Schiff Has the “Sads”: Impeachment Inquiry Witnesses Say No Bribery, No Quid Pro Quo, No Extortion

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Republicans sounded a celebratory note as House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry wrapped up another day of public hearings Tuesday evening, saying the day’s witnesses had served only to highlight fundamental problems in the case against President Trump.

“Did anyone ever ask you to bribe or extort anyone at any time during your time in the White House?” House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes, R-Calif., asked at one point in Tuesday’s hearing.

Former National Security Council (NSC) aide Tim Morrison: “No.”

U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker: “No.”

Later, Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., hit the same notes in asking the witnesses about Trump’s fateful July 25 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky: “Mr. Morrison, you were on that call, and there was no quid pro quo, correct? No bribery? No extortion?”

“Correct,” Morrison replied in response to each question.

“And, Ambassador Volker, I presume you got a readout of the call. … Was there any reference to withholding aid? Any reference to bribery? Any reference to quid pro quo? Any reference to extortion?”

“No, there was not,” Volker replied, again and again.

The answers underscored a problem facing House Democrats as their impeachment inquiry continued into its second week of public hearings: As more witnesses have testified, more soundbites have emerged that may help Republicans and the Trump campaign argue that the proceedings were politically motivated theater, long in the works and foreshadowed openly by Democrats for months, if not years.

Morrison, in another key moment, testified Tuesday afternoon that he understood the transcript of Trump’s call with Ukraine’s leader wound up on a highly secured and classified computer system due to an “administrative error” — not, as Democrats have alleged, because the president wanted to hide his conversation.

And, Volker testified repeatedly that he never received any indications at all that there was an improper quid pro quo with Ukraine, in which the Trump administration allegedly sought a probe of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter in exchange for military aid.

As the hearing concluded, President Trump tweeted, “A great day for Republicans, a great day for our Country!”

Ohio GOP Rep. Jim Jordan told Fox News, “This was a very good day for Republicans, for our president.”

“Kind of hard to prove a corrupt quid pro quo theory when the key U.S. policy people, plus the Ukrainians, were never aware of such an arrangement,” Texas GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw added late Tuesday, noting that Ukraine’s president has said he felt no pressure from Trump to open any probes. “Can we go back to governing now, that’d be great thanks.”

No kiddin’.

Earlier in the day, Alexander Vindman…err…excuse me, “Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, please” as he told Ranking Member Devin Nunes who referred to him as “Mr. Vindman”, testified.

To say that he was not very impressive would be an understatement.

Memes of the Lt. Col. as “Flounder” from “Animal House” were quickly spread all over Facebook during his self-righteous testimony.

Lt. Col. Vindman came across as a pencil-pushing, gala-attending bureaucrat in an Army Uniform.

Vindman and all of the other professional nonelected bureacrats whom we have seen testify so far have been prime examples of the reason that President Trump needs to continue to drain the Bureaucratic Swamp.

In the minds of these people, THEY set Foreign Policy, not the President.

And, certainly not an “amateur” like President Trump.

Between the arrogance displayed by Adam Schiff and the House Democrats and most of the Professional Bureacrats, what we have been witnessing during the Impeachment Inquiry Hearings is an EGOSTORM of hurt feelings.

The bureaucrats have hurt feelings because Trump is putting American first instead of nation building.

The House Democrats, including Adam Schiff, had their feelings hurt on Election Night 2016 and their ensuing temper tantrum is still in progress.

All of these well-paid “professionals” need to buck up, grow up, and do their jobs.

However, with the Democrats busy showing their backsides during these hearings, it means that they are too busy to pass legislation which would interfere with America’s Economic Boom under President Trump.

So, it’s a win-win.

The House Democrats are looking like a bunch of idiots…

And, America is becoming greater every day.


Until He Comes,





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