A Divided America

In the past week. I have lost 2 people who belonged to my generation. One was the older brother of a dear friend. The other was just a year ahead of me in high school and the older sister of a friend.

I am a 63 year old Christian American who happens to be White.

That being said, I was in 9th grade when bussing began in the Memphis City Schools System.

Parents reacted as parents often do when concerned about their children. Some parents sent their children to newly-formed private schools while others, like mine, opted to keep their children where they were because they simply couldn’t afford it.

It was an interesting time to be sure but one that proved in many ways to be one of the best things that ever happened in our young lives. We found out that we weren’t that different from one another and lifelong friendships were forged as the result.

When you get my age, you start losing friends and family, leading you to begin reflecting on the things you experienced during your life and things you watched happen around you.

Things like the current fracturing of American Society and culture being purposely brought about by politicians seeking to gain govermental authority through Machiavellian strategies championing fear and hatred.

I am certain you have heard that “a house divided cannot stand”.

Well, America will not stand if we keep going in this direction.

Not the United States of America, anyway.

And, that is what the Socialist Far Left is counting on.

Isn’t it strange how Americans got along better back in the 1970s when American Family Units were still intact for the most part and just about everyone was raised to believe in God and Country?

I rest my case.

Until He Comes,


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