Socialism in Action: University Students Occupy Campus Building Demanding “A’s” for Everyone

Would you like to know why our economy is tanking?

The main reason is the out-of-touch incompetence of the Biden Administration and the Democrat Elite.

However, the fact that this generation has had everything handed to them and they have no Work Ethic has a great deal to do with it, also.

It all started with “Participation Awards”.

The Far Left Democrats’ embracing of Marxism led to a war against individual achievement…

Which, in turn, led to sickening insanity such as the following…

“Students at an elite, private university in New York City are occupying a campus building with the demand that all be given A grades.

The original reason for The New School occupation, which began on December 8, was to support striking faculty members who were lobbying for higher wages and better health care.

Though the faculty strike has since been resolved, a letter of demands now calls for A grades for all students. It says in part: “We demand that every student receives a final course grade of A as well as the removal of I/Z grades for the Fall 2022 semester.” The letter insisted, “Attendance shall have no bearing on course grade.” (According to the New School’s website, an “I” grade is a “temporary incomplete” and a “z” grade is an “unofficial withdrawal.”)

The letter also states that occupying students demand a refund “for the loss of instructional time due to the strike” and that “this tuition refund will be proportional to the duration of the semester during which the strike is in effect.”

Students are also calling for the resignations of the school’s president, provost, vice president and the disbandment of the Board of Trustees. Other demands include a tuition freeze from 2023 to 2028. As reported by The Daily Caller, students are also demanding for the university president’s house “be treated as a communal property.”

Assistant Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs Amy Malsin commented to Fox News Digital on the unfolding situation: “The university supports peaceful free expression by our students, and we are listening closely to all of our students’ concerns.”

She indicated that “faculty retain autonomy about how to conduct and grade their courses.”

There are approximately 10,000 students at New School. Tuition is $26,854 a semester or $51,900 for a full year.” (Courtesy

Years ago, Liberals decided to put in a program of indoctrination into their belief system through the Department of Education.

They attacked the most vulnerable of us, our children.

Through programs like “anti-bullying” and Common Core, all the things, such as Christian morality and ethics, which average Americans, living in the Heartland, have always taught our children and grandchildren, began being undone by the government, in a scenario eerily reminiscent of the Soviet Union or Communist China.

Uncle Sugar has been telling our kids that it is alright for Heather to have two Mommies, and Bobby not to know who his Daddy is.

And, that it is okay for Daddy to dress in Mommy’s clothing.

They were also being taught in our schools that individual achievement was secondary to the welfare of everyone around them. In other words,

“From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.”

Hey, kid. You didn’t build that.

Vladimir Lenin once said,

“Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.”

What happens when you give “The State” 12 years to indoctrinate your child. Or, 16 years, if they go to college?

Scary, when you think about it, huh?

The Far Left Democratic Party remains determined to somehow change The Shining City on a Hill into an amoral Socialist Paradise.

So, is our present culture-driven state of unrest and strife which we are experiencing in America, simply a matter of choice?

Yes. I believe that it comes down to the choice of individual freedom or subjugation to “princes and principalities”.

America was built by achieving individuals who joined together to fight for “LIBERTY AND FREEDOM FOR ALL”…

Not for “Group-think” and Subjugation under a totalitarian government run by Hive-minded “Useful Idiots ” who never achieved anything without help from a “Nanny State”.

It all begins with teaching our children and grandchildren about the Blessings of Liberty and the fact that they come from “Our Creator” and not “The State “

Until He Comes,


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