Sunday Morning Thoughts – Are We Losing Our Core Principles as Americans?

“Core principles once central to Americans’ values receded in importance this year, according to a Wall Street Journal-NORC poll published Friday. The share of respondents who said patriotism was very important dropped 32 percentage points compared to a 1998 poll, and those who said the same of religion decreased by 23 percentage points.

“It seems we’re moving away from some of the things we hold closer and moving towards others,” Jay, from Atlanta, told Fox News. “As times move on, people want different things.”

The importance of having children dropped from 59% in 1998 to 30%, according to the poll. Meanwhile, respondents who considered money a top priority increased to 43%, up from 31% a quarter-century ago.” (Courtesy

Why is this happening?

I believe that as Conservative Americans, we need to stop being the Silent Majority.

And, my fellow Americans, if the path of destruction that we are witnessing, being forced upon us by a political ideology which has gotten completely out of control is not evil, then I don’t know what is.

My reasoning behind this is the fact that all it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to remain silent.

Consider, if you will, a country in which its president’s first action in office was to close an oil pipeline which was important to our country’s energy needs and which employed thousands of Americans.

…a country whose majority political party builds a wall around its capitol building in order to separate itself from the citizens whom they are supposed to be serving.

…a country whose President and his Administration gave billions of dollars of our weaponry behind during a botched pull-out from a Radical Islamic Nation, leaving Islamic Terrorists in charge of it who worked with others who killed 3,000 Americans 20 years ago, leaving hundreds of Americans trapped inside the country.

…a country whose President announces with glee that he is going to require private businesses to pay more taxes in order to pay for projects that American taxpayers do not support.

…a country whose President vows to fight a Supreme Court ruling, giving decisions about Abortion Laws back to the states where it belongs.

…a country whose President is obviously battling dementia, getting worse every day, and no one is making him step down because the cabal who is “handling” him will not allow it.

…a country in which the faith of the majority of its citizens is constantly attacked by the same people who constantly claim to be tolerant of others.

…a country where the Elite of both political parties in Washington, DC, can circumvent the polirical will of the American people by weaponizing our Sustem of Justice up to the point of having local DA politically indict aa former President of the United States of America.

Another thing…

You have unvetted, unemployed, Illegal immigrants flooding across our Southern border, while the Biden Administration refuses to do a cotton-pickin’ thing about it.

Our Border Patrol has found evidence that there are drug runners, rapists, and terrorists among those whom the Democrats are euphemistically referring to as “migrants”.

The difference between a migrant and an illegal immigrant is that a migrant comes to a place to find seasonal work and leaves to find more work when the job is done.

All too often, illegal immigrants come to America to take advantage of all of the Federal Government’s “charity” that they can get their hands on. Of course, the financing for this “benevolence” comes from our American Tax Dollars.

Another very important thing that more Conservative Americans need to stand up and be heard about is the deliberate programming of our children and grandchildren in public school systems across our country to accept evil as good, America as being a racist country, and deviancy as normal sexual behavior.

America’s Public schools have changed from being centers of education to being centers of indoctrination and grooming.

Finally, I believe that Conservative Americans need to speak out about political corruption.

If we do not speak out about it, then we are perpetuating the Far Left Democrat Elites’ arrogant belief that average Americans are timid sheep who are easily bought off with vague political promises which they have no intention of fulfilling.

…and reinforcing the Democrat-heavy poll in the excerpt from Fox News at the beginning of this post.

Also, if Conservative Americans do not speak out against mail-in ballots, a practice which allowed a Dementia-riddled old professional politician to become president, then our children and grandchildren are doomed to a future in servitude to a corrupt all-powerful Central Government, resembling that of the old Soviet Union.

In conclusion, we owe to those who have gone before us, who pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to establish this Constitutional Republic and those who have paid for our freedom with their very lives to “fight the good fight” against those who would “radically change” America into a country that it was never meant to be.

Until He Comes,


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