Cori Bush and Dems Submit Resolution Calling for $14 Trillion in “Reparations”

“Democratic lawmakers announced a resolution Wednesday asking the federal government to pay potentially trillions of dollars in reparations to descendants of slaves and people of African descent, but not all members of Congress are on board.

“I think that is just the woke ideology peeking and rearing its ugly head,” Rep. Kat Cammack, a Republican, said of the push for federal reparations. “In this country, you can do anything, be anything, and this culture of victimhood, it has absolutely gotten out of control.”

The resolution, which Rep. Cori Bush said she would introduce Wednesday, calls for $14 trillion to close the “Black and white wealth gap” that she argues stems from racist governmental policies.” (Courtesy

The Democrats are in favor of reparations for Black Americans for the same reason that they want open borders and want to give illegals the right to vote: they are BUYING VOTES!

“An ABC News-Washington Post poll found that just 52% of black respondents approved of Biden’s performance as president, down from 82% when he took office in 2021.”

They have encouraged Black Americans since President Johnson’s implementation of “The Great Society” to let “Uncle Sugar” take care of them, assuring them that as long as they continued to vote Democrats into public office that they would be “taken care of”.

It has been those black Americans who have broken out of the cycle of government-assisted poverty who have come to realize that the Democratic Party’s “benevolence” was, in fact, a boat anchor, tied to them to keep them from reaching the shores of self-reliance.

I was going to ask where the Democrats believe that all this money for all of this free stuff and “reparations” is coming from.

However, that’s easy: Hard Working Average Americans.

In the Democrats’ desperation to pander to special interest groups and to divide us as a nation, it is very evident that their main political strategy is simply to buy votes however they can.

This calling for “reparations” by the Democrats is an act of desperation, just as their unacceptance of the Durham Report is.

They are both nothing but political grandstanding designed to pander to those whom they perceive to be their base: Far Left Radicals and special interest groups.

There is no need to hand out free money to those being pandered to by the Democrats for “grievances” which happened in the 1700s and 1800s.

None of this current generation nor the previous carry any physical or mental scars from the grievances in question.

Democrats like the Squad and the other members of Congress who are pushing for all of these programs are desperately fighting to keep Black Americans on the Democrat Plantation,

The Democrats’ desperation is palpable.
Their push for “reparations”, to be funded by American Taxpayers, is unconscionable.
And, just another example of the Democratic Party’s favorite economic strategy: over-taxing average Americans in order to keep themselves in power.

Not this time.

Until He Comes,


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