Trump On Target in Wisconsin: “The Political Class…Only Care About Themselves”

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump with Milwaukee Country Sheriff David Clarke.

Donald J. Trump, Republican Presidential Candidate and Citizen Statesmen, did something that the President of the United States, Professional Politician Barack Hussein Obama, busy golfing on Martha’s Vineyard, has yet to do: address the Milwaukee Riots.

The Washington Times reports that

Republican Donald Trump made his most direct appeal yet Tuesday for black voters in the presidential race, pushing forward an agenda to restore law and order and revitalize inner-city neighborhoods that he said suffer from years of misguided Democratic policies.

In a speech delivered not far from Milwaukee neighborhoods rocked by anti-police riots, Mr. Trump laid the blame for urban despair and conflict between police and minorities at the feet of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton

“I am running to offer you a much better future,” Mr. Trump said in a speech in West Bend, Wisconsin. “Crime and violence is an attack on the poor and it will never be accepted in a Trump administration.”

He said the policies holding back minority neighborhoods were part of the “rigged system” led by Mrs. Clinton, who he said pandered to black voters but didn’t really care about their suffering.

“The political class that Mrs. Clinton has been a part of for 30 years has abandoned the people of this county. They only care about themselves,” he said. “I am going to give the people their voice back.”

He stressed that Mrs. Clinton, who has repeatedly sided with Black Lives Matter activists and against the police, was pushing a narrative that actually hurt minority communities.

“The problem in our minority communities is not that there is too much police but that there is not enough police,” he said. “She is against the police, believe me. You know it and I know it and guess what, she knows it.”

Mr. Trump argued that Democratic policies are responsible for the persistent high unemployment, inadequate education and substandard living conditions that blight inner-city neighborhoods.

He has made similar appeals to minorities, but the pitch has failed to win significant support from black voters. Polls show an overwhelming majority of black and Hispanic voters — as many as 99 percent of blacks in one poll — siding with Mrs. Clinton.

However, this time Mr. Trump asked voters to consider whether Mrs. Clintonwas being honest with minority voters and whether she truly had their best interests at heart, focusing on character and trustworthiness issues about which voters already have doubts.

The speech revived Mr. Trump’s vow to be the “law and order candidate,” which he first declared in a similar speech last month in response to the sniper ambush that killed five Dallas police officers at a Black Lives Matter demonstration over police-involved shootings of black citizens.

He was scheduled to hold a campaign rally in West Bend but altered plans to deliver the scripted law-and-order speech in response to the rioting in Milwaukee. He wrote the speech with former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, a close adviser to Mr. Trump who is traveling with the campaign.

Mr. Trump said that his championing of police and inner-cities dovetailed with his agenda to make better trade deals, secure the border and fight terrorism.

“I will be your fighter. Believe me, I will be your fighter,” said the New York billionaire, noting rising unemployment and food-stamp dependence in minority communities under President Obama.

Mr. Trump said he had a message for every parent worried about what the future holds for their children: “I’m with you, I will fight for you and I will win for you.”

The riot in Milwaukee was the latest demonstration to turn violent after a police shooting.

In Milwaukee, a black police officer Saturday afternoon shot and killed 23-year-old Sylville Smith, who fled after being stopped for acting suspiciously. Mr. Smith was carrying an illegal handgun and refused orders to drop it, police said.

The protests that followed in the predominately black Sherman Park neighborhood where Mr. Smith died turned violent Saturday and Sunday nights, with gunfire and rioters setting business and police cars ablaze.

The crowds pelted riot police with bottles and bricks, wounding eight officers. About a dozen people were arrested, and one person suffered a gunshot wound, police said.

After a 10 p.m. curfew was imposed and community leaders called for calm Monday, the city was relatively quite throughout the day Tuesday before Mr. Trump delivered the speech.

Mr. Trump’s framing the tensions between black communities and police as a law-and-order issue risks alienating black voters, who interpret “law and order” as a racist dog whistle.

However, the pro-police stance puts Mr. Trump on the side of Americans across the country who are shocked by the riots and fearful of terrorism in a world that appears increasingly out of control and dangerous.

Mrs. Clinton has repeatedly sided with the Black Lives Matter movement amid the ongoing conflict. She snubbed the National Fraternal Order of Police, the largest police union in the country, by not even seeking their endorsement.

The speech marked the second consecutive day in which Mr. Trump delivered prepared remarks from a teleprompter, breaking with his usual impromptu stump speech.

Republican strategists have urged Mr. Trump to be more disciplined on the campaign trail and avoid the casual remarks that often draw negative coverage by the news media and provide ammunition for Mrs. Clinton and other critics.

Mr. Trump’s swing through Wisconsin, where he’s trailing in the polls, garnered support from top Republican leaders who previously had distanced themselves from the New York billionaire. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who once vehemently opposed Mr. Trump’s candidacy, accompanied the nominee to several events, including the speech in West Bend.

The governor’s presence also reinforced the law-and-order message. He declared a state of emergency Sunday in response to the riots.

Earlier in the day, Mr. Walker blamed Mrs. Clinton’s rhetoric for “inflaming the situation.”

“I think people understand — in that neighborhood and in Sherman Park and in Milwaukee — they want law enforcement to step up and protect them,” he said on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” program.

Mrs. Clinton said at a campaign event Monday that the riots in Milwaukee showed that respect between police and communities must be a two-way street.

What is happening n America’s Black Communities, is due to both political and cultural causes.

I am, as are most of you, bearing witness to Black and White Liberal Politicians, like Hillary Clinton, making excuses for the out-of-control, self-inflicted genocide of 13% of America’s Population, as they blame it on “Racial Inequality”, while a Black Man sits behind a desk in the Oval Office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, holding the most powerful leadership position in the Free World.

America’s Far Left Political Activists, including the President of the United States, have, for the last several years, been attempting what is known in both sports and military strategy, as a “misdirection” play.

While these politicians and paid protesters shout about “equality” in front of every television camera that they can get in front of, at the same time, here in the real world, black children are being born into a situation which handicaps them from the start: the burden of an illegitimate birth and the reality of a fatherless home.

How many black children are being born out of wedlock?

72.3 percent of non-Hispanic blacks are now born out-of-wedlock; 66.2 percent of American Indians/Alaska Natives; 53.3 percent of Hispanics; 29.1 percent of non-Hispanic whites; and 17.2 percent of Asians/Pacific Islanders. That’s 40.7 percent overall: a disaster.

As a lifelong (57 years young) resident of the Memphis area, I continue to witness the dissolution of the once strong and proud Black American Family Unit.

These Americans, unlike the majority of us, are growing up without appropriate parental guidance, i.e., no one teaching them “the way in which they should go”

Why is this happening? How did we get here?

Back in the 60s, President Lyndon Johnson (whose big hand I once shook, at his ranch, as a little boy, after his presidential term) and the Democrats, brought forth a plan, called “the Great Society”. It was decided, in order to ensure that everyone would have an equal opportunity in America, that Uncle Sugar would step in to fill in the gaps.

Two seminal pieces of legislation were passed.

First, the Civil Rights Bill that JFK promised to sign, before his assassination, was passed into law. This Act banned discrimination based on race and gender in employment and ending segregation in all public facilities.

It also helped to cement in stone, minorities’ loyalty to the Democratic Party, which continues to this day.

The second bill that LBJ signed into law was the sweeping ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY ACT OF 1964. It created the Office of Economic Opportunity whose stated purpose was to attack the roots of American poverty. A Job Corps was then established to provide vocational training.

A preschool program designed to help disadvantaged students arrive at kindergarten ready to learn, named HEADSTART, was then established. Then came VOLUNTEERS IN SERVICE TO AMERICA (VISTA), which was set up as a domestic Peace Corps. Schools in impoverished American regions would now receive volunteer teaching attention. Federal funds were sent to struggling communities to attack unemployment and illiteracy.

What Johnson told Americans, as he campaigned in 1964, was that the establishment of this “Great Society” was going to eliminate the problems of America’s poor.

It had the opposite effect

The Great Society created a dependent class, which, instead of diminishing as it’s members joined the workforce, increased from generation to generation, relying on the federal government to provide their every need.

Uncle Sugar became Mother, Father, Preacher, and Doctor to generations of Americans. This “plantation mentality” continues to this day.

Instead of moving forward, by exercising the self-reliance that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. preached so well, these people I saw, were content on being “taken care of” by Uncle Sugar, as if being held down by their own poor, miserable circumstance, was a good thing.

Since August of 2014, the results of LBJ’s “Great Society” have been the lead story in seemingly, every television newscast, on every newspaper front page, and on every internet news/political website.

This is what Hillary Clinton wants to continue.

Prosperity brought about by personal responsibility is the antithesis of the Democrat’s Domestic Policy.

So is respect for Municipal Police Officers, who leave their families to go to work every day, not knowing if they will ever see them again.

If the Socialist-led Democrat Party lost the self-fulfilling prophecy of “establishment-driven hopelessness” in the black community, they would no longer have their “New Bolsheviks”, Black Lives matter, to disrupt things and incite the “perpetually aggrieved”.

On Resurrection Sunday Afternoon, back in 2014, I was sitting beside my then-30-year old step son, watching “Avatar”, as my then-6 year old grandson came over and crawled up between us, putting his head on his Daddy’s chest. He was worn out from attending church with us that morning, followed by a lunch of ham, au gratin potatoes, and deviled eggs, which Grandma cooked, finished off by a dessert of all the chocolate that the Easter Bunny brought.

Of course, that darn rabbit had made a stop over here.

As I watched my grandson laying there, I thought about what a difference having a father makes in a boy’s life.

My father certainly made an everlasting difference in mine. He is the one who led me to Christ, counseling, supporting, and loving me until he passed away after Christmas in 1997.

I think of him and thank God for him often.

I have had the privilege of being the step-father of 3 very different boys, now grown into young men. The first one works as an account executive with a major company. The second one is a seminary student who is planting a church in Midtown Memphis. And the last one, whom I mentioned earlier, is an over the road truck driver, who is home every weekend.

I think often about all three of these young men often and pray that I have made a difference in their lives.

What got me thinking about the role that fathers play in the lives of young men, is all of the gang-related violence  and black-on-black homicides, that are going on in our American Cities, like my Hometown of Memphis, Tennessee and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In today’s modern culture, the stigma of having a baby out of wedlock is quite frankly no longer a stigma. In some corners, especially the Liberal ones, It is actually considered a sign of Feminine Independence.

Among a lot of the young black male population, it is a sign of prestige to be a player, or, as we used to call it, a “ladies’ man”.

This practice has become so popular, that now, as was noted earlier, 73 percent of America’s black population is being born out of wedlock and being raised without a father.

Grandfathers, uncles, clergy, and school coaches and principals try to fill in the gap and help these boys as they grow up, but a boy needs a man around every day of their life.

They need a consistent role model to teach them right from wrong, how to treat women, and how to be a man.

Regardless of what all of the Liberal experts say, a male father figure is essential in building a young man’s self- image.

So, what’s the answer?

A song that Elton John came out with during his comeback in the 1980s goes,

Mama don’t want you
Daddy don’t want you
Give it up baby, baby
Mama can’t buy you love

Professional Politicians like Hillary Clinton can throw as much money at the problem of gang-related violence as they want to, but, until this Cycle of Irresponsibility, i.e., irresponsible parents creating irresponsible kids, somehow gets broken, through prayer, education, and community/church involvement, crime will continue to escalate in America’s Cities.

Because, if the parents do not want to love, care for, and raise their children in the way that they should go, the gangs and the other criminals in the ‘Hood sure will.

Imagine what would happen if people had someone to show them and to teach them that, if you exercise personal responsibility in America, anything is possible.

A lot of Liberal Professional Politicians, like Hillary Clinton, would be out of a job.

Until He Comes,


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