Political Indictment Causes Trump’s Lead Over Republican Candidates to Increase, Lead Over Biden Unchanged

“The news of an indictment has boosted former President Donald Trump’s polling numbers among the GOP primary candidates and has not dented his lead over President Joe Biden, according to an internal Trump campaign poll.

“President Trump received a significant increase over his opponents in full-field and one-on-one primary election ballot tests, while his decisive lead over Joe Biden in a general election ballot test remains level,” pollster John McLaughlin of McLaughlin & Associates wrote.

In the full-field ballot test of 14 potential Republican candidates, where Trump has polled the strongest because of the high viscosity in his base, the indictment has remarkably stretched Trump’s lead from 12 points to 30:

Trump 51% – up from 43% in January.
Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis 21% – down from 31% in January.
Former Vice President Mike Pence 6%.
Nikki Haley 4%.
The other 10 candidates are at 2% of less.

Trump’s lead in a one-on-one hypothetical primary with DeSantis is even stronger in Trump’s favor. Trump beat DeSantis 63%-30%, a 33-point margin that trumps his mere 12-point lead in January (52%-40%).

Among the full pool of 1,000 likely general election voters, the attacks on Trump has respondents saying division is getting worse (56%, compared to 34% saying improved), real issues are getting ignored (57% say), and a plurality of voters and near majority (48%) believe the justice system is being weaponized against Trump.

Trump is 13 points “more likely” to get a general election vote after the indictment than “less likely,” according to the poll.

Trump leads Biden 47%-43%, which is virtually unchanged from the March poll. Also, 61% likely GOP primary voters say Trump is the best candidate to beat Biden, compared to 33% for someone else.” (Courtesy Newsmax.com)

I am still trying to figure out what the Democrats thought would happen when they pulled the trigger on this.

Did they think that the American public would forget about all the crimes that they have committed while in office?

Everything that the Clinton Crime Family Family and the Biden Crime Family have done makes the “severity” of the legal payment received by Stormy Daniels look like a BB in a barrel of water.

Perhaps it was done to distract from everything that is being found out in the House Committee Meetings about the lies told by the Dems during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Or, perhaps it was to provide cover for the treasonous actions of the Bidens and their payoffs from Ukraine and China.

Or, perhaps it was to cover up the Democrats’ making heroes out of mentally ill Drag Queens and Transvestites

Or, perhaps they pulled the trigger because they know that the overwhelming majority of Americans are sick and tired of the hell that they have put us through the last two years.

The above article shows that Trump was already leading in the 2024 Presidential Election Polls before the Dems came up with this silly indictments.

This is a last ditch plan to get rid of Presidential Candidate Donald J Trump by any means necessary.

The Democrats, in their exceeding arrogance, thought that the American people would buy this garbage.

It appears that the “Smartest People in the Room” are educated beyond their intelligence.

Stay tuned.

Until He Comes,


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