Far Left Democrats Calling Trump and His Supporters “Fascists”? Are You Kidding Me?

Have you seen or heard of the Democrats’ latest political strategy?

In the midst of their desperation and growing panic just two months away from the 2021 Midterm Elections, the Demcrats are accusing Trump Voters, average Americans like you and me, of being “fascists”.

Stop laughing.

This new political strategy has actually helped them in the polls.

The Democrat-weighted polls are showing a small rise in the popularity of #DementiaJoe.

If you believe that these polls are an accurate representation of how Americans feel about Biden and the Democrats, then all of you Liberals need to run out and buy a copy of my new book, “Buy This Book for $27.99 and Make Me a Millionaire “.

I’m just sayin’….

The reason that this new political strategy by the Far Left Democrats will not work is the fact that average Americans living in the Heartland know that Trump Voters aren’t Fascists.

Trump Voters aren’t the ones who told our military that you have to have to be forced into taking a suspect COVID-19 Vaccine in order to serve your country.

Trump Voters aren’t the ones who are trying to cut genitalia off of kids and turn them into something else.

Trump Voters aren’t the ones who are still trying to make children wear masks in school, even though the CDC says that they aren’t needed.

Trump Voters aren’t teaching our children that America is a Raaaciiist Country.

Trump Voters aren’t the ones who are telling Black Americans that they can’t achieve the American Dream on their own and are stuck being subservient to the government and getting their daily bread from Uncle Sugar.

Trump Voters aren’t the ones leaving our Southern Borders wide open for illegals and Islamic Terrorists to enter our Sovereign Nation unvetted.

Trump Voters aren’t the ones trying to cancel Americans because they believe differently than they do.

The Far Left “Woke ” Democrats have a bass-ackwards view of things.

They themselves and the Democrat Leadership are the true Fascists.

And, average Americans know it.

That, gentle readers, is why the 2022 Midterms are going to be a Political Tsunami.

I’m ready.

Are you?

Until He Comes,


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