New Biden Title IX Rules Bar Federally-Funded Schools From Keeping Transgenders Out of Girls Sports

“The Biden administration released on Thursday new Title IX rules that bar schools that receive federal funding from enforcing policies that ban biological males from playing girl’s sports.

The U.S. Department of Education proposed to amend Title IX in order to set out a standard that would “govern a recipient’s adoption or application of sex-related criteria that would limit or deny a student’s eligibility to participate on a male or female athletic team consistent with their gender identity.”

The proposed regulation also would provide needed clarity on how schools can ensure that students have equal opportunity to participate on male and female athletic teams as required by Title IX.

“The proposed rule would establish that policies violate Title IX when they categorically ban transgender students from participating on sports teams consistent with their gender identity just because of who they are,” a notice from the Department of Education states.

The proposed amendment provides that any transgender athlete denied or limited the opportunity to participate in a sport that is consistent with their gender identity must be “substantially related to the achievement of an important educational objective” and “minimize harms to students.”

“Every student should be able to have the full experience of attending school in America, including participating in athletics, free from discrimination,” U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona said. “Being on a sports team is an important part of the school experience for students of all ages.”

However, the changes still give schools some flexibility to ban transgender athletes depending on age and sport.

“The proposed rule also recognizes that in some instances, particularly in competitive high school and college athletic environments, some schools may adopt policies that limit transgender students’ participation,” the notice continued.

There will be 30 days of public comment before the new rule would go into effect.

The Biden administration’s move comes after the Supreme Court ruling on Thursday that a 12-year-old transgender West Virginia girl can compete on her middle school’s girls’ sports teams amid a lawsuit over a ban.” (Courtesy

So, the Liberal geniuses handling Joe Biden at the Assisted Living Facility formerly known as the White House have decided that it would be in the spirit of “fairness” to allow biological males to compete in women’s athletic events.

What’s next? Allowing pedophiles to compete in Little League Baseball?

Even the posterboy for “Transgenders”, the former Bruce Jenner, says that this is wrong.

What is it about the Far Left Democrats that drives them to push against the moral and ethical boundaries of American Society?

There is nothing brave and daring about having men beat women at anything…much less athletic events that are supposed to celebrate human achievement under fair athletic circumstances.

All that the actions of these biological males wanting to compete in women’s sports is saying to me is that they can’t make it competing against other biological males, so they have decided to pick on women, who are genetically physically weaker than men are for the most part.

I’m not demeaning women. I am married to one whom I love with all my heart. Some of my best friends throughout the years have been women.

However, I am stating a fact. For proof, please go back and read the fact that the physical training of our Armed Forces had to be changed because the women were failing.

I am not against women competing against males in the workplace. I’ve met intelligent women who are successes in their chosen profession.

I just have a problem with Liberals trying to change America by calling what is wrong right.

It is garbage like this that caused Sodom and Gomorrah to be blown straight to Hell.

Until He Comes,


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