“When the Going Gets Tough, the “Tough” Get Going: Biden MIA as Taliban Goes Door-to-Door Killing Afghans Who Helped Us

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FoxNews.com reports that

As the U.S. military and State Department rush to evacuate American citizens and Afghan allies from Kabul’s airport, Taliban checkpoints are cutting off many from freedom and safety – and reports on the ground indicate the militants are summarily executing people who helped U.S. forces over the years.

Ryan Rogers, a retired Marine sergeant, told Fox News Thursday that the interpreter he worked with during the bloody 2010 battle of Marjah in Helmand province is currently trapped in Kabul, prevented from reaching the airport as Taliban fighters seek out and murder former Afghan commandoes and interpreters.

“He told me yesterday they hung three [Afghan National Army] commanders that they had found,” he said. “And that close to the place that he’s hiding, they’re going house-to-house and that they sent a transmission out saying they had plans for the people that operated with America.”

“I said, hey, did you see any of this stuff with your eyes? He said yes,” Rogers said. “They’re not showing this stuff because the people are cheering, but they’re scared to death, and they’re hanging these people. And he said they’re going house to house and their priorities are Afghan National Army Special Forces, the police special forces and the interpreters.”

The Biden administration on Thursday finally acknowledged reports that evacuees were having trouble reaching the international airport and Kabul, which is surrounded by Taliban checkpoints.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said during a Thursday news briefing that the government had received a “small handful of reports” of American citizens who were unable to reach the airport. But he also said that though U.S. officials were aware of reports that interpreters and former Afghan military officers were being hunted and killed by the Taliban forces, he could not confirm their veracity.

“I’m just not in a position to confirm those details,” he said. “Every time we see a detail like this, we take it extraordinarily seriously, and we do what we can.”

Over the past two weeks, as Taliban forces swept across the country, there were reports of the militants executing surrendering Afghan soldiers. And Fox News has received video showing gunmen in pickup trucks, firing bullets in the streets of Kabul.

“In a bipartisan fashion, there’s extreme disappointment, especially by those that have served,” Rep. Brad Wenstrup, an Ohio Republican and Army Reserve officer, told Fox News. “And we have lost on this our moral standing in the world, and it’s a sign of weakness rather than strength.”

Wenstrup pointed to bipartisan legislation passed months ago designed to lessen the red tape U.S. allies would need to get through to safely leave the country as the American military withdrew. But the rushed withdrawal left thousands of people stranded anyway.

“I find it hard to believe that our military and intelligence community would have recommended it this way,” he said, faulting the Biden administration’s leadership. “But those are some of the questions that we need to have answered.”

Wenstrup, who served in the Army in Iraq, said he helped more than one interpreter relocate from there. One of them, now an American citizen and physician at Ohio State, called the Afghanistan situation “disheartening,” the congressman said.

But despite the chaotic U.S. withdrawal, Wenstrup had a message for veterans of the War on Terror.

“We have not had another attack in 20 years,” he said. “We must praise all those that have sacrificed so much in the last 20 years because they did keep us safe, and they should be applauded for that.”

And so did their coalition partners.

Tens of thousands of American Citizens and Afghani Allies are trapped in what is noW a Radical Islamic Terrorist Nation.

They are desperately waiting on help from the United States Government.

Meanwhile, where is the President of the United States of America?

He has gone into hiding in Delaware, at Camp David, or in the Basement of the White House, being fed soup as our fellow Americans and the Afghanis who stood with them against Radical Islamic Barbarians are feeling abandoned and are in danger of being killed.

Yes, I blame Hoe Biden for this situation.

He is the President. Donald J. Trump is not.

The responsibility for saving the lives of those trapped in Afghanistan lies squarely on the shoulders of a demented old man who wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, even when he was younger.

If any of those trapped are held for ransom or killed, their blood is on Joe Biden’s hands.

And, not just his hands, but those of his “Handlers”, his military leaders, and the pompous idiots of the Democrat Elite, including “Dr, Jill”, who thought that it would be a great idea to run a senile old man for President and then commit massive fraud to get him elected.

Actions (or inactions) have consequences.

The arrogance of the Democrats, compiled with Biden’s lifetime record of Foreign Police mistakes, have created a situation that makes the Iranian Hostage Crisis pale in comparison.

It is quite apparent that Biden and his Military Advisors are nothing but a bunch of pencil-pushing lightweights that do not have a spine or A SET among them.

This crisis in Afghanistan has revealed the true colors of the Democrat Elite to the world.

They are 99.99% yellow.

Until He Comes,




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