Teacher Says It’s OK to Keep Secrets From “Christo-fascist” Parents… What??!!

“A Washington teacher complained on Friday that many schools’ “guidelines and laws” haven’t helped them keep students’ information secret from “Christo-fascist” parents.

A tweet shows Auburn School District 408 teacher Karen Love responding to another that urged parents to check their school district’s policy regarding keeping info about their child’s secret from them.

“Parents-check your school districts’ policy regarding keeping info about YOUR child secret from you. There are some scary policies out there. Schools should not have a right to keep info about your child from you unless abuse by you is suspected. There I said it and mean it,” a tweet written by “The Principle’s Office” reads.

Love responded, “I cannot disagree with this more. So many students are not safe in this nation from their Christo-fascist parents. And our guidelines and laws haven’t caught up with this.” (Courtesy FoxNews.com)

Fellow Americans, do you understand what has been happening in the schools that our children and grandchildren attend 5 days a week?

They are being brainwashed to believe that Christianity is evil, Devil worship is okay, as is Marxism, that there are more than two genders, and that a man can get pregnant!!!

If you wonder why they don’t want to listen to you at home, it is not just because they’re (fill in the age), IT IS BECAUSE THEY ARE BEING PROGRAMMED BY A GODLESS TOTALITARIAN BIG GOVERNMENT LOVING BUNCH OF SOULESS GROOMERS!!!

For example, consider the demonic excuse for a “teacher” quoted in the article above.

She truly believes, like all Marxists, that it is the State’s duty to teach children that the State knows what is best for them.

She also knows that hiding the truth of her horrifying “lesson plans” from parents is the only way that she and her fellow travelers will succeed in their mission.

What “mission”?

Former President Barack Hussein Obama (mm mmm mmmm) let it slip several years ago.

Their mission is to “radically change” America into something that it was never meant to be: a totalitarian mob-ruled remake of the Soviet Union.

So, why is this groomer (yeah, I said it) calling Christian Americans “Christo-fascists”?

We stand in the way of Far Left Democrats like her and her fellow travelers completing their mission.

That is why they are absolutely freaking out about the Revival happening on College Campuses across this country.

Young Christian Americans are “putting on the whole armor of God,” experiencing and sharing His Wonderous Love with fellow Americans … and it is spreading like Wildfire.

Through God’s Grace and the Holy Spirit, we may be witnessing the answer to the prayers of the faithful.

God bless America.

Please, Lord.

Until He Comes,


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