The Democrats Just Don’t Get It- A KJ Analysis

The Democratic Party has a problem.

The American People aren’t buying the stuff that they have been shoveling in our direction.

As I have been writing for years, the Democratic Party parted company politically with average Americans a long time ago.

They have become a New Aristocracy based solely on the grounds of their own oversized ego matched by an undersized intelligence.

It is this unrivaled arrogance that makes them believe that all of their unpopular decisions are unpopular simply because the American People don’t understand that these decisions are made “for their own good”.

I realize that politicians have always been shallow, at least the majority of them have been. However, the Far Left Democrat Party are so shallow they make a puddle look like an ocean.

They have no clue as to what average Americans care about.

For example, the “Grooming” trend which has popped up in American Schools through the introduction of sexual proclivities and practices which used to be known as perversion into the teaching of kindergarten-aged children on up.

If they think that taking children to a Drag Queen show is “good” for them, they are a bunch of sick puppies.

Another thing, do Biden’s handlers and the rest of the Democrats actually believe that Americans are buying the argument that the obscenely high gas prices are actually Putn’s fault?

And then there’s the Economy…certainly the Dems can’t believe that Americans are blaming Former President Donald J Trump for “Bidenflation” and the ongoing Supply Chain Problem like they are?

But wait…the Democrats have come up with a way out of their unpopularity problem:

They have decided to make the Midterm Elections about abortion.

Because everybody knows that the overwhelming majority of average Americans view precious babies as a “punishment” to be “disposed of” up until the day they are born.

What a brilliant strategy!


Americans want their children to have quality Classical Education.

They want cheap gas and they want a good strong economy in which jobs are available that pay well and consumer goods are also available and reasonably priced.

Oh… and average Americans do not want and can not afford to buy $75,000 impractical Electric Cars.

It’s no wonder that Democrat Candidates are trying to distance themselves from their installed President.

The next thing you know, the Democrats will bring Obama back from Hawaii to campaign for their pitiful candidates.

Oh, wait. They already have.

The Democrats just don’t get it.

It’s not the candidates.

It’s the Socialism.

Until He Comes,


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