ran for President, I guess that you can just…

“Call me Ishmael”.

Until He Comes,



Nunes: Dems Paid Fusion GPS to Get Dirt on Trump Through Ukrainian Sources


“When the Obama administration leans on Ukraine for help in an investigation of political opponents, the Democrats and the media say, “But look how corrupt Paul Manafort was!” When the Trump administration leans on Ukraine for help in an investigation of political opponents, the Democrats and the media say, “Abuse of power — impeach him!” – Andrew C. McCarthy reports that

The Trump White House became involved in Ukrainian affairs to investigate a smear campaign from Democrats against the president, but the fact-finding mission was twisted and used as an excuse for impeachment, House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes, R-Calif., said in an interview airing Sunday.

Nunes appeared on “Life, Liberty & Levin” to discuss the House’s impeachment inquiry into Trump, and said Democrats paid Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on the president through Ukrainian sources, helping spawn the probe from former Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

The California Republican also said it was perfectly reasonable for the president and his surrogates to go looking for answers after they faced attacked from all sides.

“What’s just amazing is, the Democrats continue to say, ‘oh, this is some kind of conspiracy theory’… The fact that Rudy Giuliani would be in Ukraine or talking to Ukrainians about, ‘hey, where’s this dirt that’s being dug up on my client?’ It would be a dereliction of Rudy Giuliani’s responsibilities as the personal attorney to the president [not to do so],” Nunes said.

Nunes also accused Democrats of targeting high-ranking Ukrainian officials to provide damaging information about the president so they could use it to force him out of office.

“You had so many problems in Ukraine,” Nunes said earlier in the segment. “The Democrats, they hate to admit this, but their sources for the Fusion GPS [dossier] — a company that they were paying to dig up the dirt on Trump that ultimately made its way into the FBI — there were Ukrainian sources there, so they were paying people to go into Ukraine and dig up dirt.”

“Some of this dirt came from high-ranking Ukrainian officials, allegedly,” he added. “Remember, we spent three years with this Mueller nonsense. [Giuliani] had every right and responsibility to be over there.”

Indeed, he did.

Fusion GPS was the firm retained by Hillary Clinton and her Presidential Campaign Staff and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to conduct opposition research against the Trump campaign.

Fusion GPS, in turn, hired British ex-spy Christopher Steele to produce the work of fiction now known as the FISA Dossier, which in turn led to With Hunt #1 (Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia Collusion Probe) which has been followed by Witch Hunt #2 (Adam Schiff’s Impeachment Inquiry Hearings), which also involves Ukraine.

Are you beginning to see a common denominator, boys and girls?

What is it about Ukraine and the Democrats?

Joe Biden is not the only Democrat whose son has “worked” in Ukraine.

From National File:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul Pelosi Jr. visited Ukraine in 2017 to meet with government officials in connection to a business initiative. Now, unearthed records reveal that Paul Pelosi Jr. was an executive of a gas industry company that did business in Ukraine – and his mother Nancy Pelosi was featured in one of the company’s promotional videos.

Paul Pelosi Jr. travelled to Kiev, Ukraine in July 2017 in his capacity as executive director of the Corporate Governance Initiative, a position that he accepted months earlier in February 2017. Pelosi Jr. said that he was in Ukraine to discuss a youth soccer partnership with the government.

The American Mirror, which flagged Pelosi Jr.’s appearance in 2017, preserved a clip of Pelosi Jr. on the Ukrainian station following the video’s removal from YouTube.

On March 5, 2013, NRGLab New Technology posted two videos on Youtube. One video opened with a clip of Nancy Pelosi discussing energy-efficient technology, followed by a direct-to-camera statement from her son Paul Pelosi Jr., filmed in Washington, D.C. in 2010.

“My name’s Paul Pelosi. Of course I’m on the board of Viscoil. And Viscoil is here today to talk about accelerating the future. It’s about using cars in a more efficient manner. It’s about utilizing natural resources, whether it be electricity, or gas, or fossil fuels in a more efficient way. And Viscoil is a part of that solution,” Paul Pelosi Jr. said in the video.

A friend and I were discussing this whole mess at lunch after church yesterday.

He reminded me that Inspector General Horowitz’s report on the start of the whole Russian Collusion Witch Hunt and the improper use of the FISA Court is supposed to come out at the end of this month.

Could it be that the Dems hastily put together this ludicrous Impeachment Inquiry with no evidence to back it up in order to attempt to cover their own backsides before they get named in the Inspector General’s Report as having been in on the whole Washington/Ukraine Connection from the beginning?

If so, that would indeed explain the irrational nature of Adam Schiff and his Soviet-style tribunal.

The spider web of Democrat Corruption keeps growing bigger and bigger.

it’s time to drain The Swamp.

Until He Comes,


After Week #1 of Public “Impeachment Inquiry” Hearings, All the Dems Have is Hearsay…I Don’t Blame Trump for Being “Furious”

74611508_1324378721057649_1503337007135326208_n reports that

President Trump is right to be “furious” about House Democrats’ impeachment push, Fox News contributor Dan Bongino said Saturday.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends: Weekend,” Bongino said Democrats don’t have a leg to stand on and that the whistleblower was factually incorrect.

In an exclusive interview Friday on “The Dan Bongino Show,” the president sounded off on the impeachment inquiry, saying “everybody knows who the whistleblower is” and the person “has to be revealed.”

“The whistleblower wrote a report which was mostly on the phone call that everybody now sees was a good call,” Trump said. “So, fortunately, the call was transcribed by experts and transcribed beautifully. And that was the call when they saw it, when I released it. Then everything started going downhill.”

“It was a great interview,” Bongino told “Fox & Friends” hosts Ed Henry, Lisa Boothe and Pete Hegseth. “I’ll tell you, it was going on during Ambassador Yovanovitch’s testimony. And the president was, I think rightfully so, furious about what’s going on.”

On Friday former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testified in a public hearing before the House Intelligence Committee. She said she was ousted after a smear campaign led by Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, who was trying to get dirt on the president’s Democratic rival, former Vice President Joe Biden.

But Yovanovitch could not supply the panel with information regarding any criminal activity or bribes involving Trump.

Bongino said he believes the president is so angry about the impeachment inquiry “because he really genuinely feels — and I wholeheartedly agree based on actual evidence what Democrats don’t have — that he didn’t do anything wrong.”

“So, he’s furious about it, and I don’t blame him for wanting to find out how the whistleblower got this thing so wrong,” Bongino said.

Yovanovitch was the third witness in the formal inquiry to testify publicly. Bill Taylor, the top U.S. diplomat to Ukraine, and senior State Department official George Kent testified Wednesday.

“Do you realize there are three ringer witnesses — Kent, Taylor, and Yovanovitch — not one of them has any evidence of a crime?” Bongino questioned.

“What are we doing here? Why are we wasting America’s time?” he asked.

That is an excellent question.

None of the three “witnesses” interviewed during the Impeachment Inquiry Hearings last week had any direct knowledge of President Trump’s Phone Call with the President of Ukraine. In a court of law, this sort of “evidence” is called hearsay.

Hearsay is defined as

  1. information received from other people that one cannot adequately substantiate; rumor.“according to hearsay, Bob had managed to break his arm”

  2. the report of another person’s words by a witness, which is usually disallowed as evidence in a court of law

So, in other words, Shifty Schiff and the House Dems wasting Americans’ time and money by not presenting any evidence of a high crime or misdemeanor” or any impeachable offense committed by President Donald J. Trump.

In honor of last week’s Democrat Fiasco, I wrote (with apologies to REO Speedwagon) the following song lyrics for your enjoyment.

An Impeachment Inquiry Interlude

Heard it from a friend who
Heard it from a friend who
Heard it from another that it was quid pro quo
You told Ukraine to go after Biden
Cause you know what he’s been hidin’
And Shifty Schiff and the Dems think they’re gonna bring you down

But you released the transcript of the real call
And the Dems’ Inquiry is gonna be their downfall
Because Schiff seems crazier every day
So you just keep plugging away, Don
Because Americans are behind you, Don
And we’ll be with you all the way

Because 2020 is coming soon. Donald
And you gonna win again, Donald
And the Dems they know it’s true
They keep lying about you, because they can’t beat you
They’re under the gun and you’ve got this thing won

Heard it from a friend who
Heard it from a friend who
Heard it from another that it was quid pro quo
You told Ukraine to go after Biden
Cause you know what he’s been hidin’
And Shifty Schiff and the Dems think that they’re gonna bring you down

But you released the transcript of the real call
And the Dems’ Inquiry is gonna be their downfall
Because Schiff seems crazier every day
So you just keep plugging away, Don
Because Americans are behind you, Don
And we’ll be with you all the way

Because 2020 is coming soon. Donald
And you gonna win again, Donald
And the Dems they know it’s true
They keep lying about you, because they can’t beat you
They’re under the gun and you’ve got this thing won

Heard it from a friend who
Heard it from a friend who
Heard it from another that it was quid pro quo

Who knows what next week’s dog and pony show by the Dems will bring?

I do know one thing, however.

Donald J. Trump will be reelected President of the United States of America.

Until He Comes,


Public Hearing 2: Twitter Boogaloo – Politicians and the MSM Call a Trump Tweet “Intimidating”…Americans Call It Standing Up for Yourself

yovanovitch-president-1200x630 reports that

Marie Yovanovitch delivered a dramatic personal account Friday of her ouster as America’s Ukraine ambassador amid a campaign against her by Trump associates, but the testimony was largely overshadowed by a snowballing fight over a presidential tweet that attacked her record.

In between were tense squabbles among lawmakers over the rules for the impeachment hearing proceedings, with Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, at one point snapping at House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., that his party’s “indulgence with you wore out a long time ago.”

And Republicans were able to extract some noteworthy statements from the witness, including an admission that despite allegations President Trump withheld support to Ukraine in exchange for politically advantageous investigations, it was Trump – not his predecessor, Barack Obama – who ultimately provided “defensive lethal aid” to Kiev.

But while Yovanovitch testified that she was “kneecapped” by the administration – with some choice words for Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani – and Democrats sought to draw attention to what they called the “smear campaign” against her, the day in Washington largely turned on the early-morning Trump tweets. Shortly after the hearing began, Trump fired back in real time, claiming that every place Yovanovitch worked “turned bad.”

He charged: “She started off in Somalia, how did that go? Then fast forward to Ukraine, where the new Ukrainian President spoke unfavorably about her in my second phone call with him. It is a U.S. President’s absolute right to appoint ambassadors.”

Trump’s comments ignited an outcry from Democrats: Schiff read Trump’s tweet during the hearing, and called it “witness intimidation.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., when asked about the tweet, echoed: “Witness intimidation is a crime.”

Yovanovitch told lawmakers, regarding the tweet: “It’s very intimidating.” Democrats on the sidelines of the hearing crowed that the tweet itself could prompt a new article of impeachment against the president.

But the White House fired back at the claims, with Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham declaring: “The tweet was not witness intimidation, it was simply the President’s opinion, which he is entitled to.” She went on to say, “This is not a trial, it is a partisan political process – or to put it more accurately, a totally illegitimate, charade stacked against the President. There is less due process in this hearing than any such event in the history of our country. It’s a true disgrace.”

It remains to be seen whether that moment and the fallout from it will fuel Democrats’ impeachment case or fade as a parade of other witnesses appear next week before the same committee. But the incident reflected an escalating political environment, with Democrats eager to turn Trump’s trademark attack-mode against him.

Republicans acknowledged the Trump tweet was not helpful, with one senior GOP source telling Fox News: “We didn’t need that.” But Republicans nevertheless worked to draw out witness statements to support their general argument that no quid pro quo took place because, despite Trump’s conversations, the aid to Ukraine was delivered – after a delay – without the investigations he sought.

What the Professional Politicians on both sides tend to conveniently forget is the fact that there is precedence for a President communicating directly to the American people.

On March 12, 1933 United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt used the prevalent media of his time, which was in every home in America, the radio, to deliver the first of his “Fireside Chats”.


…During the 1930s, approximately 90 percent of American households owned a radio. Capitalizing on this, FDR used the medium for his fireside chats 31 times between March 1933 and June 1944, discussing a range of topics from New Deal economic policies to aid for Europe in the fight against fascism to reporting on the military and domestic fronts during World War II. While listeners could not actually see him and he was not actually next to a fireplace–photos show FDR at his desk surrounded by microphones and wires–the phrase fireside chat was coined by a journalist and evoked a comforting image during a time of great national anxiety. As one listener recalled, it was like the president with his voice, came into your house, calling us friends.

During the 1980’s, America was lead by “The Great Communicator”, President Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Reagan used the rapidly expanding, thanks to the Cable Industry Boom, media of television, like no President before him.

According to Fox News

…Reagan forged a more direct personal relationship with the electorate than any modern president. He told jokes, shared stories, spun tales – and in the process made big, bold truths seem comfortable and comforting.

While visionaries usually stand alone on their soapboxes, thundering with aloof passion, Reagan talked like everyone’s best buddy – the national guy-next-door. He bypassed the national media because the press corps was too conventional and timid to appreciate his then-radical views, and talked directly to the public – a practice that infuriated the press and thrilled the vast majority of Americans.

And now, America is receiving daily communication from its 45th President, Citizen Statesman Donald J. Trump.

The vast majority of Americans own cellphones…and are on Twitter.

Yes, the 280 characters contained in a “Tweet” are definitely not the most eloquent way for a President to be communicating with the American Public, but they are clear, concise, and immediate.

There is no room for “weasel words” in a “Tweet”, unlike the addresses of the individual who occupied the Oval Office before President Trump.

Heck, Obama gavve long speeches just so he could refer to himself ad infinitum in them.

99.9 percent of broadcast networks’ coverage of President Donald J. Trump has been negative.

The fact is, President Trump will never be able to please the Main Stream Media.

And, the Democrats still stupidly expect him to be like George W. Bush and not fight back when they insult, demean, and now, attempt to impeach him.

President Trump has the same rights as every American citizen and those rights include the right to fight back.

The Presidency of the United States of America is the most important leadership position on the Face of God’s Green Earth.

The Main Stream Media, their masters in the Democratic Party, and the Vichy Republicans know that, also.

What Americans are witnessing during this Soviet-style “Impeachment Inquiry” is the fact that the Democrats, including their operatives within the State Department and the rest of the Deep State are still having a conniption fit (Southern colloquialism for being upset over something to the point insanity) over the election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President by us rubes here in Flyover Country.

In fact, they are so upset that they have retaliated by trying to force him out of office by any means necessary, including lies and third-hand accusations, for three years

And then, there’s the Main Stream Media, including the Liberals who are still employed at Fox News.

The Main Stream Media are mad at Trump because not only did they lose their meal ticket with the defeat of the Queen of Mean, Hillary Clinton, but they also have to live with the reality of being “punked” for at least four years by Donald J. Trump, who treats them like a school of Largemouth Bass, baiting the hook with the promise of a big announcement or story, causing them to pack the room wherever Trump is speaking, only to find out that they have been used to gain free publicity for Mr. Trump and whatever cause he is trying to forward that day.

In fact, Trump has made the Media look tremendously naïve and stupid on several occasions, in scenes reminiscent of Lucy Van Pelt promising to hold the football for Charlie Brown to kick, only to pull it away at the last minute leaving a helpless Charlie Brown to wipe out, tumbling head over heels.

The problem that the MSM and the Dems are finding with advancing their narrative of first “quid pro quo” and now “Bribery” (chosen by a focus group as most viable) is that with the advent of the “new”, or Social Media, and President Trump’s use of Twitter as a communication tool, the Main Stream Media and the Democratic Party find themselves no longer in control of the dissemination of the news.

Between Trump’s playing the MSM like Charlie Daniels playing a fiddle and average Americans becoming their own reporters through the use of Social Media, “professional journalists” and the Democrat Spin Machine have watched their influence over the daily lives of Americans dwindle and diminish right before their very eyes.

And, quite frankly, they don’t like it one bit.

That is why they continue to try to bring down Trump, even though Americans living out here in Realityvillle are laughing at the absurdity of attempting to impeach a President who has done nothing impeachable.

They are behaving like spoiled little brats who need a timeout.

And, judging from the TV Ratings of their newscasts and the rapidly dwindling r4eadership of Liberal Newspapers and Magazines, and most importantly, the ever-rising Stock Market and Trump Presidential Popularity Poll numbers, Americans are giving them one.

Isn’t Modern Technology wonderful?


Until He Comes,


Trump at Louisiana KAG Rally: “We Did Nothing Wrong – And They’re Doing Nothing”…He’s Right


Ladies and gentlemen, they don’t have anything. I’m trying to be very reasoned here and very serious. This is a Schiff show, and Pelosi is committed to it. And I am telling you right now that if she could find a way out of this, she would. They don’t have anything. They didn’t have anything to start with. They never had collusion with Russia. They never had any of the things they told us that Donald Trump did.

After the first day we had two witnesses and neither of the two witnesses at any time in their lives have ever had direct contact with the president of the United States. They are the star witnesses. They were the witnesses that were going to create the inertia that would lead to the public clamoring for the removal of Donald Trump.

There is no clamoring today for the removal of Donald Trump. The media doesn’t even have anything to make a bombshell out of. There literally was nothing yesterday. And I’m telling you that Schiff and Pelosi know exactly how bad this show is playing. They are not confident. They’re gonna have to make another pivot. They’re gonna have to change directions. They’re gonna have to do something if they’re going to save this because, folks, there is nothing. – Rush Limbaugh, 11/14/19 reports that

Introducing a new political attack line on House Democrats amid their ongoing impeachment inquiry, President Trump forcefully declared at a rally Thursday night on friendly turf in Louisiana, “We did nothing wrong — and they’re doing nothing.”

Hours earlier, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused the president of “bribery” by allegedly “threatening to withhold military aid” in exchange for an “investigation into his political rival” — signaling that Democrats were preparing to go all-in on impeachment, even as the Trump administration was touting its successes on unemployment and energy independence. The Washington Post had reported Democrats were retiring the “quid pro quo” language in exchange for “bribery” following an internal study showing the word “bribery” resonated more in battleground states.

Although the Louisiana rally ostensibly was an effort to oust the state’s governor, a Democrat, in this weekend’s election, Trump almost immediately turned his attention to the first public hearings in the impeachment inquiry earlier in the week, reading from an article from The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra.

Saavedra reported that a top Ukrainian official said Thursday that U.S. Ambassador Gordon Sondland “did not link financial military assistance to a request for Ukraine to open up an investigation into former vice president and current Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.”

Sondland, a key witness in Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, has testified that Trump explicitly told him there were “no quid pro quos of any kind” with Ukraine, including one in which military aid would be conditioned on any politically motivated investigations. (Sondland later amended his testimony, claiming his recollection had been “refreshed,” to say that he had come to “understand” from other sources that Trump wanted Ukraine to issue an “anti-corruption statement.”)

“First it was the Russia hoax — then it was the Mueller witch hunt,” Trump said, referencing the former special counsel, to sustained boos. “We’ve been going through this from before the election took place. A bunch of bad people, and then, one of the single greatest lies ever told by anybody in this government. … and now the absolutely crazed lunatics, the Democrats, the radical left, and their media partners standing right back there, are pushing the deranged impeachment witch hunt, for doing nothing wrong. We did nothing wrong — and they’re doing nothing.”

The president argued that Democrats were holding up a vote on his newly negotiated United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement [USMCA] trade deal so they could handle impeachment-related matters. Pelosi promised Thursday that a vote on USMCA was “imminent,” but other House Democrats contradicted her later in the day, saying a vote was “close” but not quite that close.

Separately, Trump called the diplomats who have testified thus far in the impeachment probe “Never Trumpers,” echoing GOP claims that the unelected bureaucrats simply were frustrated that the president was asserting his constitutional authority over foreign policy, and sidelining their agenda.

Then, mocking House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s physical appearance, Trump remarked, “He will not make the LSU football team, and the neck is gone. He’s a bad guy, a dishonest guy.”

The president added that, but for his immunity as a congressman, Schiff, D-Calif., “should be prosecuted” for reading from a fake transcript of Trump’s call with Ukraine’s leader.

Yesterday morning, I was watching Fox News as Bill Hemmer interviewed some House Democrat. I forget his name and it doesn’t really matter because all of the House Democrats have been assimilated into the Far Left hive-mind.

Anyway, this talking mannequin starts right in with all of the Democrat Talking Points to the point where Hemmer could hardly get a word in. He finally told the esteemed public servant that it sounded like his mind was already made up to impeach.

The Democrat never gave Hemmer a direct answer.

Watching the activities of the Democratic Party, in this case those of Pelosi, Schiff, and the rest of the House Dems, I feel like I am living in Bizarro Word, where up is down, the sky is green and the grass is blue, and right is wrong and wrong is right.

How in the world can they expect to convince American Voters that they are justified in calling for the impeachment of a President who has turned around America’s economy, keeping all of his campaign promises while having to deal with the opposition party lying about him and his family as a part of a never-ending attempt to remove him from office?

Heck, Shifty Schiff can’t even keep his story straight about whether he has actually met the Whistleblower or not. First, he has and then he hasn’t.

And, every single witness, public and private, has not provided any actual proof that there was any sort of quid pro quo during the President’s phone call with the President of Ukraine. Every single witness has provided nothing but hearsay, which would be inadmissible in any courtroom in America.

And, to top it off, Wednesday’s public hearing is being compared to the horrible testimony of Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the Russia Probe’s Final hearing.

At this point, Pelosi, Schiff , and the rest of the House Democrats remind me of a singer, well past his prime, who refuses to leave the stage, even though the passage of time has left him with a two-note vocal range.

It’s time for the House Dems to leave the stage and get back to doing their job: working for the American People, instead of trying to undo our vote in the 2016 Presidential Election, simply because they did not like it.

Until He Comes,





Schiff Claims Not to Know the Name of the Whistleblower, Bureaucrats Think That They Run Our Foreign Policy


This was gonna be, this was it, finally, folks, they were gonna get rid of Trump today. This was it, the first public hearings of impeachment, and finally the American people were gonna see what an absolute disaster Donald Trump is. They haven’t seen that. They haven’t seen any evidence of anything the Democrats have been alleging. And they’re watching a couple of guys, some witnesses here they didn’t know existed, seemed very disturbed that they weren’t used and their counsel wasn’t taken, their advice wasn’t accepted. It’s exactly why Donald Trump was elected. – Rush Limbaugh, 11/13/19 reports that

Lawmakers largely signaled that the hours of partisan back-and-forth did not appear to leave a singular moment etched in the public consciousness the way the Watergate proceedings or former President Clinton’s impeachment did.

“No real surprises, no bombshells,” said committee member Rep. Chris Stewart, R-Utah.

Taylor and Kent had defied White House instructions not to appear. Both received subpoenas.

They were among a dozen current and former officials who already testified behind closed doors. Wednesday was the start of days of public hearings expected to stretch into next week.

All day, the diplomats testified about how an ambassador was fired, the new Ukraine government was confused and they discovered an “irregular channel” — a shadow U.S. foreign policy orchestrated by the president’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani which raised alarms in diplomatic and national-security circles.

For their part, Republican lawmakers observed that the president — not unelected career bureaucrats — dictated foreign policy.

At its core, the inquiry has stemmed from Trump’s July 25 phone call when he asked Zelensky for “a favor.”

The White House already has released a transcript of the call, in which the two discussed past U.S. “support” for Ukraine, as well as Ukraine’s issues with corruption. On the call, Trump asked Kiev to investigate reports that Ukraine was involved in 2016 election interference.

Later on, the president also mentioned former Vice President Joe Biden’s push to have Ukraine’s chief prosecutor fired, and suggested the country look into the matter.

The call came a day after former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s widely derided appearance on Capitol Hill appeared to leave Democrats’ hopes for impeachment dashed.

Several things struck me as I watched the epic fail that was yesterday’s public Hearing.

The first thing, which was not mentioned in the above clip of an article from, was Adam Schiff telling Jim Jordan that he did not know the identity of the “Whistleblower” who started this whole fiasco, even though members of his staff supposedly met with him.

As anyone who goes on Facebook or the Internet knows, Eric Ciaramello, a CIA Bureaucrat, has been identified as the “Whistleblower”.

Rep. Schiff lies as easily as he breathes.

The next thing that struck me was the pomposity and arrogance of Ambassador Bill Taylor.

The reason that he, Kent, and their peers are providing third and fourth-hand accounts of the Ukrainian Phone Call in an attempt to damage President Trump is that they truly believe that it is THEY, a bunch of nonelected bureaucrats who set America’s Foreign Policy, and not the President of the United States of America.

After the Deep State Covert Operation known as Spygate and the “Russia Probe”, which failed miserably, we all should have seen this coming.

There is an invisible army of Deep State Bureaucrats, holdovers from the Obama Administration, who resent a “commoner”, a “Citizen Statesmen” like Donald J. Trump, being elected to the Presidency.

As the “impeachment Inquiry” Hearing showed the American Public yesterday, these popinjays do not have a grasp as to how our government works.

Perhaps American Civics Class was not taught in their schools.

President Donald J. Trump is the head of our Constitutional Republic form of government.

Every single nonelected bureaucrat serves at HIS pleasure. He does not serve at theirs.

He is responsible for American Policy, both Foreign and Domestic.

What I saw from the majority party and their witnesses in that House Intelligence Committee Public Hearing yesterday was an attempt to justify throwing out the results of the 22016 President Election over nothing but a bunch of hearsay, which would be thrown out of any court in the country.

The Democrats, being true to the animal seen on their logo, are truly making asses out of themselves.

Until He Comes,


Schiff Tells Republicans They Cannot Bring Up “Sham” Hunter Biden Investigation in Ukraine Hearings. Irony is Embarrassed.

04-schiffty-justice-dt-600 reports that

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff set the stage for the first public hearings as part of the impeachment inquiry by vowing to keep questions at Wednesday’s lead-off session focused on the Ukraine controversy — in an implicit shot at Republican members who have signaled an interest in turning the tables on Democrats as they defend President Trump.

“It is important to underscore that the House’s impeachment inquiry, and the Committee, will not serve as venues for any Member to further the same sham investigations into the Bidens or into debunked conspiracies about 2016 U.S. election interference that President Trump pressed Ukraine to undertake for his personal political benefit,” Schiff,  D-Calif., wrote as part of a memo and letter to colleagues on procedures for the open hearings.

Notably, he cited rules for the investigation that would keep it focused on alleged attempts by the president to seek politically advantageous investigations from a foreign government, and whether he sought to cover it up.

The first hearings in the public phase of the impeachment inquiry will feature testimony from State Department official George Kent and top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine Bill Taylor on Wednesday. Later this week, former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovich will appear.

“The House’s inquiry into whether grounds exist for President Trump’s impeachment has been, and will continue to be, a sober and rigorous undertaking,” Schiff wrote to both Democrat and Republican members of the committee, vowing that the public hearings will adhere to House rules governing the impeachment process and that participants will be “treated fairly and with respect, mindful of the solemn and historic task before us.”

Schiff outlined some of the rules, including that members not assigned to the Intelligence Committee are not permitted to make statements or question witnesses, but are allowed to sit in the audience; there will be “equal time” for  himself and Ranking Member Devin Nunes, R-Calif., to make opening statements; and there will be five-minute questioning segments for both parties.

The formal rules approved by the House last month also gave Republicans the ability to subpoena witnesses — they sent over an extensive list of requested witnesses over the weekend.

But the Democratic majority has the final say. And while Schiff said they are reviewing the Republicans’ list, his statements Tuesday signaled he would not be inclined to entertain witnesses or questioning that would shift focus to anything other than the allegations against Trump.

Republicans, though, have shown an interest in digging deeper into allegations against the Bidens, which is what prompted Trump’s request to Ukraine in the first place — eventually triggering the impeachment probe.

As I was writing this post last night, some Liberal Talking Head was on Fox News saying that Hunter Biden was not relevant to the hearings, and that the testimony of “the Whistleblower” was not necessary because “several people had corraborated the “fact”that President Trump had asked for a “quid pro quo”.

Now, I don’t now what that dude had been smoking prior to his appearance, but his reasoning was a faulty as Schiff’s Fictional transcript of President Trump’s phone call.

Just like in case of the Russian Collusion Delusion, the Democrats are so desperate to damage President Trump that they are will to lie to the American people by presenting garbage which they have made up as “facts”.

As far as I know, there have been no first-hand accounts of the actual phone call between the 2 leaders, other than those which have come from the President Trump and the President of Ukraine.

Even the account given by the Whistleblower, CIA Employee Eric Ciaramello was second hand.

By the way, I do not know what Schiff and the Democrats are still attempting to “protect the Identity” of the Whistleblower.

He has been identified already. Don’t they follow the news or, at least, Facebook?

The Dems have intentionally rigged the rules of these public hearings in order to keep control of the phony narrative that they have hung their hopes for removing President Trump from office on.

However, just as their Star Witness in the Russian Collusion Delusion Hearings, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, turned out to be a doddering old man and their witness in the Kavanaugh Hearings and Christine Blasey Ford turned out to be a liar, so will this unproven and unwarranted “Impeachment Inquiry” turn out to be another fiasco caused by the Democrats’ out-of-control temper tantrum over Trump winning the 2016 Presidential Election, which has lead to the psychological condition known as Trump Derangement Syndrome.

I have a feeling that these hearings are going to turn out to be very interesting.

Schiff and his fellow Hose Democrats are about to reveal themselves for who they really are.

The American public has not had the opportunity to see so many rear ends on display since the “Girls Gone Wild” Infomercials were canceled.

Until He Comes,





Limbaugh: “The Model for What’s Gonna Happen This Week is the Kavanaugh Hearings”…Second Verse…Same as the First

rush-limbaugh reports that

As House Democrats plan to hold public hearings in their Trump impeachment inquiry this week, conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh is warning supporters of the president to expect something similar to what took place last year during then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings.

“I really think that the model for what’s gonna happen this week is the Kavanaugh hearings. I mean, if you recall, here comes Christine Blasey Ford, she has her charge, and what were we told? She didn’t want to come forward,” Limbaugh said on his radio show. “Then, it didn’t have the impact they wanted, so here came Avenatti.”

The Kavanaugh confirmation process was embroiled by last-minute accusations of sexual assault by Christine Blasey Ford, a college professor from California who said Kavanaugh once drunkenly pinned her to a bed at a gathering and tried to remove her clothes, and Deborah Ramirez, a Yale classmate of Kavanaugh who said the future judge put his genitals in her face while inebriated at a dorm party. Kavanaugh denied the allegations.

Attorney Michael Avenatti’s client, Julie Swetnick, later came out as a third high-profile accuser. Swetnick claimed she was drugged and gang-raped at a house party in suburban Maryland around 1982, when Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge were present. She also said she had seen Kavanaugh waiting outside a room for a “turn” with an intoxicated girl on another occasion and that he was “verbally abusive toward girls.”

Swetnick’s allegations, amplified by Avenatti during numerous cable-television appearances, helped undermine the credibility of other accusations against Kavanaugh in the minds of many Republicans once Swetnick started to backtrack on some claims.

“It was a never-ending parade for about a week and a half. As every person they brought forth to try to destroy Kavanaugh failed, there was another one waiting in the wings,” Limbaugh said. “I will guarantee you that it is the same strategery they’re gonna employ here this week, getting started with public impeachment hearings.”

“They’re gonna screw this up like they screwed up the Kavanaugh thing. They’re gonna mess it up,” Limbaugh said of the Democrats. “They want it too much, and because they want it too much, they are making tactical and strategic mistakes.”

“One of the biggest mistakes that they’re making is moving too fast,” Limbaugh added. “Impeachment, real impeachment is a much more serious thing than the ‘slam bam thank you, ma’am,’ thing that they’re trying to run here.”

Per usual, Rush is right.

The Democrat Hierarchy only has one strategy to get President Trump out of office.

And, they keep rerunning it over and over again.

Just as in the Kavanaugh Hearing, they present hearsay evidence as if were factual.

in other words,

One lies and the other swears to it.

Just as average Americans witnessed during the whole Russian Collusion Delusion fiasco, the Democrats have such a low opinion of us that they expect us to believe hearsay and outright lies to be the truth.

And, the Puppetmaster himself, George Soros, will probably once again bus in paid demonstrators to protest both within the House of Representatives and outside the doors in support of the Democrats’ Soviet-style Inquisition being held by Commissar Adam Schiff., in order to attempt to convince Americans that their fellow citizens want Trump impeached, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Don’t believe me?

Go on and look up the Alabama vs. LSU Game played last Saturday and witness over 100,000 Americans give the President and First Lady a loud and lengthy standing ovation.

All along, the Dems have been trying to control the narrative concerning their efforts to undo the 2016 Presidential Election.

However, because of Social Media and other sources available to average Americans, the overwhelming majority of us between the coasts continue to refuse to buy what they are selling.

That is why President Trump continues to have a higher approval rate than Former President Barack Hussein Obama did at this time in his Presidency.

I continue to believe that the ongoing political shenanigans of the Democrats, brought on by their own intolerable arrogance and Trump Derangement Syndrome, is hurting them way more than it is hurting President Trump.

I also believe that Former Attorney General Matthew Whitaker was absolutely right when he said yesterday about the House’s possible passing of an Impeachment vote causing it to be taken up by the Senate that

“Not only is it dead on arrival, there’s a risk that the Senate doesn’t even take it up as it is a completely partisan exercise where [there are] only Democrat witnesses, only Democrats’ votes, and Republicans’ rights to due process and fairness are not honored,”

So, in my opinion, whether the Democrats just keep on spinning their wheels or if they actually pass an Impeachment vote and set it to the Senate, they will still lose the 2020 Presidential Election.

Simply because…President Trump has done nothing impeachable.

Until He Comes,


Jeffries to Republicans After Witness List Submitted, “GET LOST”…Schiff Rejects It, Too. Constitution? What Constitution?


You know, JFK would be like an Alt-Right neo-Nazi fascist according to them today. And I think there’s such a great tradition of, you know, some of these people in working class America, “Don, if my grandfather knew I was voting for a Republican he’d be rolling over in his grave.” I go, “How many genders would your grandfather think there are? Talk to me about what he would think about today’s Democrat Party platform,” and that’s sort of when the light goes off. – Donald Trump, Jr., The Rush Limbaugh Program, 11/7/19

Fox reports that

House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rep. Hakeem Jeffries blasted Republicans and labeled them as a “#CoverUpCaucus” after they submitted a list of witnesses they would like to call for public testimony as part of the ongoing impeachment inquiry of President Trump.

Jeffries, D-N.Y., also questioned the validity of the witnesses in a brief but fiery tweet Sunday morning directed at his counterparts across the aisle.

“House Republican #CoverUpCaucus wants sham witnesses to testify,” Jeffries said. “My two cents? GET LOST.”

The GOP list includes Hunter Biden and his former business partner Devon Archer, former Democratic National Committee consultant Alexandra Chalupa, and the anonymous whistleblower whose complaint about Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky led to the impeachment inquiry.

In that call, Trump urged Zelensky to launch an investigation into the Biden family’s dealings in Ukraine — specifically, why former Vice President Joe Biden pressured former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to fire a prosecutor who was investigating a Ukrainian energy firm where his son Hunter held a lucrative role on the board.

Democrats have claimed the call was part of an attempted quid pro quo in exchange for withheld U.S. military aid and a White House meeting between Zelensky and Trump. Trump has denied the claim, saying the call was “perfect.”

Republicans have called for the whistleblower to come forward to answer questions about their complaint, which came from second-hand knowledge of the phone call.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., who runs the inquiry, was quick to reject the GOP’s request to have the whistleblower come forward to testify, citing whistleblower protection laws and stating that other witnesses’ testimony has already been more substantive than what was stated in the complaint.

“The committee … will not facilitate efforts by President Trump and his allies in Congress to threaten, intimidate and retaliate against the whistleblower who courageously raised the initial alarm,” Schiff said in a letter to Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes, R-Calif. ” … The whistleblower has a right under laws championed by this committee to remain anonymous and to be protected from harm.”

The impeachment inquiry, moreover, has gathered an ever-growing body of evidence — from witnesses and documents, including the president’s own words in his July 25 call record — that not only confirms, but far exceeds the initial information in the whistleblower’s complaint … ” Schiff concluded his letter.

President Trump suggested Saturday that Republicans call former Vice President Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Schiff himself as witnesses.

Let’s stop this Soviet-style sham right now.

As the little old lady said in the commercial a while back,

That’s not how it works! That’s not how any of this works!

According to,

The second part of the House impeachment process usually resides with the Judiciary Committee, which can empower subcommittees, hold public hearings, subpoena persons and records, and incur expenses as part of the investigation. At the investigation’s end, the committee would decide if the evidence merits moving forward with the drafting of impeachment articles for the full House to consider.

First, Pelosi called for a Formal Impeachment Inquiry vote after they had already started their Inquisition…err…investigation.

Then, they intentionally circumvented established procedure to hold closed door meetings chaired by Shifty Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, who was also a force behind the failed Special Counsel Investigation.

He and his fellow House Democrats participating in this seditious sideshow also came up with arbitrary “rules designed to keep the Republicans from being able to freely participate in the questioning of the Democrats’ prejudicial witnesses.

Plus, Adam Schiff has denied the Republicans’ witness request list.

With Schiff having already coached CIA official Eric Ciaramella, who is being referred to in the MSM as the “anonymous whistleblower”, even though every one knows that he is a part of the Depp State Coup, Schiff’s credibility is nonexistent, having left Washington a long time ago.

Sen. Lindsey Graham said this weekend on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” that

“I consider any impeachment in the House that doesn’t allow us to know who the whistleblower is to be invalid because without the whistleblower complaint we wouldn’t be talking about any of this.”

In other words, all the House Dems are doing is attempting to damage President Trump with another lame strategy after their first one, the “Russian Collusion Delusion” failed miserably.

Then, when this is voted down in the Senate, if Pelosi and company ever let their “Impeachment Inquiry” get out of a never-ending Soviet-style Tribunal in the House Intelligence Committee with Commissar Schiff, the Democrats will try something else to sabotage both President Trump and all of us between the coasts who voted him into office.

That is why, when we reelect President Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election, we need to elect a Republican Majority back into the House of Representatives.

That way, Congress can actually do some work on behalf of the American people.

Because right now, the Democrats are just wasting our time…and MONEY.

Until He Comes,