While Dems Push for Trump to Concede, Trump’s Lawyers Hold a Press Conference and “Unleash the Kraken”

Newsmax.com reports that

House Democrats are warning the head of the General Services Administration she may be breaking the law by not granting presumptive president-elect Joe Biden access to transition resources.

In a letter Thursday to GSA head Emily Murphy, the Democrats wrote that “we have been extremely patient, but we can wait no longer,” the Washington Times reported.

According to the Democrats’ letter, Murphy’s refusal to begin transition activities required by law is having “grave effects,” including “undermining the orderly transfer of power, impairing the incoming administration’s ability to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, hampering its ability to address our nation’s dire economic crisis, and endangering our national security.”

The letter is signed by the chairs of the House Oversight and Appropriations committees, and requests an immediate briefing with Murphy to help lawmakers decide whether to call her or other officials to testify at a public hearing.

Murphy has yet to certify Biden as the winner of the presidential election, stalling the process of officially launching the transition.

Despite trailing substantially in the projected national vote and Electoral College, President Donald Trump has refused to concede, saying he believes the election was swayed by fraud.

He’s testing his allegations in courts and demanding recounts.

Biden has been putting more pressure on Trump to concede as well: “It’s hard to fathom how this man thinks,” Biden said Thursday. “I’m confident he knows he hasn’t won and can’t win, and we’ll be sworn in on Jan. 20. It’s just outrageous what he’s doing.”

Of course, the Democrats want Trump to concede.

They know that they rigged the election.

In fact, the entire nation now knows the extent to which the Democrats went to in order to steal the Presidency, thanks to a powerful press conference held yesterday by Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis..

Here’s Rush Limbaugh to summarize it for you after carrying the press conference audio live on his radio program.

Sidney Powell just dropped bombs all over the place.

For instance, Trump votes were so overwhelming, the number of people who had voted for Trump that the rigged system, this Dominion system with the Smartmatic software melted down. It couldn’t handle, it couldn’t cheat fast enough, it could not overcome the number of legitimate Trump votes. This is why they had to stop everything overnight.

This is why they had to stop counting, they had to stop the process because they were losing space, losing time, losing the ability to catch up and stay even with the number of legitimate votes that were coming in for Trump. That’s what one of her references, the evidence is coming in like a fire hose.

,,,The Trump votes were so overwhelming, the rigged system melted down. They had to shut it down. Sidney Powell also said that Dominion executives are now MIA. Their offices are being abandoned and moved. Jenna Ellis hammered the fake news today when it was her turn at the microphone as well as I’ve ever heard anybody do it. Chastised them how none of them would qualify for a fair jury because of their bias. None of them would be certified by a judge to ever sit on a nonbiased jury so they don’t get to decide this case.

It’s gonna go to a trial and they’re gonna take their time, they’re gonna do it right because this is about the integrity of the American electoral system. It’s not just per se getting Donald Trump elected. It’s about the Constitution and the integrity of our system. So why are these executives from Dominion software and Smartmatic, why are they fleeing the jurisdiction? Why are they now MIA? Why aren’t they there defending what they did? They sold their machines to Democrats and voter registration places all over Pennsylvania, all over Michigan, all over Wisconsin.

Why aren’t they there standing up for their machines? Why aren’t they there defending their system? Why aren’t they there explaining? “No, you guys got us all wrong.” Why are their offices being abandoned? Why are people grabbing things from their offices and throwing them in the back of cars and splitting the parking lot, leaving the city? Dominion executives are now MIA. Their offices are being abandoned and moved. And Sidney Powell said that President Trump won this by a landslide and that they are gonna prove it.

So, once again, just like Spygate, this was a vast conspiracy run by the Democrats and their “sponsors”.

Only this time, they did not just try to damage Trump.


They attempted to take away our Constitutional Right to choose our President!

Now, do you understand why I posted that story concerning the Democrats first?

They are still trying to get away with it!

What the Democrats did will go down in history as the biggest political scandal in American History.

There are still Deep State Operatives within the Trump Administration which the President is going to have to find and fire, who probably played a part in this act of sedition, as well.

The perpetrators’ Trump Derangement Syndrome led them to plan and carry out this vile and treacherous action against both President Trump and the American Voting Public.

And now, the Washington Swamp Rats are scurrying all over the place, attempting to hide from the light of truth like roaches fleeing from a kitchen light being turned on.

Trump’s Legal Team is doing its job.

Do not believe what you hear from any of the Main Stream Media Talking Heads, including the Liberals at Fox News.

President Trump was right all along.

Mail-in Ballots helped the Democrats almost get by with the biggest Political Crime in the hsitory of America.

Now, it is time for this charade to end and for the people to know that their votes counted.

It is time for Donald J. Trump to be named the President of the United States of America again.

Until He Comes,


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