The Mask Mandate is the Dems’ “Wooden Spoon”

Those of us who grew up “back in the day” were lucky enough to have parents who cared enough about us to teach us that there were boundaries.

However, kids being kids, we just had to test those boundaries.

There was no government intrusion into the day-to-day lives of normal American families. Children were brought up to respect Traditional American Values.

However, kids being kids, from time to time those boundaries were crossed.

And when we did cross those boundaries, we were disciplined.

That discipline might come in the form of sticking our face in the corner and standing for several minutes, it might require us washing your mouth out with soap, or, we might have to fetch our mom’s wooden spoon and receive a couple of swats across our backsides.

It occurred to me last night, that the Democrats are awfully anxious to make us continue to wear masks, even though the Chinese Coronavirus has weakened to the point of being no more dangerous than the flu.

The Democrat Elite’s reaction to a federal judge doing away with the Mask Mandate has been very telling.

Most reputable polls show that Americans have had enough of wearing a mask.

Americans are born a free people living in a Constitutional Republic.

We are not sheep in a pasture requiring barking dogs to herd us.

And, therein lies the Democrats’ problem.

The overwhelming majority of Americans are fed up with both the masks and the Democrats.

They’re fed up because Americans have realized after 2 years that the masks are the Democrats’ way of controlling us and keeping us under their thumb.

Furthermore, making children wear masks in school when science itself has proven that children do not get COVID-19 nearly as much as adults is not just a means of control…it is a way of grooming children to be a “part of the flock”, instead of being free-thinking individuals.

The Democrats are witnessing Americans starting to stand up against their totalitarianism. And, they realize that they are about to lose their political power which they have used to take away our rights as Americans.

That is why they want the Mask Mandate reinstated.

Without the restraints of the Mask Mandate, Americans are going to start smiling at each other again and talking about what they have been going through. Then, they are going to realize how badly they have been treated by the Democrats during the pandemic.

And, without the Democrats’ “wooden spoon” (i.e., unconstitutional control of Americans’ daily lives) the Democrat Elite are going to lose their political power.

Because, without something to politically control Americans’ daily lives, the Democrats’ failed political ideology and their verbal support of it will be viewed as nothing but a bunch of “sound and fury signifying nothing”.

And, that’s a good thing.

Until He Comes,


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