Is “Wokeness” Destroying The Church?

“An English bishop is pushing back after a church choir sang a “woke” version of a popular Christmas carol injecting LGBT and “inclusive” language into the song.

“God rest you queer and questioning, your anxious hearts be still,” a line of the amended U.S. version of “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen” sung by the All Saints with Holy Trinity choir in Loughborough, England, said, according to The Express, with another saying, “God rest you also, women, who by men have been erased. Through history ignored and scorned, defiled and displaced.”

Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, took issue with the amended version of the song and the injection of progressive wording.

“I think what Christmas does, and many other moments, it tells us the importance of ritual,” Nichols told Times Radio. “Ritual helps us to step outside of our own little bubble and connect with something we have received, inherited and that we hope to pass on.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster, speaks at a vigil outside Westminster Abbey. (Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

“Those values are the continuation of musical repertoire, of the ability to sing together, of looking at the rituals that have been fashioned over centuries. Those are probably for me more important than particular sensitivities which come and go.”

The amended U.S. version, written by Jeffrey Wilsor and used by the progressive Hollywood United Methodist Church, retains only the first two lines of the original song, which dates back to 17th-century England.

“We are striving to be an inclusive, eco-conscious and intercultural worshipping community (IWC) engaged with issues of social, racial and climate justice,” the church’s website states.

“We don’t think we have all the answers but for those who wish to journey with us in Christian belief and action you will find a welcome here.””(Courtesy

Before I begin, please allow me to be honest with you.

I left the United Methodist Church at the age of 39, when I realized that, thanks to those in control of the denomination, whose headquarters was in the Northeast, some parts of the UMC were beginning to value secularism more than it did the Word of God.

How did I come to that conclusion?

I walked into a Sunday School class and a theology student was teaching out of a book titled, “Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalists”.

While I hated to leave the Choir Director whom I had sang under for 20 years, like Belshazzar, I saw the writing upon the wall.

That was 25 years ago.

Now, after a long journey down a road filled with Liberals’ “religion of social justice”, the United Methodist Church has paid for following the word of man instead of the Word of God by experiencing a mass exodus of their members, leading to the formation of a new Methodist Denomination.

A Christian “Church” who believes that the Bible is NOT the Word of God is not a CHRISTIAN Church,

It can call itself a Social Justice Center.

It can call itself a Tabernacle of Wokeness.

However, if you devalue the Bible, the Holy Scriptures which are a “two-edged sword” and the key to learning about the foundation of the Christian Faith, then you are studying modern culture and not the history of the Hebrew people and the House of David, from whose lineage came Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.

What has happened to the United Methodist Church has happened to every organization, religious or secular, which has embraced “Political Correctness” or as it is called nowadays “Wokeness.”

Catholics, Episcopalians, Lutherans, and even the Southern Baptists, are allowing popular culture to change their focus from God’s Word to man’s politics.

“Wokeness” has taken the place of “Righteousness”.

The rise of “Wokeness” within Christian Churches is something that is literally tearing apart the fabric of our country.

The only conclusion that I, as a Christian American can reach, is the fact that our Sovereign Nation is in the midst of SPIRITUAL WARFARE for its very soul.

Make no mistake about it, boys and girls, EVIL EXISTS.

My friends, I believe that we are fighting a war against “princes and principalities”. Evil is still alive and well and flourishing in a world in which relative morality and situational ethics are increasingly being accepted as normal behavior.

We see it everyday around us.

Churches used to be a place to refresh the soul and to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit through corporate worship.

Too many have become concert venues and political rallies.

Christians repent of their sins. They don’t celebrate them.

At least, they didn’t use to.

Until He Comes,


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