Ocasio-Cortez Threatens to Subpoena Trump, Jr. Over Meme…No, I’m Serious


FoxNews.com reports that

Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fired back at Donald Trump Jr. on Friday after he shared a meme targeting her on Instagram.

The post shared on Thursday by Trump Jr. showed a split image of Ocasio-Cortez and his father, President Trump.

Below her photo was the caption, “Why are you so afraid of a socialist economy?” And next to Trump’s was, “Because Americans want to walk their dogs, not eat them.”

Captioning the meme, Trump Jr. wrote: “It’s funny cuz it’s true!!!”

The incoming lawmaker took to Twitter in response, egging on the president’s son, claiming that he makes comments about her when there are developments in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

“I have noticed that Junior here has a habit of posting nonsense about me whenever the Mueller investigation heats up,” she tweeted. “Please, keep it coming Jr – it’s definitely a ‘very, very large brain’ idea to troll a member of a body that will have subpoena power in a month. Have fun!”

She later reminded people on Twitter that she individually can’t subpoena someone.

“For the GOP crying that this is a ‘threat’ – I don’t have power to subpoena anybody. Congress as a body, GOP included, has the power,” she tweeted. “No indiv. member can issue a subpoena unless they are a Chair (which, as a freshman, I can assure you I will not be). Also must be under purview.”

Ocasio-Cortez has often criticized President Trump and his administration. As recently as Monday, she condemned the White House’s immigration policies, tweeting that the administration “has been criminal from the start.”

Somebody must have whispered in that imbecile’s ear that she let her mask drop.

Ocasio-Cortez has become the biggest joke on the American Political scene since Jimmy Carter and Barney Franks.

Memes like Trump, Jr. zapped her with are all over Facebook and political website.

There has not been a public stereotype for dumb young women like her since Goldie Hawn danced in a bikini on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In.

The only feature Ocasio-Cortez lacks to complete the stereotype is blond hair.

However, that’s really not necessary. All she has to do is open her mouth.

When she “opened her mouth” on Twitter, she revealed herself to be completely under the spell of the soulless, power-hungry political ideology known as Marxism.

Today’s Modern Liberals like Ocasio-Cortez are all marching in lockstep and about to fall off the Far Left end of the Political Spectrum in their zeal to implement “Socialism” as the governmental philosophy of the United States of America.

This new breed of Democrats are worshipping at the altar of the Founders of the Russian Revolution instead of the Founders of our Sovereign Nation.

Just like Barack Hussein Obama (mm mmm mmmm), these students of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky believe that there is no such thing as individual success. Furthermore, they do not believe in America Exceptionalism.

They want those who have succeeded to be punished for it.

Hence, Ocasio-Cortez’s continuous attacks on the Trumps.

These Democrats desire to be a “New Politburo”, taking from the rich and giving to…themselves, all to increase to power of “The State” and the size of their personal back accounts.

For you see, gentle readers, Marxist Theory is just that…a theory.

Man is a fallen creature whose greed always gets in the way of realizing a “Socialist Paradise”, like these new Democratic politicians promised during their Midterm Election Campaigns.

Oh, sure. They have big dreams, which sound pure and noble to the young heads full of mush who are fresh out of 12-16 years of indoctrination in America’s Public Schools and universities as to how great a “Democratic Socialist” America would be.

However, the reason that theories remain theories is that when they are attempted out in the Real World, instead of a classroom, they fail spectacularly.

For proof of what I are telling you, please refer to the 8-year economic nightmare known as the Obama Presidency.

Lady Margaret Thatcher famously quipped that

“The problem with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

I am afraid that this new House of Representatives which America’s low information voters have stuck us with will do just that…try to “run out of our money”.

Luckily, they don’t control the Senate.

So, unless the Republicans in the Senate cave, Congress will be at a stalemate for two years.

And, with members like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, that is probably a very good thing.

Until He Comes,


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