TN State House Expells 2 Democrat Reps for Violating Decorum Rules by Leading Gun Control Protest

“A week ago Johnson, Jones and Pearson approached the House podium between bills during the session without being recognized, a breach of chamber rules. They led protesters in the galleries in several chants calling for gun reform.

“What is happening here today is a farce of democracy,” Jones said at the beginning of his 20-minute defense on Thursday. “What is happening here today is a situation in which the jury has already publicly announced the verdict. What we see today is just a spectacle. What we see today is a lynch mob assembled to not lynch me, but our democratic process.”

The House expelled Jones in a 72-25 vote, and Pearson in a 69-26 decision. The expulsions for the two were effective immediately.

In this move, Republicans removed two of the youngest Black lawmakers from the General Assembly, further reducing an already small minority caucus.

What did the ‘Tennessee three’ lawmakers do?

House Republicans accused the trio of violating decorum rules when they led a raucous gun-control protest from the House floor with a bullhorn on March 30, as thousands of demonstrators descended on the state Capitol calling to restrict access to guns.” (Courtesy

What was attempted that day in the Tennessee State House of Representatives was an actual INSURRECTION.

Don’t believe me?

Watch this.

The Democrats involved intentionally attempted to intimidate the Tennessee State Representatives through a show of force.

The Democrat Representatives got the crowd fired up by leading the protesters in the gallery in pre-planned cheers designed to silence any political debate.

It was literally like the beginnings of the Russian Revolution with Lenin and the Bolsheviks silencing political debate through force.

And of course, it had the blessing of the Washington Democrat Elite.

Vice-President Kamala Harris met yesterday with both the expelled representatives and some of the “insurrectionists”.

She ignored the families of the innocent children massacred by a psychotic “transgender”.

…because frankly, the Democrat Elite are more worried about the “transgendered” and GUN CONTROL.

An unarmed America will be easier to “radically change”.

Until He Comes,


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