Bubba Wallace Calls NASCAR Fans “Simple-Minded”, Says That “You Do Not Give Yourself Enough Time…to Educate Yourself”



FoxNews.com reports that

Fox News contributor and Fox Nation host Lawrence Jones sat down with NASCAR’s Darrell ‘Bubba’ Wallace Jr. to talk about a series of controversies that have ensnared him, his sport, and the country since the police-involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Wallace, 26 years old and the only active Black driver in the NASCAR Cup Series, has been an outspoken figure in recent weeks. Following Floyd’s death, he painted his No. 43 car black and displayed the phrases “Black Lives Matter” and “Compassion, love and understanding.”

“People see the organization Black Lives Matter and they have their criticism of the organization,” said Jones, when they spoke on June 30 in a special episode of “One Nation with Lawrence Jones” on Fox Nation.

“But when you put Black Lives Matter on your car, what does it mean to you?” he asked.

“That Black lives matter, too,” said Wallace, “We just want to be treated equally, that’s what we’re fighting for.”

‘”Black lives matter just as much as White lives matter, just as much as Hispanic lives matter,” he continued, “We’re all equal. We were all made the same. We all bleed the same color. It hurts when we bleed.”

Wallace became the center of the attention himself after the FBI launched an investigation into a noose found hanging in a garage assigned to his team at Talladega Superspeedway in June.

The biggest names in NASCAR, including drivers and fans, rallied around Wallace in an emotional scene, which Wallace told Jones was very meaningful to him.

The FBI subsequently concluded that no federal crime had been committed after they determined that the noose had been there since at least 2019, and therefore it could not have been directed at Wallace.

In the aftermath of the investigation, Wallace received criticism from some, including President Trump, who suggested that Wallace should apologize to those who defended him against a potential hate crime.

This Fox Nation interview was recorded before President Trump wrote those remarks on Twitter.

Jones observed that Wallace quickly spoke out in defense of another NASCAR driver, Kyle Larson, who was overheard during a virtual racing event in April using the N-word.

“You immediately said [Larson] should be forgiven and there was still a place for them,” remarked Jones. “Do you feel like that same level of grace and forgiveness was extended to you?”

“By drivers — for sure. By the simple-minded fans — no,” said Wallace. “You’re never gonna get that from them.”

“They’ll always kind of carry that chip on their shoulder and do everything to knock you off your pedestal. So their job is to always deliver hate — immediately deliver hate before the facts are even given.”

In fact, Wallace said he has learned to generally disregard the opinions of so-called “simple-minded” fans.

“You don’t give yourself enough time to understand, to educate yourself,” said Wallace, describing the mindset of some of his detractors. “You quickly just jump to a conclusion.”

“People say the same about me, but I’m just doing what I was delivered facts on,” he continued, referencing the FBI investigation.

“The people that don’t want change, the ones that don’t see how removing Confederate flag creates so much more opportunities for our sport to grow — they don’t want our sport to grow,” he concluded.

You know, gentle readers, we should have seen this coming.

The destruction of NASCAR as Americans have known and enjoyed it is well underway, following the same path as the NFL…right down the ol’ porcelain receptacle.

If I could talk to Bubba Wallace, I would tell him,

“Bubba, it’s NEVER been about the color of your skin. A racecar does not recognize the color of its driver.

Fans were more than willing to support you.

Great black athletes throughout my 61 years of life, from Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, and Hank Aaron to Jim Brown, Walter Payton, and Paul Warfield have literally had millions of Americans of all races appreciating their skill and cheering them on in their chosen athletic profession.

The thing is, as fierce a competitor as Bob Gibson was, famous for “brushing back” hitters from the plate with one of his legendary fastballs thrown outside the strike zone, I do not ever remember as a lad hearing him call the fans “simple-minded”.

None of the other men that I mentioned did, either.

I imagine that your ego took a bit of a beating when the FBI came back with its finding that the rope which you identified as a “noose” was simply a rope.

However, that does not give you the right to insult Americans who saved and scrimped in order to attend NASCAR races.

And, as far as NASCAR Fans flying the Confederate Flag at NASCAR Races, they have that right as Americans.

Just as you have the right to drive a car bearing the name of an organization whose leadership have self-identified as being a Marxist political organization.

Yes, you have that right.

And, the Liberals who have taken over NASCAR have the right to attempt to ban Confederate Flags from a sport which originated in North Carolina and whose fans are mainly located in the Southern part of the United States of America.

And, just as happened with the NFL, the fans have the right not to attend NASCAR races and not to watch them on TV…and not to buy from those who advertise with NASCAR.

So, if you want to call NASCAR fans “simple-minded”, go right ahead.

However, considering the axiom that “actions have consequences”, you may want to look in the mirror before you call anyone else “simple-minded”.”

Liberals ruin everything.

Until He Comes,




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