With the Durham Investigation Going “Full Steam Ahead”, Are the Dems Pushing So Hard For Trump to Concede in Order to Avoid Prosecution?

Newsmax.com reports that

U.S. Attorney John Durham’s probe into how the FBI’S Russia probe got started is moving “full steam ahead.”

Fox News attributed the information to a source familiar with the investigation.

And another source confirmed the investigation “is definitely still happening,” according to the news network.

Word of the probe’s status came despite concerns from Republicans that the investigation had become dormant following the election.

Kevin Clinesmith, a former FBI lawyer was charged in August with making a false statement in the first criminal case arising from Durham’s investigation into the probe of ties between Russia and the 2016 Donald Trump campaign.

In September, Attorney General Bill Barr raised the possibility of additional charges stemming from the Durham inquiry.

Barr was asked by NBC News whether it is unlikely there will be additional charges.

He replied: “No, I wouldn’t say that at all.”

Fox News said the Durham investigation went silent after Clinesmith was charged. But two sources told the network over the summer that Durham was looking at several lines of investigation, which he believed were critical.

Durham was appointed by Barr last year to investigate the origins of the FBI’s Russia probe.

As I wrote when all of these acts of sedition started coming to light, this complicated plot resembles a Tom Clancy Novel.

You have a Former Nazi Sympathizer, now a Billionaire “Philanthropist”, funding Far Left Causes. Add to that a disgruntled Former President, desperately trying to ensure that his mission to turn the Greatest Country on the Face of the Earth into a Third World Socialist Paradise is not derailed by the unexpected loss of his hand-picked predecessor to a “Citizen Statesman”.

Faced with the reality of a splintered Democratic Party, which has alienated its base by moving to the Extreme Far Left of the Political Spectrum, this Former President , while still in office, decided not only to spy on the one candidate who might actually have a chance to beat his own party’s lousy candidate in a fair Presidential Election, through the means of obtaining an order to wire tap his offices, he also had his loyal FBI to launch an investigation against his own Former Director of the DNI.

After that did not help and the Citizen Statesman became the President, the Former Petulant President Pantywaist, encouraged “rebellion”, as if the reality of a nation being torn asunder was some sort of “Star Wars” Movie, through the use of his “benefactor’s” (the Former Nazi Sympathizer) money in the funding of manufactured protests and a Media-Driven, Community -Organizing Assault, which included the Former President’s own “Organizing For America” Website.

Not unlike the Bolsheviks of the Russian Revolution, this “rebellion”, with their willing accomplices in the Main Stream Media, launched a massive assault, through the dissemination of propaganda, manufactured protests, and Fake News, in order to somehow diminish the sitting President, in the hopes of regaining their lost power and continuing their mission, inspired by Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky.

And, when that failed, Obama’s fellow members of the Democrat Elite impeached President Trump over a now-proven false charge of Russian Collusion.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, they underestimated the power of the New Media and the resiliency of the average American, here in the Heartland, who stopped believing their lies some time ago.

And now, with the revelations that continue to come out on a daily basis involving the massive fraud perpetrated in a systematic fashion in order to propel the Democrats’ feckless dementia-addled candidate Joe Biden, to a fraudulent victory over President Donald J.Trump, the anger at and resentment of Average Americans living between the coasts toward the Far Left Democratic Party is strengthening, despite the Democrats attempting to call for “unity” as the unbelievable scope of their felonious activity is brought further and further into the spotlight.

With more being revealed on an hourly basis about the seditious and traitorous behavior of the Democrats during the 2020 Presidential Election, more and more Americans are realizing that Trump has been right all along.

No wonder the Democrats wanted him to concede the election as soon as possible.

Until He Comes,


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