Go Woke, Go Stupid: Columbia University Drops SAT, ACT Test Admission Requirements

“Columbia University has permanently dropped its SAT and ACT standardized test requirements for undergraduate admissions.

The Columbia College and the School of Engineering and Applied Science will be “test-optional for all applicants,” meaning that applicants will no longer have to send SAT and ACT scores.

Columbia Undergraduate Admissions announced Wednesday that Columbia would become the first school in the Ivy League to become permanently test-optional.

“We have designed our application to afford the greatest possible opportunity and flexibility for students to represent themselves fully and showcase their academic talents, interests and goals. Standardized testing is not a required component of our application,” the school wrote in the announcement.

“Our review is purposeful and nuanced—respecting varied backgrounds, voices and experiences—in order to best determine an applicant’s suitability for admission and ability to thrive in our curriculum and our community, and to advance access to our educational opportunities,” (Courtesy FoxNews.com)

This has to be dumbest thing that I have ever heard.

For decades, the SAT and ACT Tests have provided a measuring stick through which colleges and universities could assess whether high school graduates had actually learned, after attending school for twelve years, the general knowledge needed to succeed in 4, 6, or 8 years in an Institute of Higher Learning.

Now, it seems that the purpose of Columbia and other “Woke” colleges and universities like it is no longer education but brainwashing and assimulating young minds full of mush into Cultural Marxism in the name of “Diversity” and “Equity”.

What Columbia and other “Woke” universities are telling high school graduates is that they are too dumb to be measured by the same standards as their older siblings, parents, grandparents, family members, and friends who studied their butts off in order to make a good score on the SAT and/or ACT in order to attend college based on their academic accomplishments and not the color of their skin or their political ideology.

I am a college graduate. I graduated 30th out of a Senior Class of 360, with a GPA of 3.54 and an ACT Score of 25.

I worked my butt off to accomplish that.

I am a better, stronger person because of my individual achievement in academia and my achievements since.

That is what the Cultural Marxism known as “Wokeness” is taking away from young Americans: the feeling of accomplishment that individual achievement brings.

And, that is exactly why universities are going “Woke”.

You can’t “radically change” America without eliminating individual achievement.

Until He Comes.


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