House Voice Vote on Coronavirus Relief Bill to Happen This Morning…Finally


The Washington Post reports that

House leaders sought to expedite the emergency $2 trillion relief bill aimed at mitigating the financial havoc caused by the coronavirus pandemic amid uncertainty about whether a renegade lawmaker could delay sending the measure to President Trump.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) agreed to approve the measure with a voice vote Friday that would not require all 430 current members of the House to travel to the Capitol, given that two lawmakers have contracted the disease and others are self-quarantining due to exposure to confirmed carriers.

The leadership also is taking meticulous steps to change the protocol for debate and voting to ensure the safety of lawmakers.

But at least one lawmaker is considering upending the plans for swift passage. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) said Thursday that he opposed the bill, approved unanimously by the Senate on Wednesday, as it would add to the national debt. The libertarian lawmaker also is concerned that voting without a quorum present — the majority of the House chamber — would violate the Constitution. He said he has yet to decide whether to press the issue, which could delay a House vote until late Saturday or Sunday.

At the White House on Thursday, Trump acknowledged that one House member could slow the process.

“You might have one grandstander, and for that we’ll have to come back and take a little more time and it’ll pass, it’ll just take a little longer. But let’s see whether or not we have a grandstander,” Trump said.

The planned vote Friday will culminate nearly two weeks of often heated debate about how to structure a sweeping bill that is attempting to provide hospitals and the health industry the tools to arrest the escalating spread of the virus and to shore up an economy that has gone into a free fall.

The Labor Department reported Thursday that unemployment claims topped 3.3 million just last week in another blow to the economy.

The sprawling legislation would send checks to more than 150 million American households, set up enormous loan programs for businesses large and small, pump billions of dollars into unemployment insurance programs, greatly boost spending on hospitals and much more.

Is it just me or does it seem as if it has taken forever to get to this moment?

The delays caused by the grandstanding of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Far Left Democrats were insensitive to the needs of average Americans and just downright arrogant.

Between you and me, I’m thinking that they came around because their internal polling showed that the majority of Americans did not appreciate their politicizing the bill one little bit.

As President Trump has mentioned several times, average Americans have been hurt and hurt hard by this invisible enemy.

They certainly do not need to be hurt by those who have promised to work on their behalf.

The Democrats seemed to be oblivious as to the needs of Americans.

That is why I believe that they were given a reality check when their internal polling numbers came in.

Now I fully realize that there is still some pork left in this bill. However, there is hardly ever a “clean” bill passed in Congress.

And nowadays, considering that the Democrats are the majority in the House of Representatives, there HAD to be some concessions made in order to pass the Coronavirus Stimulus Relief Bill.

Once this gets passed, Congress will begin work on Phase 4 of the Coronavirus Stimulus Relief Bill.

That is when the Republicans will have to find their spines because as sure as I am sitting here in my man-cave in NW Mississippi, Pelosi, the Squad, Chuck U. Schumer, and the rest of the Far Left Democrats will load that bill with every special interest group payoff that they were not able to get in the Phase 3 bill and more.

For now, though, this average American is just thankful to our Creator (that’s for Joe Biden) that we have made it to this point.

We are going to be alright, America.


Until He Comes,



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