“Morning Joe’s” Donny Deutsch Claims Trump Will Start a Civil War if Not Reelected…TDS is Real!

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Just when you think that the Liberal Pundits on the Fake News Channels can not get more hyperbolic…

FoxNews.com reports that

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” regular Donny Deutsch declared Thursday that President Trump is capable of starting a civil war before warning, “I’m not speaking hyperbole.”

The morning show panel was discussing comments made by Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen, who on Wednesday said he’s worried that if the president doesn’t win re-election, there will not be a “peaceful transition of power.”

Deutsch seemed to agree with Cohen, but took the prediction to an extreme next level.

“When he thought he was going to lose, he was teeing it up for a few days. It’s easy to forget that now,” Deutsch said. “If impeachment starts to happen, even if he loses an election, whatever inner move you think this guy is capable of doing to create a civil war, he will [do]… I’m not speaking hyperbole.”

Deutsch said Cohen knows Trump “better than anybody” and urged viewers to take his comments seriously.

“I think we really have to pay attention to that,” Deutsch said.

MSNBC’s Willie Geist then asked, “Does anyone doubt that Donald Trump would do that, even if he loses a free and fair election… he’ll start talking about voter fraud?”

Deutsch responded that he isn’t talking about voter fraud, but something far more serious before reminding viewers that Cohen said Trump “won’t leave” the White House peacefully.

NewsBusters contributing writer Alex Christy blasted the far-left morning show for the segment that “outrageously” claimed Trump could start a civil war to remain in power.

“The cast of MSNBC’s Morning Joe like to view themselves as the defenders of truth and justice in an age when such ideals are supposedly under attack by President Trump. Any presidential hyperbole is condemned as a lie, while their own hyperbole is speaking truth to power,” Christy wrote. “Their irresponsibility and hypocrisy truly knows no bounds.”

This is quite a delicious bit of self-absorbed irony, isn’t it, gentle readers?

Donny Deutsch provides us with a textbook example of the blinding lack of self-awareness among the Far Left Liberal Elite of the Democratic Party.

They actually believe that everybody in America, including “Flyover  Country”, as they call us, have exactly the same Far Left anti-traditional American Faith and Values political ideology that they do.

They also believe that campaigning on killing babies after they are born, legalizing pot from coast to coast, allowing transgendered “athletes” to compete against their opposite God-given gender, and attempting to impeach President Trump will appeal to those of us working class Americans who stand outside arenas for hours to get in and see the President when he brings his MAGA Rally to our municipality.

What part of the fact that America has greatly improved economically under the presidency of Donald J. Trump, don’t they understand?

Do they actually believe that Americans want Open Borders?


Do they actually believe that a nation whose population in which 75% profess Jesus Christ as their Savior are cheering them standing up for abortion after birth?

All of them must be smoking all that dope which they want to legalize.


Average Americans did not elect Trump as President because he is perfect.

We elected him because he spoke TO us, not DOWN TO us, as Barack Hussein Obama and his chosen successor, Hillary Clinton, did.

And now, Little Donny, you’re worried about a “Civil War” breaking out if Trump is not reelected?

Judging from the field of candidates that your political party is offering up to battle to be their potential Presidential Candidate, the only way you guys are going to win in 2020, is if all of us “Deplorables” between the coasts keel over from laughing ourselves to death.

Oh, and if you “New Bolsheviks” ever get the idea to attempt a coup, since your first attempt is failing so miserably, just remember:

Average Americans still have our Bibles and guns.

You guys don’t even know which restroom to use.

Until He Comes,



One thought on ““Morning Joe’s” Donny Deutsch Claims Trump Will Start a Civil War if Not Reelected…TDS is Real!

  1. themama1836

    Well, he does have one point correct: If it ever comes down to the liberals trying to forcibly take away the guns from conservatives, a civil war is sure to ensue. Otherwise, he’s a libtard just like the rest of them!


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