Chuck Todd Worried That Dem Infighting Will Keep Them From Passing Voting Rights Act and $3.5 Trillion Social Justice Extravaganza….Good!

Democrats Split reports that

NBC News political director Chuck Todd railed against President Biden and White House amid the Democrat infighting over the two trillion-dollar spending bills being debated on Capitol Hill.

On “Sunday Today,” host Willie Geist listed President Biden’s stalled agenda in Congress from the failure to pass a voting bill and police reform along with the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the giant social spending bill being pushed by progressive lawmakers, asking Todd “when does this get done?”

“President Biden has to get more involved,” Todd responded. “The only one that’s made any progress is the bipartisan infrastructure deal. Why did that make progress? Well, the White House ran the negotiations here.”

The “Meet the Press” moderator recalled seeing a report about the White House “getting frustrated with Congress” and how “I’m sitting here going, ‘Well, you guys can do something about it!'”

“At the end of the day, the power of the presidency is you’re the leader of the party and you’re also a convening entity. Get Manchin, Sanders in a room!” Todd exclaimed, referring to the West Virginia and Vermont senators.

The MSNBC anchor then referred to the dustup between Sanders and Manchin after the progressive lawmaker penned an op-ed in a prominent West Virginia newspaper pressuring his more moderate colleague over his stance on cutting the price tag of the $3.5 trillion spending bill, telling Geist “we should be much further past this” notion that such a proposal being pushed by Sanders is no longer possible.

“So the fact that we’re still in this place where we’re having this public back and forth about something that’s not reality- at the end of the day, I think the burden’s on the White House,” Todd said. “They’ve got to take control of this. They’ve got to sort of get reality- the political eyes got bigger than their stomach in Congress and I think that it’s up to the White House to pull them back and they haven’t. They let Congress work its will and right now, its will is stalemate.”

“Yeah,” Geist agreed. “And all we’re seeing is internal fighting between high-profile senators at this point.”


I have been waiting and hoping and thinking and praying for nine months that this would happen.

The Democrats, by traveling to the Far Left at ludicrous speed, have left the majority of their political party behind, and getting more angry at their elected representatives by the minute.

So, it is no surprise to me that they are beginning to experience their own “Civil War”.

The  Voting Rights Bill and the Pork-Laden $3;5 Trillion Dollar Social Justice Extravaganza Bill are designed to turn our Constitutional Republic into a Democratic Socialist remake of Venezuela.

Average Americas know that as sure as they can see gas prices go up and grocery shelves become bare.

And, they do not like it.

Therefore, their elected representatives, Democrat and Republican, are getting an earful.

Americans want Democrats to shut up and Republicans to grow a spine.

The Democrats have pushed all the wrong buttons of Average Americans.

And, even if Joe Biden was not a demented old fool, he still could not rescue the Democrats from themselves.

You see, Marxism, which is what “Democratic Socialism” is, is not about “sharing the wealth”.

It is about citizens giving their earnings to a huge “Central Government” who controls their lives from cradle to grave.

Those in power are the only ones who wind up achieving wealth and living comfortably.

And, as we are beginning to see, Americans are not going to stand for that.

Hence, the “F*** Joe Biden” chants and all the parents showing up at School Board Meetings to protest CRT.

The Democrats’ lust for power and control is leading to a coming implosion.

Their alligator mouths have overloaded their hummingbird rear ends.

Pass the Popcorn.

Until He Comes,




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