Trump Indicates to Laura Ingraham That He Will Invoke Executive Privilege to Keep Bolton and Others From Testifying in Senate Trial


Executive privilege is an implied power claimed by Presidents of the United States and other officials of the executive branch of government to withhold from Congress, the courts or individuals, information that has been requested or subpoenaed. Executive privilege is also invoked to prevent executive branch employees or officials from testifying in Congressional hearings. – reports that

President Trump indicated in an exclusive interview with Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” that he would use executive privilege to block former national security adviser John Bolton and other administration officials from testifying in his Senate impeachment trial if necessary.

The comments followed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announcing earlier in the day she will take steps to send impeachment articles to the Senate next week, paving the way for the start of a trial in a matter of days.

“I think you have to for the sake of the office,” Trump replied when asked by host Laura Ingraham if he would use executive privilege to stop testimony from Bolton, who said this week he would be willing to testify.

He then referenced several other officials, including acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and former Energy Secretary Rick Perry, saying he would like for them to testify but can’t allow it because of executive privilege concerns.

“I would love everybody to testify,” Trump said. “I’d like Mick to testify, I’d like Mike Pompeo to testify, I’d like Rick Perry to testify. I want everybody — but there are things that you can’t do from the standpoint of executive privilege.”

Trump added he also has “no problem” with Bolton testifying, but worries about what it means for “future presidents,” expressing concerns about forcing testimony from officials involved in national security matters.

“Especially, a national security adviser,” Trump said. “You can’t have him explaining all of your statements about national security concerning Russia, China, and North Korea – everything. We just can’t do that.”

At this point, such testimony remains hypothetical: while Bolton’s testimony has been sought by Democrats, the GOP majority in the Senate has not at this point agreed to call witnesses for the trial.

Trump also slammed Pelosi in response to her announcement, which came after she held off on transmitting the articles of impeachment for several weeks in a failed attempt to extract concessions from Republicans.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” Trump said. “She should have sent them a long time ago. It just belittles the process … Nancy Pelosi will go down as the least successful speaker of the House in the history of our nation. She has done nothing.”

President Trump can tell all of the Democrats in Congress who want John Bolton and others to testify in the Senate Trial to “talk to the hand”, just as Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress over the “Operation Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal.

The reason being, Trump, just like Obama, can invoke executive privilege.

According to the writer of an opinion piece in The Washington Post, Michael W. McConnell,

 For a president to assert the rights of his office, as almost every president has done, is neither blameworthy nor impeachable.

The Senate needs to go ahead and either dismiss the case or acquit President Trump. The House Democrats Have already made all of the average Americans between the coasts who elected Trump as President hopping mad.

Remember the Democrat’s first attempt as ousting President Trump?

Attorney General Barr and Asst. Director of the DOJ Rosenstein thoroughly reviewed the Mueller Report and determined that there was no collusion and no obstruction of justice.

However, that was not good enough for the Democrats.

Make no mistake about this, gentle readers, Pelosi and company are not asking for a “Fair Trial” in the Senate because they care about the cause of justice or the wellbeing of American Citizens.

They want to bring forth more witnesses because they’re about to be laughed out of the Senate.

Just as it was in the case of their support for Special Counsel Mueller and his team of Investigators comprised of 19 Democratic Donors, the Democrats want to obstruct, delay, and derail President Trump from his mission to fulfill the Campaign Promises which he made to Americans.

Also, just as I have been writing concerning the Mueller Investigation for the last two plus years, the REAL story remains the corruption of the Obama Administration. Specifically, all of the malfeasance of Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, including E-mailgate, the Clinton Foundation Pay-for-Pay Scandal, Uranium One, and the Benghazi Massacre.

When the Democrats in the House of Representatives perpetuated a false narrative through the arduous and interminable schedule of “Investigative Hearings” which they carried out in a secret room in the Capitol Basement with vengeful glee, they willingly participated in an exercise in futility which has done nothing but deepen the hole which they have already dug for themselves with average Americans even deeper.

As I have repeatedly warned, by concentrating their energies and the taxpayers’ time and money on their vendetta against the 45th President, instead of actually bringing up legislation that would help average Americans, they are not only going to lose their phony boloney jobs in Washington, they will once again (at least) be denied the Presidency, as well.

However, thinking about it, their hate for Trump and us “Deplorables” is all they have.

The President and the American Citizens who voted for him, stand in the way of their goal to bring Marxism in the form of “Democratic Socialism” to “The Shining City Upon a Hill”, subsequently turning America into a Third World Barrio.

Hopefully, the Far Left Democrats and their “New Bolsheviks” will eventually figure out that average Americans still do not want what they are offering.

If we did, we would be suffering under the thumb of President Hillary Clinton.

And, since there was NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION by President Trump or his Campaign Staff, it means that Americans were the ones who stopped Hillary Clinton from becoming President.

Perhaps the Democrats should stop their tantrum long enough to reflect on that for a while.

Until He Comes,


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