Why Did 2,500 Attend Kirk Cameron’s Book Reading at a Public Library?

“Kirk Cameron received an enthusiastic reception from families on Friday as he delivered an uplifting message of faith, love and patriotism at Scarsdale Public Library in Westchester County, New York.

The crowd exceeded space limitations, forcing Cameron to do two readings of his new children’s book in the hour allotted for the program. Hundreds of people waiting in line never got inside the library.

“We’re here because we love God, we love our families, our children, we love our country and we love Scarsdale Public Library,” the actor, writer and producer said before the lively audience while promoting his book, “As You Grow.”

“We’re so grateful that we get to be here and read this story,” he said.

Cameron led the crowd in a rendition of “God Bless America” after his first reading, upon the suggestion of a grandfather in the audience.

“God gave your children to you and not to the government,” Cameron said at one point, generating enthusiastic applause in response.

“As You Grow” tells the tale of an acorn that blossoms into a mighty oak tree and then dispenses wisdom to the animals that live within the shelter of its branches.

“We’re here because we love God, we love our families, our children, we love our country.” — Kirk Cameron

“As you grow strong, grow in gentleness,” reads one of the messages from the book.

Not every library has allowed the message to be heard.

More than 50 public libraries around the country either outright rejected Cameron’s requests to conduct readings or did not respond to requests on his behalf.

Yet an estimated 2,500 people attended his reading in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Thursday. It was the biggest crowd the library had seen in 137 years, according to the library’s comments.” (Courtesy FoxNews.com)

Yet, those same libraries that refused a Christian American Author allowed Drag Queens to read to innocent children.

This push to allow “Transgendered” “Drag Queens” to invade public libraries and to read books and “perform ” in front of innocent children, is a logical (at least , using the convoluted logic of Liberals) next step, following the attempted “grooming”of our children in American Elementary Schools.

The name of the game is perception.

If a person thinks that a group has a huge number of participants, than the more likely that person is to think that the group’s activities or, mere presence, is not a deviation, but rather, normal and thriving.

Plus, when you remove society’s labels and categorization of an activity, as the Far Left Democrats are attempting to do with pedophilia, substituting a kinder and gentler description of the “condition” which causes their morally abhorrent “activities”, you make the introduction of sexual perversion to innocent children “more acceptable” to popular culture.

However, per usual, the hubris of the Political Minority in America, known as Liberals, precluded them from foreseeing the massive blowback that they have received, in regards to this latest attempt by them to make the “rights” of the 3% more important than the rights of the rest of us.

What Modern American Liberals still fail to grasp is the concept of American Individualism, a concept strengthened by our American Faith and Traditional Values System, concepts which trace all the way back to our nation’s birth, set in place by our nation’s Founding Fathers.

Modern Liberals seem to have great difficulty comprehending the role which Christianity, the “Faith of Our Fathers”, the professed faith of the majority of Americans, played and plays in this Grand Experiment, known as the United States of America.

America was built upon a Solid Rock.

To ignore our nation’s Faith-Based Founding and Heritage is to live in purposeful ignorance.

As President Ronald Reagan said,

“If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.”

Regardless of the ongoing Political Machinations by Modern American Liberals to tear asunder the Moral fabric of the nation for the “Good of the State” and the propagation of the “Hive-Mind”, the God of Abraham, who brought our Founding Fathers to this Land, will have the Final Word.

He always does.

Until He Comes,


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