DC’s “Joker” Gives Birth. How Sick.

“In the latest issue of DC Comics’ series, “The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing,” Batman’s nemesis actually carries and gives birth to a child. 

Readers may be tempted to think this is part of DC’s attempt to do some woke, LGBTQ-inclusive storytelling with The Joker being a transgender man undergoing a typical pregnancy, though it’s not quite that simple.

In this volume, created by Matthew Rosenberg and Carmine Di Giandomenico, the “Clown prince of Crime” becomes pregnant by some unnatural curse and gives birth in a vomit-inducing way, literally. 

Backstory on this latest issue detailed how Joker wanted to pursue an heir in a more traditional way, by courting the super-heroine Zatanna into starting a family with him. Though his advances are rebuffed, and the tables are turned on Joker in a surprisingly disturbing manner.

In DC’s universe, Zatanna is a magic user who can bringing can cast spells by speaking in reverse. Disturbed by the Joker’s attempt to court her, she casts a spell on him to ensure that “no one else will ever have [the Joker’s] baby,” the comic reads.

Though as with many magic spells in fiction, the hex doesn’t work as envisioned. Rather than turning Joker into female-repellant as one would expect, the spell makes it so that the villain himself becomes pregnant and has his own baby. 

The manner in which this happens during the issue may be one of the strangest DC Comics moments in recent memory. Joker gives birth by vomiting a sort of brown goo that, upon leaving his body, forms into a young boy that looks just like Joker.” (Courtesy FoxNews.com)

Growing up in the 1960s, I had a three-shelves bookcase filled with DC and Marvel comic books that my Daddy eventually took to the Pediatric Ward of the hospital in which I was born.

Comic books stirred my imagination.

They provided a way to escape the boundaries of my bedroom and the rest of the junk I dealt with as an asthmatic child.

Then, in the early 1970s, the writers and editors at DC began to insert political issues into their comics, and slowly, things began to change for the worst.

And now, DC is attempting to show children that men can be pregnant, even though that notion is physically impossible.

Men getting pregnant is physically impossible, no matter what the ignorant Far Left Democrats claim.

Comic books have been pushing “Wokeness ” for quite a while.

They have gone from being entertaining to being Propaganda Agents for the Democrat mission of “Social Justice for Radical Change.”

I guess writing actual Comic Books in which good triumphs over evil is too hard for this generation of “Woke” Comic Book Writers.

They would rather act as Propaganda Agents for an illogical Marxist Political Party.

And, as Political Groomers.

Sick. (And, not in a good way.)

Until He Comes,


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