A House Divided: Infrastructure and “Build Back Better” Bills Blown to Bits Due to “Civil War” Among House Democrats


On a Sunday, in October of 2008, outside of Toledo, Ohio, Democratic Presidential Nominee Obama met a plumber named Joe Wurzelbacher. Joe, who owned his own plumbing company, dared to ask Obama about his proposed tax hikes. In fact, he told Obama that he did not want to pay higher taxes, he was already paying enough. Obama told him,

Now, I respect the disagreement. I just want you to be clear – it’s not that I want to punish your success – I just want to make sure that everybody who is behind you – that they’ve got a chance at success too.”

…I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.

Evidently, the “fairness” Obama sought was only the prelude to what we are witnessing under the Presidential Administration of poor ol’ demented Joe Biden.

And, so, in the name of “Social Justice”, the Far Left  Democratic Members of the House of Representatives are on a quest to replace the Engine of Capitalism which built this nation into a World Power with “Democratic Socialism”, a form of Marxism, a THEORY which has failed in every country in which it has been tried.

Case in point:

FoxNews.com reports that

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi drew up the white flag Friday evening, admitting that “more time is needed” to pass a $1 trillion infrastructure bill that is one of the pillars of President Biden’s agenda, after previously vowing to pass the measure this week.

While Pelosi had promised moderate House Democrats the infrastructure bill would be on the floor, progressives threatened to sink it unless it was coupled with a $3.5 trillion spending measure, known as the Build Back Better Act, that includes a variety of social welfare programs.

Republicans are united against the larger bill, and Senate Democratic moderates Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona refused to support $3.5 trillion in new spending, meaning the bill could not pass the Senate. So it was no use for Pelosi to pass it in the House. And she was forced to cave on the infrastructure bill because progressives insisted the other measure be must be considered by the House too or they’d vote against the infrastructure bill.

The White House sought desperately all week to strike a deal with Manchin and Sinema on the Build Back Better bill, but without success.

‘While great progress has been made in the negotiations to develop a House, Senate and White House agreement on the Build Back Better Act, more time is needed to complete the task,” Pelosi wrote in Dear Colleague letter. “Our priority to create jobs in the health care, family and climate agendas is a shared value. Our Chairs are still working for clarity and consensus. Clearly, the Bipartisan Infrastructure bill will pass once we have agreement on the reconciliation bill.”

Pelosi had said the infrastructure bill would pass. She initially indicated she would put it to a vote Thursday night, but she did not. Then she said it would be voted on Friday, but she was forced to reverse course again.

Following a meeting between President Biden and the Democratic caucus Friday, it was unclear when the House would revisit the measure again.

Well…well…it looks like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have the power to push bills through the House that she used to have.

Evidently. the group of “Democratic Socialists” who believe differently from Speaker Pelosi and the “Moderately-crazy” House Democrats who support AOC and the rest of the “Squad” may be bigger and more loyal than she thought

Make no mistake, the Marxist “Social Justice Warrior” wing of the Democratic Party is not willing to let go their pipe dream of turning our Constitutional Republic into a Democratic Socialist Paradise.

If the Democratic Leadership allows the Marxist Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) like Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez, and Omar to continue to control of the House of Representatives and their political party while embracing Radical Islam, anti-Semitism, and Marxism, while taking away both the hard-earned wages and the freedom of American Citizens, they not only will lose horribly and be thrown out of power in both the House and Senate in the Midterm Elections in 2022, but they will be positively embarrassed in the Presidential Election in 2024.

And then, America will have the opportunity to be truly GREAT again.

Until He Comes,




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Marching Toward Marxism: Pelosi Names AOC to New House Select Committee on Economic Disparity and Fairness in Growth

See the source image

FoxNews.com reports that

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tapped progressive firebrand Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for a new House committee she formed to address wealth inequality in America.

Pelosi, D-Calif., on Thursday praised the New York Democrat’s commitment to “addressing generational disparities” and “increasing worker power” in naming her to the new Select Committee on Economic Disparity and Fairness in Growth.

Rep. Jim Himes, D-Conn., will chair the panel designed to tackle the gap between America’s top CEOs and worker pay, with Pelosi calling the widening chasm a “historic picture of injustice.”

The committee is charged with studying and recommending proposals for making the economy fairer and ensuring more Americans have opportunities.

Ocasio-Cortez, the author of the Green New Deal and the federal jobs guarantee, praised the job of the committee Wednesday, saying “this is an extremely important moment.”

She highlighted her work on the Financial Services Committee and said she hopes the new committee will examine traditional assumptions about the economy.

“One of the things that would be interesting for us to examine is that we should probably revisit some of the basic macroeconomic assumptions about the U.S. economy and not take for granted that inflation is due to one thing or another, or that full employment is impossible in the United States of America,” Ocasio-Cortez said at a news event for the new committee, adding that she wants to ensure that “every American has a dignified job.”

Aside from Ocasio-Cortez and Himes, the other Democrats Pelosi appointed to the committee are Reps. Marcy Kaptur of Ohio, Gwen Moore of Wisconsin, Vicente Gonzalez of Texas, Pramila Jayapal of Washington, Angie Craig of Minnesota and Sara Jacobs of California.

“wealth inequality”?

Are we still in America?

Gentle reader, if you doubted me before when I have told you that the Democrats are fully embracing Marxism, doubt no longer.

Why is this happening? How did we get here?

Back in the 60s, President Lyndon Johnson (whose big hand I once shook, at his ranch, as a little boy, after his presidential term) and the Democrats, brought forth a plan, called “the Great Society”. It was decided, in order to ensure that everyone would have an equal opportunity in America, that Uncle Sugar would step in to fill in the gaps.

Two seminal pieces of legislation were passed.

First, the Civil Rights Bill that JFK promised to sign, before his assassination, was passed into law. This Act banned discrimination based on race and gender in employment and ending segregation in all public facilities.

It also helped to cement in stone, American Minorities’ loyalty to the Democratic Party, which continues to this day.

The second bill that LBJ signed into law was the sweeping ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY ACT OF 1964. It created the Office of Economic Opportunity whose stated purpose was to attack the roots of American poverty. A Job Corps was then established to provide vocational training.

A preschool program designed to help disadvantaged students arrive at kindergarten ready to learn, named HEADSTART, was then established. Then came VOLUNTEERS IN SERVICE TO AMERICA (VISTA), which was set up as a domestic Peace Corps. Schools in impoverished American regions would now receive volunteer teaching attention. Federal funds were sent to struggling communities to attack unemployment and illiteracy.

What Johnson told Americans, as he campaigned in 1964, was that the establishment of this “Great Society” was going to eliminate the problems of America’s poor.

It had the opposite effect.

The Great Society created a dependent class, which, instead of diminishing as it’s members joined the workforce, increased from generation to generation, relying on the federal government to provide their every need.

Uncle Sugar became Mother, Father, Preacher, and Doctor to generations of Americans. This “plantation mentality” continues to this day.

Instead of moving forward, by exercising the self-reliance that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. preached so well, the people I saw, while working in a State Employment Office, were content on being “taken care of” by Uncle Sugar, as if being held down by their own poor, miserable circumstance, was a good thing.

Since August of 2014, the results of LBJ’s “Great Society” have been the lead story in seemingly, every television newscast, on every newspaper front page, and on every internet news/political website.

But, I digress…

On a Sunday, in October of 2008, outside of Toledo, Ohio, Democratic Presidential Nominee Obama met a plumber named Joe Wurzelbacher. Joe, who owned his own plumbing company, dared to ask Obama about his proposed tax hikes. In fact, he told Obama that he did not want to pay higher taxes, he was already paying enough. Obama told him,

Now, I respect the disagreement. I just want you to be clear – it’s not that I want to punish your success – I just want to make sure that everybody who is behind you – that they’ve got a chance at success too.”

…I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.

Evidently, the “fairness” Obama sought was only the prelude to what we are witnessing under the Presidential Administration of poor ol’ demented Joe Biden.

And, so, in the name of “Social Justice”, “the Far Left  DEmocratic Members of the House of Representatives are on a quest to replace the Engine of Capitalism which built this nation into a World Power with “Democratic Socialism”, a form of Marxism, a THEORY which has failed in every country in which it has been tried.

No Individual Achievement allowed.

No American Exceptionalism to ever be spoken off.

No individuality allowed in the Proletariat.

Welcome to the USSA, “komrades!”

Until He Comes,




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AOC and 34 Other House Democrats Want ICE to Stop Deporting Gang Members

See the source image

Just as Vladimir Lenin used the Bolsheviks to overthrow the Russian Government, so the Far Left or “Justice Democrats” are quite willing to use gangs who have arrived here illegally for their own purposes.

FoxNews.com reports that

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., led a group of her House Democratic colleagues in a letter to federal immigration officials demanding an overhaul of immigration policies and objecting to gang members in the country illegally being targeted for deportation.

Ocasio-Cortez and 34 of her Democratic colleagues sent a letter to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) director Tae Johnson, calling on them to change immigration policies that rely on the US’s “discriminatory legal system.”

The lawmakers claim an interim enforcement memo issued by ICE “does not adequately protect the liberty interests of asylum seekers” and presumes an illegal migrant — including those convicted of aggravated felonies —to be a “border security and enforcement and removal priority.”

“This blanket presumption will effectively mean detaining an untold number of people who have fled persecution,” the lawmakers wrote.

Additionally, the letter claims the “definition of an aggravated felony” is a “relic of the racist War on Drugs” and that the “category has been interpreted to include many state drug misdemeanors.”

“‘Aggravated felonies’ as a category have been designed to ensure that people have as few rights as possible to fight detention and deportation,” Ocasio-Cortez and her colleagues wrote.

“Moreover, we are concerned that the memorandum only requires ICE officers have a ‘good faith belief’ that someone has an aggravated felony conviction even while acknowledging that such a determination is ‘a complex question,’” they continued.

The lawmakers also claimed the memo “invites racial profiling” by making a migrant who has been convicted of actively or intentionally participating in gang activity a “public safety enforcement and removal priority.”

They claimed that leaving ICE agents to determine whether someone has been convicted of being involved in gang activity or an aggravated felony “should not be left to an officer’s discretion or ‘good faith belief.’”

“It is well documented that law enforcement’s practices of labelling people as gang-involved is often faulty, based on arbitrary and racist factors, and not subject to due process,” the lawmakers claimed.

“We are in a moment of racial reckoning in this country, with communities across the country calling for an end to mass incarceration and racist policing,” the group continued. “It is time to end the carceral approach to immigration, which relies on these same flawed systems.”

The letter was signed by multiple progressive lawmakers, including “Squad” members Reps. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., and Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y.

Additionally, Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., signed onto the letter after Justice Democrats — a group linked to Ocasio-Cortez — backed far-left candidate Rana Abdelhamid in a primary attempt.

DHS did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

Yeah. Leave those poor widdle gang members alone.

They dindu nuffin.


So, just what is this “Justice Democrats” Group all about?

According to their website,

Justice Democrats is recruiting and supporting progressive Democrats all over the country, starting with Congress. We’re working to transform the Democratic Party while building independent power. We do this by running primary challengers against out-of-touch Democratic incumbents and organizing to hold the party accountable to our issues.

So, who is the “Money Man” behind the Justice Democrats”?

I will give you three guesses and the first tow don’t count.

Per MikeHuckabee.com,

“Members linked to Soros-funded digital media asked Ocasio-Cortez to run for office,” the report states, “which guarantees she would get favorable news coverage by a media network that reaches almost 300 million people monthly.” Well, we know it was Justice Democrats that recruited her to run for office, so this suggests a strong connection.

The report goes on to confirm that connection, saying that “one member of the Soros-funded media, Cenk Uygur, also founded one of the two political groups responsible for asking Ocasio-Cortez to run, Justice Democrats, whose goal is to get Sanders-like politicians elected to Congress.” Sanders, as in socialist. (Our understanding is that Uygur is no longer officially with JD, due to some #MeToo issues regarding his treatment of women in the workplace.)

The DCNF story also links favorable news coverage by “Soros-linked digital media” to AOC’s win in the Democratic primary, which, of course, meant an automatic win in the heavily Democratic district. The other organization mentioned in this report, Brand New Congress, had essentially the same people involved.

According to the Media Research Center, “[George] Soros funds nearly every major left-wing media source in the United States. Forty-five of those are financed through his support of the Media Consortium…The list is predictable — everything from Alternet to the Young Turks.” The Young Turks is Cenk Uygur’s YouTube channel, so that must be the “Soros-linked digital media” mentioned by DCNF.

So, there you go. Is George Soros involved? OF COURSE he is!

When the Caravans from The Triangle Area started heading to “el Norte” during the Trump Presidency, I wrote an article describing how Soros was one of the funders of that little enterprise.

I am certain that he is still funding it.

So, adding 1 + 1 together, if Soros is involved with Justice Democrats-supported push to allow the Mexican and South American Gangs to run rampant in out Sovereign Nation from the time they leave their home countries to the time they illegally enter America…shouldn’t he be held responsible for the damage that he is doing to our country?

Oh, wait.

There I go thinking logically again.

I forgot

We are experiencing the third Presidential Term of Barack Hussein Obama.

Anything foes.

Welcome to the jungle.

Until He Comes,





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Dems Upset That NYPD Union Endorses Trump…Actions Have Consequences

NYPD de Blasio

De Blasio, AOC, and their fellow Democrats are so corrupt and power-hungry, that they are sacrificing the safety of New Yorkers in order to cause chaos and unrest by defunding and demeaning the NYPD and other police departments across the country, moves which they hope will provide them leverage in order to win the Presidency and to usher in Democratic Socialism.

Guess what? The police are fighting back.

FoxNews.com reports that

The New York Police Department (NYPD) union faced blowback from local Democrats after it endorsed President Trump’s reelection amid budget cuts and tensions between police and city lawmakers.

On Friday night, Trump spoke to members of the New York City Police Benevolent Association (PBA), an organization that represents 24,000 officers, at his golf club in Bedminster, N.J. Trump was formally endorsed by the group.

PBA President Pat Lynch said it was the first time he could recall the group ever endorsing a president.

“I have 36 years on this job, 21 as the president of this fine organization. I cannot remember when we’ve ever endorsed for Office of the President of the United States, until now. That’s how important this is,” Lynch said.

“Many times people say that a union like ours, law enforcement groups, give endorsements. Not in the New York City PBA, sir,” Lynch continued. “In the New York City PBA, Mr. President, you earn the endorsement and you’ve earned this endorsement. I’m proud to give it.”

“I’ve admired you my whole life, watched you do a job like nobody else, nobody else done it. Best of the best and I’m grateful happy you’re here,” the president said to the group of officers in attendance.

He mentioned his brother, Robert, who he visited in a New York City hospital Friday. “He’s having a hard time, but he respected you like I respect you.”

He again repeated his law-and-order message, telling the crowd “No one will be safe in Biden’s America.”

“This guy has been taking your dignity away and your respect,” Trump said of former Vice President Joe Biden. “And I’m telling you on Nov. 3 you’re going to be getting it back.”

New York Democrats said the police union’s endorsement of such a highly unpopular politician within the city was exacerbating tensions between them and the community.

“NYPD union endorsed Trump. I’m sure this is part of their neighborhood outreach plan,” tweeted Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose district spans the Bronx and Queens.

“Also, does anyone else see a potential problem with police unions – enforcement arms of the state with lethal weapons – promoting “preferred” candidates for office or is that just me?” she added.

“I’m speechless. NYC is a beautifully diverse, working class, democratic city. The NYPD is clearly showing they are not interested in working with the people of our city,” tweeted Jamaal Bowman, a progressive newcomer who overthrew longtime Rep. Elliot Engel in a June primary.

“This explains their continued aggression against innocent people. It’s time for dramatic change,” he said.

New York City cops have faced a campaign against them in the wake of police brutality protests following the death of George Floyd.

As New York politicians cut $1 billion from the police budget among other police reforms, crime has spiked throughout the city. In July 2020, there were 244 shootings in New York, a 177 percent increase from the 88 which occurred last July.

Crimes such as murder, burglary and grand larceny auto also rose, but crimes such as rape, robbery and assault fell.

Meanwhile, Mayor Bill de Blasio and the city council recently barred officers from using chokeholds and other forms of restraint to detain suspects.

At the same time, state lawmakers passed a law to publicly disclose the disciplinary records of police officers accused of misconduct.

On July 31, Lynch met with the president at the White House to discuss the crime problem.

“In our city, we’re going through a difficult time. We have a progressive mayor that’s anti-police; the city council that’s anti-police; and the statehouse is anti-police. So they’re changing the law where it’s becoming impossible to do our job,” Lynch told the president, as reported by the New York Post.

“And remember what our job is: to keep folks safe. You do that by helping the good people, going after the bad people. They’re stopping us from doing that.”

Now, let me get this straight.

The local Democrat politicians, including Commie Mayor Bill de Blasio treat the NYPD like THEY are the thugs, defunding and treating them like garbage, and then the Dems have the nerve to act surprised when they endorse President Trump?

Their arrogance knows no bounds.

the Far Left Democratsz, his handlers have made a huge mistake by not “Backing the Blue”.

The overwhelming majority of American citizens support the police and sheriff’s departments within their municipalities and counties.

These same Americans, living between the coasts, are the ones Hillary Clinton referred to as “Deplorables”.

And, these are the Americans who elected Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America.

Average Americans are very aware as to what the Democrats are doing by championing the “Defund the Police” movement….they are pandering to special interest groups while clearing another obstacle in their path to radically changing America into a Marxist nation.

There is nothing at all altruistic in the Democrats attempting to defund the police.

If you will notice, Democrat politicians, both local and national, either live in a gated community or hire private security for themselves.

They are not shy about protecting themselves.

They don’t care about average Americans, though.

Back in July, the National Association of Police Organizations endorsed President Trump for reelection

Their bowing down to the Radical Left has now cost Joe Biden and the Democrat Party the support of those who keep us safe.

The Great American Broadcaster, the late Paul Harvey, was the son of a policeman who died in the line of duty. He wrote the following tribute for one of his daily updates…

“What is a policeman?

“A policeman is a composite of what all men are, I guess, a mingling of saint and sinner, dust and deity. What that really means is that they are exceptional, they are unusual. They are not commonplace. Buried under the froth is the fact, the fact is that less than one half of one percent of policeman misfit that uniform, and that is a better average than you’d find among clergymen.

“He of all men is at once the most needed, and the most wanted, a strangely nameless creature who is sir to his face and pig or worse behind his back. He must be such a diplomat that he can settle differences between individuals so that each will think he won, but, if a policeman is neat, he’s conceited, if he’s careless he’s a bum, if he’s pleasant, he’s a flirt, if he’s not, he’s a grouch.

“He must make instant decisions that would require months for a lawyer but if he hurries he’s careless, if he’s deliberate, he’s lazy. He must be first to an accident, infallible with diagnoses. He must be able to start breathing, stop bleeding, tie splints and above all, be sure the victim goes home without a limp.

“The police officer must know every gun, draw on the run and hit where it doesn’t hurt.

“He must be able to whip two men twice his size and half his age without damaging his uniform, and without being brutal. If you hit him he’s a coward, if he hits you, he’s a bully. The policeman from a single human hair must be able to describe the crime, the weapon the criminal, and tell you where the criminal is hiding but, if he catches the criminal he’s lucky, if he doesn’t he’s a dunce.

“He runs files and writes reports until his eyes ache to build a case against some felon who will get dealt out by some shameless shamus. The policeman must be a minister, a social worker, a diplomat, a tough guy, and a gentle man. And of course, he’ll have to be a genius, because he’ll have to feed a family on a policeman’s salary.”

The Democrats are a bunch of ungrateful arrogant fools.

Back the Blue.

Until He Comes,


AOC Says NYC Crime Surge Because Unemployed “Need to Shoplift Some Bread or Go Hungry”…Yes, Really

Committee on Oversight and Reform Contempt Markup

FoxNews.com reports that

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggested over the weekend that the crime surge in New York City is likely because struggling residents are forced to shoplift in order to “feed their child.”

In a virtual town hall meeting she hosted Thursday, some clips of which were shared by The Hill, the 30-year-old Democratic congresswoman was asked about the troubling uptick in violent crimes overtaking the city.

“Do we think this has to do with the fact that there’s record unemployment in the United States right now?” she responded. “The fact that people are at a level of economic desperation that we have not seen since the Great Recession?”

“Maybe this has to do with the fact that people aren’t paying their rent and are scared to pay their rent and so they go out, and they need to feed their child and they don’t have money,” Ocasio-Cortez continued, “so they feel like they either need to shoplift some bread or go hungry.”

The New York Police Department (NYPD) has reported a staggering increase in shootings and violent crimes in recent weeks, as officials warn there’s “a storm on the horizon” amid calls for changes.

On Saturday, the New York Post reported 15 shootings in 15 hours, just one week after the city saw a bloody July Fourth weekend with 44 shootings and at least eight killed.

The congresswoman and vocal supporter of the “defund police” movement insisted, however, that the crime spike is unrelated to the $1 billion NYPD budget cuts announced by Mayor Bill de Blasio, which have not yet taken effect, she claimed.

The New York Democrat recently spoke out against the budget cuts, arguing that they don’t go far enough to entirely defund the department, and accused de Blasio of using “budget tricks” and “funny math” in the calculation.

When asked later to comment on the issue, the congresswoman told viewers: “When people ask me ‘What does a world where we defund the police look like?’, I tell them it looks like a suburb.”

Oh, Dear Lord.

This woman is completely oblivious to her own stupidity.

New York City is experiencing an crime surge because Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio, the city council, and Far Left Democrats like AOC are encouraging criminals to break the law.

Does AOC really believe that if New York City had no police  presence at all it would look like a “suburb”?

Does she actually believe that it is the “poor unemployed” stealing food to avoid going hungry that is the cause of the uptick in crime?

The weekly amount given to Unemployment Recipients in New York City is $405 per week.

As part of the Coronavirus Stimulus Package, unemployed Americans have been receiving an extra $600 per week on top of their regular unemployment check.

That means that unemployed New Yorkers have been making $4,020 per month!

That much money will allow you to pay your rent and feed your family…even in New York City.

So no, Congresswoman…the uptick in crime in the Big Apple is not due to hungry citizens.

It is due to the lack of policemen and policewomen patrolling the city due to you and your fellow Democrat’s putting the city in danger for the sake of political expediency.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that you and your fellow Democrats are so corrupt and power-hungry, that you are sacrificing the safety of Americans in order to cause chaos and unrest, which you hope to leverage in order to win the Presidency and to usher in Democratic Socialism.

Then, all of you will make yourselves appear to be benevolent and then, just like the Soviet Politboro, you will line your pockets on the hard work of the Proletariat (average Americans).

However, because you political vultures all live in a bubble, you have made a huge mistake.

You have no idea how average Americans feel about your stupid “Defund The Police” conspiracy.

You also believe the 2020 Presidential Election Polls.

That’s fine. Keep on overestimating your own intelligence and underestimating average Americans.

By the way, how is President Hillary Clinton doing these days?

Until He Comes,


The Dream Team? Bloomberg and Clinton Floated as Running Mates, Will Bernie Get Dumped…Again?

90 (9)

Y’know, I was trying to find a good tweet about this subject…but most of them were unrepeatable.

FoxNews.com reports that

Billionaire Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign on Saturday downplayed a report that he is considering 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as his pick for vice president.

The Drudge Report, citing a source close to Bloomberg’s campaign, reported that Clinton was under consideration after internal polling found that a Bloomberg-Clinton ticket would be a “formidable force.”

The conservative news aggregator, which came to prominence in the 90s for first reporting the Monica Lewinsky scandal, reported that Bloomberg would consider changing his residence to a home he owns in Colorado or Florida, “since the electoral college makes it hard for a POTUS and VPOTUS from the same state.”

But the Bloomberg campaign quickly tamped down that report but fell short of denying it outright.

“We are focused on the primary and the debate, not VP speculation,” Bloomberg communication director Jason Schechter said in a statement.

A source familiar with Clinton’s thinking said the former Secretary of State hasn’t closed the door on politics and would seriously consider joining a VP ticket.

“She wants back in,” the source told Fox News.

The spotlight has increased on Bloomberg in recent days as he has shifted up the polls. He entered the race late — and is skipping the Iowa caucuses, New Hampshire primary, Nevada caucuses, and South Carolina primary — the four early voting states that kick off the nominating calendar in order to focus on the Super Tuesday states in March.

The RealClearPolitics average of national polls currently has him in third place behind Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and former Vice President Joe Biden.

There has been considerable speculation about Clinton’s political future, and she said last year she was under “enormous pressure” to run again. But recently on “The Ellen Show”, she poured cold water on speculation she could be on the ticket again in November as VP.

“Well that’s not going to happen, but no, probably no,” she said.

Still though, someone picked today to float it as a possibility.

There has been conjecture that Bloomberg will enter the Democratic Primary officially before Super Tuesday, riding on the nationwide ad campaign which is responsible for a gazillion of television ads saturating every sort of television programming that you can think of from sea to shining sea.

There is also the theory being floated around, even before the news of Hillary possibly being his VP, that Bloomberg would be “parachuted” in by the Democratic Moderate Elite in order to “save” the party from losing the Presidential Election in a political massacre by being stuck with the old Communist Bernie Sanders as their Candidate.

There is one major obstacle standing between these rumors and conjecture becoming a reality: AOC, her “Squad”, and the rest of the Far Left Democrats and their army of “Wokesheviks”.

Bernie represents the very failed political ideology that they all want to replace our Constitutional Republic with.

And, they actually, albeit erroneously, believe that the majority of Americans feel the same way that they do.

Fellow Deplorables, can you imagine a Democratic ticket of Bernie Sanders and Georgia’s Stacey Abrams?

Or Mini Mike and the Queen of Mean?

Either way the Democrats might go, the memes would flood Facebook.

However, whoever emerges from the Democratic National Convention as their Presidential Candidate and his Vice-Presidential pick, they will not win.

The Democrats have no Political Platform except one built on Trump Derangement Syndrome and contempt for average Americans and our Traditional Faith and Values.

And, that just won’t fly out here in Realityville.

Until He Comes,




WaPo, AOC, and the Rest of the Democrat Elite Clutch Their Pearls, Seemingly Mourning Radical Islamist Mass Murderer Soleimani


FoxNews.com reports that

The Washington Post raised eyebrows on Friday after it apparently suggested that only Republicans consider deceased Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani to be a “war criminal.”

“As Republicans praised President Trump for a decisive blow against a man they consider a war criminal, Democrats expressed concern that the killing could be a dangerous step toward war,” the Post tweeted.

The tweet sparked quite the reaction on social media.

“He was the leader of a terrorist organization you idiots. No one ‘considers’ him a war criminal. HE IS ONE,” political strategist Caleb Hull said in response.

“So only Republicans consider the guy who ordered the killing of 600 American soldiers, and the slaughter of thousands of men, women, children in Syria and across the globe a war criminal?” the Reagan Battalion asked.

“I think we can safely say that he most definitely is a war criminal,” one Twitter user said.

“I think most people considered him a war criminal, not just Republicans,” another similarly stated.

“Whoever writes the Wapo social media must be hellbent on destroying their credibility,” a third wrote.

Soleimani was the long-running leader of the elite intelligence wing of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Quds Force, which the U.S. designated a terror group in 2007 and is estimated to be 20,000 strong. Considered one of the most powerful men in Iran, he was routinely referred to as the “shadow commander” or “spymaster.”

The Post also received backlashon Thursday for referring to Soleimani as Iran’s “most revered military leader” in its breaking news headline.

Yesterday, Democrats ranging from those taking up space on Capitol Hill to the Trolls expectorating all over President Trump’s Twitter Feed, were sounding off as if the President had murdered their closest friend.

It was sickening to see Americans run to the defense of a vile, evil man like General Soleimani.

Those Iraqis who were dancing in the streets over the death of the murdering Radical Islamist would have disagreed vehemently with the idiot at WAPO who had written such trash.

Speaking of Democrats taking up space on Capitol Hill…

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., blasted President Trump’s decision to strike one of Iran’s top military commanders, arguing that doing so risked war and the loss of millions of lives.

“Last night the President engaged in what is widely being recognized as an act of war against Iran, one that now risks the lives of millions of innocent people,” she tweeted on Friday.

…Ocasio-Cortez pressed Congress to take action. “Now is the moment to prevent war & protect innocent people – the question for many is how, publicly & Congressionally,” she said.

She called on Congress to fulfill a “moral and legal obligation” to prevent war. “Congress now has a moral and legal obligation to reassert its power to stop this war and protect innocent people from horrific consequences,” she said.

The New York congresswoman proposed that her colleagues vote on the War Powers Resolution, the Vietnam War-era legislation that requires the president to get Congressional approval before keeping troops in conflict for a set period of time. The law has been routinely flouted by previous administrations.

She also promoted a resolution that would block money from flowing to offensive action against Iran. “This amendment passed the House w/ bipartisan support not long ago, and was later gutted in negotiations. We can bring it back as a standalone bill,” she said.

Americans should ignore the “cheerleaders of war” and warned against “gaslighting,” Ocasio-Cortez argued.

“Right now is the moment to decide if you are pro-peace or not,” she tweeted. “The cheerleaders of war, removed from its true cost, will gladly convince you that up is down – just as they did in Iraq in ‘03. But war does not establish peace. War does not create security. War endangers us all.”

I swear, that chick is so dumb she believes that the St. Louis Cardinals were elected by the Pope.

The Democrats have become just as big a threat to America’s Sovereignty and Freedom as Iran has.

While Iran has promised to end us through violence, the Democrats have been attempting for quite a while to destroy us through “Radical Change”, trying to turn this Constitutional Republic into a Democratic Socialist Marist country, in which our direction would be ruled by the most densely-populated areas on the East and West Coasts, thereby disenfranchising and “shutting up” those of us who live in American’s Heartland.

The Democrats’ hatred for President Trump and those Americans who voted him into office is the reason that they have become vocal, if not physical bedfellows with the Radical Islamic Roque State of Iran.

The same seditious treason which led to Spygate and the House Impeachment Vote of President Trump has, quite literally, turned the Far Left Democrats into enemies of America.

In the days of our Founding Fathers, they would have been branded as traitors and dealt with according to the methods of the time.

Nowadays, we can let them know what we think of them on Social Media and at the Ballot Box in November 2020.

And, that will have to suffice.

What a bunch of lowlifes.

Until He Comes,


Pelosi Warns of “Whole New Stage of Investigation” After AOC Slams Dem Leadership Over Failure to Impeach Trump


FoxNews.com reports that

Just hours after Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., said her party’s failure so far to impeach President Trump amounted to a major “national scandal,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared to relent on Sunday — and warn that a “whole new stage of investigation” could be approaching.

Pelosi, who has long resisted calls to impeach Trump because the move would imperil the electability of moderate Democrats in the House, outlined her new stance in a statement Sunday. Pelosi specifically said that a whistleblower who reportedly alleged that Trump acted improperly during a July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy must be allowed to speak to Congress, and the full whistleblower complaint must be provided.

Her aggressive push came as top Republicans, including California Rep. Devin Nunes, predicted that the gambit would backfire for Democrats. Later in the evening, Trump sounded a similar note, saying the “real story” was that “Sleepy Joe Biden” had “forced a tough prosecutor out from investigating his son’s company by the threat of not giving big dollars to Ukraine.”

The whistleblower drama escalated after The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that Trump repeatedly had asked Zelenskiy to investigate Hunter Biden, the former vice president’s son who had a key role in a natural gas firm that a Ukrainian prosecutor had been investigating as part of a corruption probe. At a conference two years after he left office, Joe Biden openly bragged about successfully pressuring Ukraine to fire that prosecutor when he was vice president.

CNN later reported the whistleblower had no direct knowledge of the call, and a top Ukrainian official on Saturday defended Trump’s actions. Unverified reports circulated on left-leaning media outlets claiming that Trump could have promised something improper in exchange for Ukraine’s compliance, although the Journal reported there was no “quid-pro-quo” involved.

But if Democrats’ demands were not met, Pelosi said, the Trump administration’s “grave new chapter of lawlessness” would necessitate drastic action.

“We must be sure that the President and his Administration are always conducting our national security and foreign policy in the best interest of the American people, not the President’s personal or political interest,” Pelosi said.

Speaking to CNN’s “State of the Union,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., also said impeachment was on the table. Schiff previously has claimed to have hard evidence that the Trump team improperly colluded with Russia.

“Why doesn’t the president just say, ‘Release the whistleblower complaint.’ Clearly he’s afraid for the public to see,” Schiff said. “This would be the most profound violation of the presidential oath of office, certainly during this presidency, which says a lot, but perhaps during any presidency. There is no privilege that covers corruption. There is no privilege to engage in underhanded discussions.”

“We may have crossed the Rubicon here,” he added, referring to the river that Julius Caesar fatefully traversed in 49 BC. “I have been very reluctant to go down the path of impeachment. … but that may be the only remedy that is co-equal to the evil that that conduct represents.”

The top Democrats’ rhetoric came soon after Ocasio-Cortez on Saturday night kickstarted a dormant, but long-simmering and occasionally explosive feud with top House Democrats in the form of a fiery tweet: “At this point, the bigger national scandal isn’t the president’s lawbreaking behavior – it is the Democratic Party’s refusal to impeach him for it.”

Pelosi and Ocasio-Cortez appeared to reach a truce of sorts after a closed-door meeting in July, in which both sought to ease infighting that some Democrats viewed as counterproductive. That meeting came shortly before the departure of Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti.

Trump acknowledged Sunday that he had communicated with Zelensky about Biden, and that the conversation concerned “the corruption taking place and largely the fact that we don’t want our people like Vice President Biden and his son [contributing] to the corruption already in the Ukraine.”

The president and top officials maintained Sunday that nothing inappropriate occurred on the call.

Okay, let us reason together, gentle readers.

Pelosi and the rest of the “Fools on the Hill”, otherwise known as the House Democrats, are going to try to impeach a highly successful President over wanting to investigate the crimes of a Former Vice-President and his son, which were committed in another country by using the power of the American Government for leverage and privilege.

Say what?

First, they disregard their duties to those who sent them to Congress by pursuing false allegations against President Trump and his family for the first two and one-half years of his presidency, simply because their candidate, the “Queen of Mean”, Hillary Clinton, lost the 2016 Presidential Election, screwing up their plans to turn America into a “Socialist Paradise”

Now, a White House “Deep Stater”, who has no first-hand knowledge of the content of the phone call in question, accuses President Trump of trying to force the new President of Ukraine to investigate the Bidens’ crimes.

And, THAT is somehow an impeachable offense?

Are they serious?

Have they been taking “How to Be Stupid” lessons from AOC?

The president is well within the scope of his Executive Powers to make PRIVATE phone calls to other leaders around the world.

Pelosi, Schiff, AOC, et al, have absolutely no grounds for impeachment.

And, Americans know it.

As Rush Limbaugh said on last Thursday’s program,

This is internal Democrat Party polling data.

“Polling for the Democratic Party found that 54 percent of voters said that Democrats were more focused on impeachment than any other policy. But only 10 percent of voters believed that impeachment should be their focus.”

It’s a Democrat Party internal poll. Ninety percent think the Democrats are way off and on the wrong track. See, this is why they’re gonna be hitting the panic button, not just because of what it says on the surface, but why are they doing this impeachment business? There are two reasons. It’s actually a combination of two.

One is that many of these Democrats are as crazy, they are as poisoned with hatred as that faceless blob that makes up their base. Their Twitterverse of anonymous, nobody knows who they are radical, insane, angry, outraged liberals. They’re ticked off they’ve been lied to. They’ve been promised that Trump was gonna be sent packing. They’ve been promised that Trump colluded. They’ve been promised that Hillary really won.

They’ve been promised that Trump was gonna be impeached. They’ve been promised that Trump was gonna be go to jail. They’ve been promised that Trump was gonna be revealed as a traitor, all of this stuff, MSNBC promised them, the New York Times promised them, CNBC promised them, MSNBC promised them, the Washington Post promised them, all of the experts and unnamed sources in all these places promised them.

None of it has happened! Trump is still there! Trump is still president! He’s in California raising money! He’s right in their faces raising money. He’s implementing his agenda. They’re beside themselves. They are telling the Democrats, “You better! You better do what you said you were gonna do. You better get rid of this guy.” So the Democrats, Nadler and this crew, are listening to this base. They think — this is the key — they think that their base is a majority of people in this country.

So, now the Democrats are attempting to stop President Trump and his Administration from continuing to rebuild America’s strength, both at home and abroad by rerunning their Russian Collusion Fairy Tale Strategy.

The Democrats believe that unless they can somehow damage President Trump between now and the 2020 Presidential Election, they are facing a Political Massacre.

And, once again, they are going to fail.

Because, it’s not President Trump who committed a crime, it was one of their top two Democrat Primary Candidates, his son, and his Former Boss.

But…hey…San Fran Nan…here’s a shovel for your other hand.

It will help you dig that hole that y’all are digging to bury your hopes for the Presidency in, faster…and deeper.

Until He Comes,




AOC Explains Dorian’s Destroying of the Bahamas: “This is What Climate Change Looks Like”…No, Really


If brains were dynamite, this chick couldn’t blow her nose.

FoxNews.com reports that

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., said Tuesday that climate change was to blame for Hurricane Dorian’s devastating impact on the Bahamas.

“This is what climate change looks like: it hits vulnerable communities first,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted on Tuesday.

Dorian’s punishing winds and torrential rain battered the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama, which have a combined population of about 70,000 and are known for their marinas, golf courses, and all-inclusive resorts.

The Grand Bahama airport was under 6 feet of water and at least five deaths were reported.

Freeport resident on damage from Hurricane Dorian: Utter devastation in the Bahamas

The freshman New Yorker dismissed “climate deniers” who claim the latest hurricane has nothing to do with climate change.

“I can already hear climate deniers screeching: ‘It’s always been like this! You’re dim,’ etc. No. This is about science & leadership,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote. “We either decarbonize & cut emissions, or we don’t & let people die.”

Have you ever wondered why politicians representing the Far Left Democratic Party, like AOC, are still so preoccupied with the faux science of Global Warming/Climate Change?

I mean, how arrogant do you have to be to believe that you can make a change in the very weather itself, which is controlled by Someone way above your pay grade?

Invented by Al Gore, and propagandized in the book and the movie, “An Inconvenient Truth”, “Climate Change” has become both a Secular Liberal Religion and an industry, a failed one, but an industry none the less.

Ranging from washouts like Solyndra to GreenTech Automotive, millions of taxpayer dollars were sunk into these so-called green projects, through all 8 years of the Obama administration.

The Climate Change Hoax was a big money-maker for Liberals under the Obama Administration.

It is so much a part of Congressional Liberals’ personal mantras, they still believe that literally EVERYTHING is secondary to this faux science.

When you attempt to discuss the Global Warming/Climate Change/Whatever-They-Decided-To-Call-It-Today Hoax with one of the members of the Cult, they will tell you that 97% of the World’s Scientists are believers.

Have you ever wondered where they get that outlandish figure from?

Back on May 26, 2014, Joseph Bast, of the Heartland Institute, and Dr. Roy Spencer, Founder of The Weather Channel, wrote the following article for The Wall Street Journal

Last week Secretary of State John Kerry warned graduating students at Boston College of the “crippling consequences” of climate change. “Ninety-seven percent of the world’s scientists,” he added, “tell us this is urgent.”

Where did Mr. Kerry get the 97% figure? Perhaps from his boss, President Obama, who tweeted on May 16 that “Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree: #climate change is real, man-made and dangerous.” Or maybe from NASA, which posted (in more measured language) on its website, “Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists agree that climate-warming trends over the past century are very likely due to human activities.”

Yet the assertion that 97% of scientists believe that climate change is a man-made, urgent problem is a fiction. The so-called consensus comes from a handful of surveys and abstract-counting exercises that have been contradicted by more reliable research.

One frequently cited source for the consensus is a 2004 opinion essay published in Science magazine by Naomi Oreskes, a science historian now at Harvard. She claimed to have examined abstracts of 928 articles published in scientific journals between 1993 and 2003, and found that 75% supported the view that human activities are responsible for most of the observed warming over the previous 50 years while none directly dissented.

Ms. Oreskes’s definition of consensus covered “man-made” but left out “dangerous”—and scores of articles by prominent scientists such as Richard Lindzen, John Christy, Sherwood Idso and Patrick Michaels, who question the consensus, were excluded. The methodology is also flawed. A study published earlier this year in Nature noted that abstracts of academic papers often contain claims that aren’t substantiated in the papers.

Another widely cited source for the consensus view is a 2009 article in “Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union” by Maggie Kendall Zimmerman, a student at the University of Illinois, and her master’s thesis adviser Peter Doran. It reported the results of a two-question online survey of selected scientists. Mr. Doran and Ms. Zimmerman claimed “97 percent of climate scientists agree” that global temperatures have risen and that humans are a significant contributing factor.

The survey’s questions don’t reveal much of interest. Most scientists who are skeptical of catastrophic global warming nevertheless would answer “yes” to both questions. The survey was silent on whether the human impact is large enough to constitute a problem. Nor did it include solar scientists, space scientists, cosmologists, physicists, meteorologists or astronomers, who are the scientists most likely to be aware of natural causes of climate change.

The “97 percent” figure in the Zimmerman/Doran survey represents the views of only 79 respondents who listed climate science as an area of expertise and said they published more than half of their recent peer-reviewed papers on climate change. Seventy-nine scientists—of the 3,146 who responded to the survey—does not a consensus make.

In 2010, William R. Love Anderegg, then a student at Stanford University, used Google Scholar to identify the views of the most prolific writers on climate change. His findings were published in Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences. Mr. Love Anderegg found that 97% to 98% of the 200 most prolific writers on climate change believe “anthropogenic greenhouse gases have been responsible for ‘most’ of the ‘unequivocal’ warming.” There was no mention of how dangerous this climate change might be; and, of course, 200 researchers out of the thousands who have contributed to the climate science debate is not evidence of consensus.

In 2013, John Cook, an Australia-based blogger, and some of his friends reviewed abstracts of peer-reviewed papers published from 1991 to 2011. Mr. Cook reported that 97% of those who stated a position explicitly or implicitly suggest that human activity is responsible for some warming. His findings were published in Environmental Research Letters.

Mr. Cook’s work was quickly debunked. In Science and Education in August 2013, for example, David R. Legates (a professor of geography at the University of Delaware and former director of its Center for Climatic Research) and three coauthors reviewed the same papers as did Mr. Cook and found “only 41 papers—0.3 percent of all 11,944 abstracts or 1.0 percent of the 4,014 expressing an opinion, and not 97.1 percent—had been found to endorse” the claim that human activity is causing most of the current warming. Elsewhere, climate scientists including Craig Idso, Nicola Scafetta, Nir J. Shaviv and Nils- Axel Morner, whose research questions the alleged consensus, protested that Mr. Cook ignored or misrepresented their work.

Rigorous international surveys conducted by German scientists Dennis Bray and Hans von Storch—most recently published in Environmental Science & Policy in 2010—have found that most climate scientists disagree with the consensus on key issues such as the reliability of climate data and computer models. They do not believe that climate processes such as cloud formation and precipitation are sufficiently understood to predict future climate change.

Surveys of meteorologists repeatedly find a majority oppose the alleged consensus. Only 39.5% of 1,854 American Meteorological Society members who responded to a survey in 2012 said man-made global warming is dangerous.

Finally, the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change—which claims to speak for more than 2,500 scientists—is probably the most frequently cited source for the consensus. Its latest report claims that “human interference with the climate system is occurring, and climate change poses risks for human and natural systems.” Yet relatively few have either written on or reviewed research having to do with the key question: How much of the temperature increase and other climate changes observed in the 20th century was caused by man-made greenhouse-gas emissions? The IPCC lists only 41 authors and editors of the relevant chapter of the Fifth Assessment Report addressing “anthropogenic and natural radiative forcing.”

Of the various petitions on global warming circulated for signatures by scientists, the one by the Petition Project, a group of physicists and physical chemists based in La Jolla, Calif., has by far the most signatures—more than 31,000 (more than 9,000 with a Ph.D.). It was most recently published in 2009, and most signers were added or reaffirmed since 2007. The petition states that “there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of . . . carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.”

We could go on, but the larger point is plain. There is no basis for the claim that 97% of scientists believe that man-made climate change is a dangerous problem.

So, why do the Dems continue on their Quixotic Crusade to make a belief in a pseudo-science birthed by the P.T. Barnum of our time, Al Gore, an “International Crisis”?

Per usual, I have some opinions on that…

1. Appeasing the Gullible –Hey “The Facts Are In.” The “science” is true. And, as P.T. Barnum said,

There is a sucker born every minute.

Remember…these “true believers” of the Goreacle, also voted for Obama and Hillary. They are easily fooled. For a visual reference, watch Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

2. Money, Money, Money – Too much money invested by Democrat “Power Brokers” and to much of American Taxpayers money spent needlessly to back down now. The Democrats are perpetuating it because they have political promises to keep.

3. Hey, look! Squirrel! – Dems continue to grasp for whatever national distraction they can come up with to attempt to sabotage Trump’s Presidency, in the hope that, somehow, Trump will get impeached, recalled, or something, and they can continue their quest to turn America into a Third World Socialist Utopia.

4. Modern American Liberals are heartbroken – Obama left, Hillary lost, and they have to have something to worship. Mother Gaia and Captain Planet will have to suffice.

5. Man is his own god – It is an unbelievable arrogance that allows those who believe in “Climate Change” to proclaim that man can lay claim to the Sovereignty of the God of Abraham, by controlling the very weather around us, by recycling plastic bottles, etc.

So, there you go. I wonder how the “Gaia Worshippers” will distract the American Public next, with Trump having proclaimed in 2017 that “Climate Change” never was the “National Security Threat” that Obama claimed it to be?

How will they continue to distract from the immature, absurd, and corrupt nature of their ongoing National Temper Tantrum over the lost of the 2016 Presidential Election?

Next, AOC will probably host a showing of “The Day After Tomorrow”, the movie starring Dennis Quaid, which bombed spectacularly at the Box Office, in which the ice was chasing everybody.


Until He Comes,


DHS Bars Dem Staffers From Border Facilities Due to Them Being “Rude” and “Disruptive”


House Democrats are forcing those in authority to treat them and their staffers like children.

FoxNews.com has filed the following report…

EXCLUSIVE: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has barred Democratic staffers from the House Oversight Committee from visiting Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facilities at the U.S.-Mexico border as part of a planned trip this week after committee staff allegedly were “disruptive” and refused to follow instructions during their last trip, Fox News has learned.

Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings, D-Md., had sent his staff to visit border facilities for “oversight inspections” last week and planned to send staff again to view Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and CBP centers.

But sources told Fox News that DHS has revoked access to CBP facilities for the upcoming visit, citing staff behavior that “interfered” with law enforcement operations — including refusing to leave one site after their scheduled window, skipping some tours and being “rude” to officers. A DHS official said that ICE visits will still be allowed this week, but with a two-hour time limit. One of those visits took place on Tuesday.

“Due to the operational burden placed on the field by their refusal to comply with instruction during last week’s STAFFDEL [staff delegation visit], CBP pulled the trip in which more site visits were to take place at CBP and ICE facilities this week,” a senior DHS official told Fox News in an email Wednesday. “DHS communicated to the committee that due to their conduct, CBP could not support visits from the committee this week.”

A Democratic source suggested the visit is being nixed due to concerns about what staff were learning from detainees about conditions on the ground.

That’s not how the agency described it. Last week, following a visit to one of the first facilities on the committee staff’s itinerary, DHS Assistant Secretary of Legislative Affairs Christine Ciccone wrote to Cummings, notifying him that due to his staff’s violations of guidelines, their planned follow-up tour could not be accommodated.

“During discussions between Department and Committee staff, however, the Committee staff repeatedly stated that they do not intend to abide by DHS guidelines,” Ciccone wrote in the letter obtained by Fox News. “In light of this, we are unable to accommodate your staff’s visit … unless we receive a firm commitment that the Committee and its staff will comply fully with all existing guidelines and policies.”

She added that the staff’s attempts to “conduct interviews and take photographs” without limitations are “a significant deviation” from DHS policy and “could jeopardize” the department’s ability to meet legal obligations.

The night before last week’s visits, DHS officials had a “late-night” phone call with committee staff, urging them to “respect officers on the ground” as to not “disrupt business” at facilities.

But according to a CBP official, the committee’s chief counsel, who led the delegation starting in Yuma, Ariz., “refused to leave the facility after the hour-long tour,” despite previously agreeing to a 45-minute tour at each location.

“I informed him that his actions on behalf of the Committee made a huge operational impact by not communicating back to CBP his true intent and expectations for this delegation,” the official said, noting that because of this, part of the delegation only toured Yuma and had to cancel other facilities that were previously scheduled. “This left agents in a position where they were waiting on staff to show and then they did not show at all.”

The official added that another part of the delegation began in the San Diego Sector. The official said that two staffers missed the first portion of the tour, and “apparently ended up crossing the border due to following their GPS guidance and were unable to make it.”

Committee Ranking Member Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, in a letter to Cummings, also said Democratic staff crossed into Mexico “without consultation from the Department of State.” Jordan said the Democratic staff was “rude” and “dismissive” of law enforcement officials during the visit.

…“DHS asked the Committee to abide by the instructions of DHS personnel on the ground and to respect the significant operational interests of the border facilities visited,” Jordan wrote. “Unfortunately, at your apparent direction, Democrats refused to listen to law-enforcement instructions and made demands at the facilities ‘against the express written notice DHS had provided earlier.’”

Jordan said Democratic staff “abandoned” the agreement with DHS for limited photography and detainee interactions, and accused them of “wasting DHS manpower and taxpayer resources.”

Jordan also accused Democrats of withholding information from Republican committee staff and being “secretive” about details of itineraries and locations of meetings and visits.

Jordan also claimed that Democratic staff took “direction from liberal special interests” before last week’s tours, citing a meeting with representatives of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a liberal organization currently suing the Trump administration over detention facilities at the border. Jordan claimed the SPLC gave directions to Democratic staff about what to look for and ask about during their tours, as well as suggested questions for staff to pose to detainees and DHS officials during their visit.

“One aspect missing from your staff travel to date has been any interest in the well-being of, or resources provided to, the brave men and women who serve to secure our border,” Jordan added. “Several Border Patrol agents told us the nasty rhetoric from Democrats in Congress—one Member of this committee even likened them to Nazis—hurts morale and makes some agents reluctant to tell people what they do for a living.”

The member Jordan was referring to was Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., who has referred to border facilities as “concentration camps on the Southern Border.”

Last week’s altercations between DHS officials and committee aides are not the first such dust-ups. Last month, a delegation of lawmakers visited the border—a trip that became the subject of controversy after witnesses told The Washington Examiner that Ocasio-Cortez was “screaming” at agents and behaving in a “threatening” manner.

I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you.

A bunch of self-entitled staff members representing Democratic members of Congress violating an agreement they made with DHS to attempt to try to prove negligence in order to once again slander President Trump and his Administration concerning the treatment of illegal aliens at our Border Detainment Facilities?

Ohhh…say it isn’t so.

Are you as tired as I am of this never-ending temper tantrum being thrown by the Democratic Party over losing the 2016 Presidential Election?

And, the worst among them are the House Democrats, including horse-faced AOL and the rest of her Squids…err…Squad.

Since they gained the majority of seats in the House of Representatives in the Midterm Elections, they have done absolutely nothing to benefit average Americans.

All they have done during their tenure is attack President Trump, trying to drive him out of office by whatever means necessary.

The uncalled-for disrespectful antics by their staffers at our Border Detainment Facilities are just another example of the Stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome which they all suffer from and which they are making our Sovereign Nation suffer through.

Just who in the name of Hubert Horatio Humphrey do they think they are?

Their lack of devotion to their actual job is so egregious that, quite frankly, I am surprised that recent Congressional Popularity Polls are not showing negative numbers.

Not since the days of the Pharisees has there been such as display of ego-driven self-proclaimed piety.

And, you had better believe that the obsessive behavior of the House Democrats and their lack of popularity will reflect on whichever loser that they nominate at their upcoming National Convention to be their Presidential Candidate.

Average Americans are just plain tired of the Democratic Party attempting to sabotage the best economy America has seen in years and the man who is responsible for it.

The thing is, though, the Democrats will keep going in a circular direction down the porcelain receptacle because they believe themselves to be smarter that us average Americans, or “Deplorables” as their last Presidential Candidate called us.

And, that’s fine by me.

“Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.”

And, I, along with rest of the “Deplorables” want to KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

Until He Comes,