Over 1/3rd of America’s Workforce Unemployed. Obama’s Economic Policy of “Fun-cation” Continues…

AFBrancoObama952014As I sit here, trying to think of what to write about, I am struck by the fact that 37.2 percent of America’s Workforce are out of work. This means that over one third of America’s Workforce do not have the opportunity to contribute to our economy.

According to CNSnews.com,

A record 92,269,000 Americans 16 and older did not participate in the labor force in August, as the labor force participation rate matched a 36-year low of 62.8 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The labor force participation rate has been as low as 62.8 percent in six of the last twelve months, but prior to last October had not fallen that low since 1978.

BLS employment statistics are based on the civilian noninstitutional population, which consists of all people 16 or older who were not in the military or an institution such as a prison, mental hospital or nursing home.

In August, the civilian noninstitutional population was 248,229,000 according to BLS. Of that 248,229,000, 155,959,000—or 62.8 percent–participated in the labor force, meaning they either had or job or had actively sought one in the last four weeks.

The 92,269,000 who did not participate in the labor force are those in the civilian noninstitutional population who did not have a job and did not actively seek one in the last four weeks. Because they did not seek a job, they did not count as “unemployed.”

Of the 155,959,000 who did participate in the labor force, 146,368,000 had a job and 9,591,000 did not have a job but actively sought one. The 9,591,000 are the unemployed. They equaled 6.1 percent of the labor force—or an unemployment rate of 6.1 percent (which was down slightly from the 6.2 percent unemployment rate in July).

The 146,368,000 people employed in the United States in August was up 16,000 from the 146,352,000 who were employed in July.

Why can’t Americans find gainful employment?

As I wrote yesterday, the answer is simple. The cause of all this, is the failed domestic policy of an ineffectual president.

A person who came in as an unvetted unknown, proclaimed as the first non-racial president and a deep-thinking intellectual,  has turned out to be as shallow as a kiddie pool.

President Barack Hussein Obama has been attempting to swim in the adult side of the pool for over 6 years…and he is still flailing about like he misses his Donald Duck Float Ring.

Obama is like every other Far Left Radical. He believes that he can make the failed philosophy of Marxism work, even though it has never worked before, anywhere else it has been tried.

He and his administration overestimated their own intelligence in their zeal to radically change America from the capitalistic system, which has been so successful for so long, to a central government-run socialist “Great Society”, turbo – charging LBJ’ s program, which has led to over 72% of America’s black babies to be born out of wedlock, youth violence all over the country, and over 11 percent of America’s black adult population to be unemployed.

As Obama’s economic policies continued to fail, one would think that an actual leader would have reached out across the aisle for help in order to get America working again.

But, not the Petulant President.

He and the Far left-run Democrat Party believe that compromise with the Republicans, means that they pass everything you want them to pass, no questions asked.

President Pantywaist still believes that he is the smartest person in any room he walks into.

Obama is not unique among Liberals.

Especially, the younger ones.

The ones I run into on the Internet, all argue from position of self-perceived superiority.

They view Conservatives as intellectually beneath them. Not only that, we are responsible for the all the world’s problems.

And if your conservative man arguing with a liberal woman, you will be seen by them as a male chauvinist…even if your not (As they say at the University of Arkansas, “Yay, ‘Pigs. Sooey!”)

And, Lord help you, if you are a Christian American Conservative, like me.

I’ve was going ’round and ’round with a Liberal “young lady” on Political Facebook Page the other day about that day’s Blog, abortion, and gun control. Don’t ask me why she kept changing subjects. She was getting beat and started lashing out. Anyway, this Southern Gentleman finally had enough of her bitter condescension, and wrote:

You call yourself pro-life, when you are actually pro-death. You state that you are an advocate for women, and yet, one-half of the lives you support ending in the womb are female. You are terrified that America will become so sort of a theocracy, yet, America was founded by Christians. You defend your right to rail against the faith of 76% of the American Population, and, yet, you are blind to the fact that it was Christians in the 1700s who gave you that right. You rail against men stifling your “freedom”, and, yet, a genetic link to a man resides within you as you write. And, yet, somehow, as a Christian American Conservative, I am the hateful oppressive one. Go figure…”

The reason that America is in the state we are in domestically and on the World Scene is because of the Far Left Radicals who have taken over the Democrat Party.

These New Fascists are unwilling to reach across the Political Aisle, and work with the Republicans to get rid of the punitive taxes and governmental interference that have led to America’s Unemployment Problem.

They, like the First Invertebrate President, whom they follow like lemmings over a cliff, would rather negotiate, in order to “contain” the Muslim Barbarians who want to kill us all, than compromise with Republicans, both Moderate and Conservative.

Meanwhile, as you read this, I’m sitting behind a table of my wife’s Premier Jewelry at a Yard Sale.

You see…I’m one of the 37.2%.

And, I’ve been on “fun-cation”, as Michelle Obama once called it, since April.

Trust me, it ain’t no fun.

Until He comes,


3 thoughts on “Over 1/3rd of America’s Workforce Unemployed. Obama’s Economic Policy of “Fun-cation” Continues…

  1. KJ I don’t know what line of work you do, but you are very talented in your writing! I wasn’t just flattering the other day, (but I was pretty psyched that I finally got more than a “yep” out of you, lol!) We have been through being out of work for extended periods as well, but my husband now is working again. I know this is not much comfort, but I can say for certain that in our case it was God’s way of building up “faith muscles” for the days ahead. I started my blog during a period when as a person disabled from my work as a nurse by several conditions that I had finally gotten somewhat managed, some new setback put me out of commission for nearly a year, and just as I pulled out of that, there were two deaths almost back to back in the family, and that was capped off by my husband’s colon cancer diagnosis, and the subsequent surgery and chemo treatments for months. In our case we found that God used that to help us recognize some of the “yokes” we were subjecting ourselves to that we had no obligation to concern ourselves with. It was liberating ultimately, and we have experienced a more solid and profound peace in the wake of all of that, than ever before in our lives. I suffered depression for many years, and the struggles with my health drove me to God to “wrestle with the angel as Jacob did” getting in the Word and heartsick and confounded that I pretty much went through everything I had ever believed, re-examining, asking “do I have this right, what do YOU say about it, God” and going to the Word determined not to stop searching until all my questions and doubts were answered. I tossed out some things I had always held to, that didn’t hold up to the scriptural examination, and affirmed other things. That also has forged a faith and understanding of our God I now have that no sermon ever could have done. Would you believe that after suffering off and on with profound depression for three decades, that even with all those things happening in the last several years, and also with me being in the same business you are as a “watchman on the wall” reporting and commentating on the news from a prophetic perspective, I have absolutely free of depression now since 2009? And I can point to the exact moment God called me to doing this. So I’m not working anymore as a nurse. Yes that is one nice and dependable salary that we don’t have now, but the way I look at it, I am working for the Lord, and He has promised to provide, and He has, through it all, when we had no income at all, and no insurance and everyone in the family had significant medical expenses, through debt, through sickness. He is faithful.

    Depression is not what some people think it is. People who don’t suffer from clinical depression, but have the “normal kind” that lasts a week and then lifts, man, they don’t understand it and they can say things that are downright cruel. But I know where I was and what I was finally mercifully delivered from, and I rejoice. I have been in a blackness so dark that I thought I would lose sight altogether. I can see that your faith is already very strong, but I just want to encourage you, brother. I think God is using you in an important way. I know that we “ancillary” wee little side blogs that don’t have a thousand hits an hour, feel like no one is hearing us, sometimes, but I can tell you from over at my little blog, that every single solitary time I seriously considered stopping, without fail I would suddenly get one or two spontaneous people contact me and say “I just want you to know, that I read your blog every day and it give me hope”. Christians who see and recognize what is happening in our world and don’t have others around them who want to contemplate the culmination of this age, (CHRISTIANS, even!) and they are just relieved to find someone talking about it. Your blog is one of the few that I ALWAYS read daily. By virtue of the volume of stuff I read each day, I have to be selective and skip around. It is fine if you don’t approve this lengthy “comment”, as I just wanted to get in touch and couldn’t find a contact page. (By the way, I have one, and if you want to contact me through that, I can tell you how to add one if you are interested, because it has been a huge blessing for me to hear from some of my readers.

    Hand in there. It is going to get worse, but then it is going to get infinitely better!


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