Trump Delivers Stirring Speech at CPAC, Wins Presidential Straw Poll, Fox News Reports “Trump Doubled Down on His False Claims That the Election Was Stolen” reports that

Former President Donald Trump during a keynote speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas Sunday vowed to “secure our borders, stop left-wing cancel culture, restore fair elections,” and “make America great again.”

“Joe Biden has brought this country to the brink of ruin,” Trump told a packed crowd at the three-day CPAC event.

“Even right here in Texas. We are the epicenter of a border and migration crisis unlike anything anyone has ever seen before in the history of our country. At the same time, they have totally obliterated your energy industry – I told you. Under my administration, we achieved a historic reduction in illegal immigration. … We ended the horrible catch and release where we catch a criminal and release him into our country. We actually said, ‘Nope, it’s called stay in Mexico.’

“It worked very well, and it had the support of Mexico. … We reduced drugs pouring across our border by the highest percentage ever in the history of our country. … We shut down the migrant caravans. We dealt a crippling blow to MS-13. We deported criminal aliens by the thousands and thousands and we built almost 500 miles of border wall.”

Biden’s border crisis, he said, “is helping drive in an unprecedented crime wave.”

“The bloodshed and violence in these cities is reaching epidemic proportions,” he said. “Homicides are up 42% in Los Angeles, 37% in Philadelphia, 68% in Atlanta and over 500% in Portland over this time last year. … In New York City, crime is out of control. It’s at record levels with nobody being prosecuted except, of course, innocent Republicans are being prosecuted,” a likely reference to New York prosecutors charging the Trump Organization of running a 15-year scheme to help its executives evade taxes by compensating them with fringe benefits that were hidden from the authorities.

Trump also hit Democrats for their stances on law enforcement, gun rights, critical race theory and election laws.

“They are hard at work to abolish the First Amendment as well,” he said.

“Probably all amendments, when you get right down to it. Why not?” he said. “The radical left and big tech’s attack on free speech is unlawful, it’s unconstitutional, and it is completely un-American. To protect the constitutional rights and liberty’s of every citizen, this week I filed a major class action. We are suing Facebook, Twitter and Google.”

Trump earlier this week announced class-action lawsuits against the tech giants over their “unlawful” censorship of him and other conservatives, after the social media giants banned him from posting in the wake of the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

The actions are being supported by the America First Policy Institute, headed by former Trump officials Linda McMahon and Brooke Rollins, who introduced Trump at the announcement. Axios first reported AFPI’s involvement.

The speech at the CPAC event was Trump’s second address to the group since he left office.

“We celebrate our rich heritage and national traditions. We honor George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and all of our national heroes,” Trump said. “And of course, we always respect our great American flag.

“We believe in patriotic education for our children, and we strongly oppose the radical indoctrination of America’s youth. We are committed to defending innocent life and to proudly upholding the Judeo-Cristian jails of our nation’s founders.”

“Our glorious American inheritance was passed down to us by generations of American patriots who gave everything they had, their sweat, their blood, and even their way of lives to build America into the greatest nation in the history of the world,” Trump said, “and we are not going to let it be taken away from us by a small group of radical left Marxist maniacs.”

I have a confession to make.

I first went to because they had a story about Trump’s speech at CPAC as well.

Here is what I found imbedded in it.

Trump Sunday doubled down on his false claims that the election was stolen, and attacked social media platforms and news organizations for allegedly suppressing claims of widespread election fraud.

“You say election fraud you get cancelled,” Trump said.

“Unfortunately this was an election where the person that counts the vote was far more important than the candidate,” Trump said, continuing to allege widespread voting fraud without evidence. “It’s a disgrace to our nation and we are truly being scorned and disrespected all over the world.”

The former president also mentioned his lawsuit against big tech companies over alleged censorship of conservatives on their platforms.

Why is Fox News treating the man who favored them as a news outlet during his Administration?

Trump was a very successful Billionaire Businessman and a very successful President..

However, unlike the very wealthy who contribute to Liberal causes and buy and sell Liberal politicians in order to gain more wealth and power, Trump ran for President because he actually loves our great country and its citizens.

And, as the 2020 Presidential Election showed, at least 73 million Americans love him back.

I am one of them.

I have been to a MAGA Rally and while there I watched a man who meant every single word he said, talking to average Americans in a way in which you would speak to your family or to your closest friends.

And, he was having a ball.

So were we.

Trump connected with average Americans like no other President has since Ronald Reagan.

He accomplished a lot in 4 years, bringing back America’s Economy while  growing America’s Job Market, shrinking Hispanic and Black unemployment numbers to the lowest point in history.

However, since the most obviously rigged election in United States History, 2020’s “Benedict Arnold”, Fox News, the Democratic Elite, and the Vichy Republicans are telling us that have to accept the fact that Sleepy Joe Biden, who could not fill an arena with a cement truck, was somehow fairly elected to the most powerful position on the planet

Not only that, they are telling Former President that he has to “do the right thing” and sit down and shut up.

He is having none of it…and judging from the crowds at his recent rallies and the overwhelming Presidential Straw Vote he won at CPAC, neither are average Americans.

These same Democrats, judging all of us members of the “future Proletariat” from their majestic thrones on high on Capitol Hill. proclaim that we must ALL surrender our Constitutional Rights and come together in a show of unity behind a man who doesn’t even know where he is half of the time.

Well, as for me, I am going to stand by the President of the United States of America, Citizen Statesman Donald J. Trump, and continue fighting the Good Fight.

The selfless legacy of those who died fighting to preserve our country’s freedom demands it.

Fox News…by attacking Trump, you are attacking your Core Audience.

No wonder you continue to lose viewers.

Until He Comes,




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One thought on “Trump Delivers Stirring Speech at CPAC, Wins Presidential Straw Poll, Fox News Reports “Trump Doubled Down on His False Claims That the Election Was Stolen”

  1. FOX won’t even hold his rallies any longer. They abandoned him the night of the election and can’t be trusted. The news anchors are being told what to say by the new liberal owners except for Watters. Hannity, Laura, Levine, and Tucker. They are part of promoting The Big Lie.


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