McCarthy Elected Speaker, Reopens “People’s House”, Democrats Upset

“…We pledge to cut the regulatory burden, lower energy costs for families, and create good-paying jobs for workers by unleashing reliable, abundant American-made energy,” McCarthy added. “Our first bill will repeal funding for 87,000 new IRS agents. Because the government should be here to help you, not go after you.”

The Republican also said he would reopen the U.S. Capitol Building, which remained behind additional security measures and was mostly inaccessible to the public following the riots on Jan. 6, 2021.

“My friends – this chamber is now fully open for all Americans,” he said, which was met with thunderous applause from Republicans. Democrats in the chamber remained silent.

…Closing his remarks, McCarthy said: “Our nation is worth fighting for. Our rights are worth fighting for. Our dreams are worth fighting for. Our future is worth fighting for.” (Courtesy

Did you catch that?

“My friends, this chamber is now open for all Americans.”

How about that?

The American People can actually visit the Representatives who are supposed to be serving them in the People’s House.

And, the Democrats do not like that one bit.

That one little sentence just negated the entire Democrat Narrative about them being in danger from average Americans (AKA “the peasants”) because of the actions of unarmed Americans let in to the Capitol Building on the orders of Nancy Pelosi.

Yeah, I said it.

This past week’s 15 votes to elect the Speaker of the House was a perfect example of why we are a Constitutional Republic, instead of a Marxist-style mob-ruled “Democracy.”

If our nation worked like the Far Left Democrats want it to, those who objected to having another “Mitch McConnell” leading the House would have been shouted down and “canceled.”

Instead, they had their say, and their input was used to help craft the guidelines for the Republican Majority’s pathway to success in fighting back against the poor stewardship of the Biden Administration and the Democrat Elite.

We are a Constitutional Republic because our Founding Fathers, in their considerable wisdom, wanted to form a nation where every citizen’s rights were respected and every CITIZEN’S vote counted.

The DC Democrats want an amoral totalitarian cradle-to-grave government in which citizenship means nothing, the “Politburo” controls the “Proletariat,” and dissent is not allowed.

As long as we remain a Constitutional Republic, individual American freedom will endure.

In God We Trust.

Until He Comes,


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