“Woke” Pentagon’s “Diversity Chief” Not Disciplined for Racially-Divisive Remarks

The Pentagon said it will issue no disciplinary action to its former diversity, equity and inclusion chief, Kelisa Wing, over a series of divisive statements about White people, according to a Thursday letter to the office of Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., who sits on the House Armed Services Committee.

Wing was appointed as diversity, equity and inclusion chief at the Pentagon’s education wing — the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) — in 2021. She was involved in curriculum at DoDEA, which services over 60,000 military-connected children at 160 schools around the globe.

Wing has stated that her goal was to “tear down the system” in education. When asked about whether it was time for a “racial reckoning” and “revolution,” she responded in the affirmative.

Wing was put under probe by the Pentagon on Sept. 17 over tweets which referred to White people as “Karen[s].”

“I’m exhausted with these white folx in these [professional development] sessions,” she wrote.

“[T]his lady actually had the CAUdacity to say that black people can be racist too… I had to stop the session and give Karen the BUSINESS… [W]e are not the majority, we don’t have power,” Wing said in a tweet.

“Caudacity” is a slang term that is used to describe audacity demonstrated by White people.

On another occasion, Wing responded to a user who said, “I am exhausted by 99% of the white men in education and 95% of the white women. Where can I get a break from white nonsense for a while?”

Wing responded, “If another Karen tells me about her feelings… I might lose it…”

The Pentagon repeatedly dragged its feet at releasing the findings of the investigation. Gil Cisneros, the Under Secretary of Personnel and Readiness, was presented with the findings starting in October.” (Courtesy FoxNews.com)

The “Wokeness” which has infected every aspect of our American society has politicized our Armed Forces.

Imagine ignoring the fact that Americans of all races and religion are already serving their country and deciding that a “diversity chief” was needed.

This heifer should have never been allowed anywhere near the men and women serving our country.

Besides, isn’t a RASCIST “diversity chief” an oxymoron?

The decision to hire “Woke useful idiots” like her, along with the decision to allow transvestites to enter our Armed Forces, and along with all the political shenanigans including Proper Pronoun Training, is the reason that enrollment in our military is way down.

The New “Woke” Armed Forces” has been brought about by the same pointy-headed individuals who have introduced CRT racial divisiveness and LGBTQ Grooming into the curriculum of our nations’ public-school systems.

Traditional American Morality and Values are a roadblock to Progressives’ Plans, as regards to the “Good of the State” or their plans for a Socialist Paradise.

That same Traditional American Morality and Values have always been a key component of our Armed Forces.

Hence, the desire of Liberals like the Obama and Biden-Harris Administrations to turn them into a laboratory for Social Engineering experimentation.

They can try.

This Administration has succeeded in dividing Americans in a manner that has not been seen in decades.

However, unfortunately for those who espouse the “singularity of thought” of the Hive-mind, they will never win.

We are Americans. We cherish our Faith, our Families, our Freedom of Thought, and our Freedom to remain a Sovereign Nation

We will not be assimilated.

May God Bless our Brightest and Best.

Until He Comes,


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