Does Bragg’s Bad Decision Allows Republican Attorneys to Go After the Bidens?

“House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., said Wednesday that Republican attorneys are asking for “ways” to “go after the Bidens.”

Comer, speaking to Fox News the day after former President Donald Trump was arraigned in a New York court, said: “I had two calls yesterday, one from a county attorney in Kentucky and one from a county attorney in Tennessee. They were Republican, obviously, both states are heavily Republican. They want to know if there are ways they can go after the Bidens now.”

He went on to say that Democrats “opened a can of worms” after Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg indicted Trump.

“They’ve set precedents now that we can’t go back on,” Comer said. “And now we’re going to see a judicial system that’s already bogged down with doing what they’re supposed to do, and that’s going after real criminals, people that are committing real crimes, burglaries, rape, robberies, things like that.

“And now you’re going to start having ambitious political people like Alvin Bragg try to make a name for themselves and go after big pie-in-the-sky federal cases. And it’s just not a good path that we need to go forward on in our judiciary.”

Comer also described the indictment as “a political scam.” (Courtesy

Rep. Comer is exactly right

Make no mistake, Bragg did not make the decision to indict Trump by himself.

You can be certain that the Democrat Elite in DC had a lot to do with Bragg getting a hand-picked New York Grand Jury to indict a Former President of the United States of America on BS charges that are so weak that they make Pee Wee Herman look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And, the thing is, their “brilliant” strategy designed to keep Trump from becoming President in 2024 has left the current President wide open for eager District Attorney’s to indict Biden for actual crimes he has committed along with his brother, James and his son, the crackhead.

These eager young lawyers would love to make a name for themselves by hanging, for example, a Money Laundering Charge on #DementiaJoe.

Bragg did not care, or possibly even know, that he was, by indicting Trump, throwing chum in the water to attract the sharks.

If there are any level-headed professional politicians left in the Democrat Elite, they had better get Bragg to drop the case…

Or, they will become victims of their own Machiavellian Machinations.

And, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.

Until He Comes,


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