The Mask Mandate is the Dems’ “Wooden Spoon”

Those of us who grew up “back in the day” were lucky enough to have parents who cared enough about us to teach us that there were boundaries.

However, kids being kids, we just had to test those boundaries.

There was no government intrusion into the day-to-day lives of normal American families. Children were brought up to respect Traditional American Values.

However, kids being kids, from time to time those boundaries were crossed.

And when we did cross those boundaries, we were disciplined.

That discipline might come in the form of sticking our face in the corner and standing for several minutes, it might require us washing your mouth out with soap, or, we might have to fetch our mom’s wooden spoon and receive a couple of swats across our backsides.

It occurred to me last night, that the Democrats are awfully anxious to make us continue to wear masks, even though the Chinese Coronavirus has weakened to the point of being no more dangerous than the flu.

The Democrat Elite’s reaction to a federal judge doing away with the Mask Mandate has been very telling.

Most reputable polls show that Americans have had enough of wearing a mask.

Americans are born a free people living in a Constitutional Republic.

We are not sheep in a pasture requiring barking dogs to herd us.

And, therein lies the Democrats’ problem.

The overwhelming majority of Americans are fed up with both the masks and the Democrats.

They’re fed up because Americans have realized after 2 years that the masks are the Democrats’ way of controlling us and keeping us under their thumb.

Furthermore, making children wear masks in school when science itself has proven that children do not get COVID-19 nearly as much as adults is not just a means of control…it is a way of grooming children to be a “part of the flock”, instead of being free-thinking individuals.

The Democrats are witnessing Americans starting to stand up against their totalitarianism. And, they realize that they are about to lose their political power which they have used to take away our rights as Americans.

That is why they want the Mask Mandate reinstated.

Without the restraints of the Mask Mandate, Americans are going to start smiling at each other again and talking about what they have been going through. Then, they are going to realize how badly they have been treated by the Democrats during the pandemic.

And, without the Democrats’ “wooden spoon” (i.e., unconstitutional control of Americans’ daily lives) the Democrat Elite are going to lose their political power.

Because, without something to politically control Americans’ daily lives, the Democrats’ failed political ideology and their verbal support of it will be viewed as nothing but a bunch of “sound and fury signifying nothing”.

And, that’s a good thing.

Until He Comes,


Biden Caught Violating D.C. Indoor Mask Mandate in Ritzy Restaurant…Can You Say “Hypocrite”?


Maskless Biden reports that

President Biden and first lady Jill Biden were caught violating Washington, D.C.’s indoor mask mandate by walking through a high-end Georgetown restaurant without masks on Saturday.

The maskless Bidens were recorded leaving Fiola Mare while flanked by masked Secret Service agents.

The two dined at the Michelin-starred Italian seafood restaurant on the Potomac River after attending a service at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown, according to The Daily Mail.

Washington, D.C’s Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser reinstated an indoor mask mandate in July amid the surge of the delta variant. The Bidens also violated Fiola Mare’s mask policy, which mirrors the city’s.

“Per CDC guidance and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s executive order, all individuals over age 2 are required to wear a mask indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Masks must be always worn while in our restaurants, except while eating and drinking. Thank you for understanding,” the restaurant’s website says.

Fiola Mare did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment in time for publication.

Establishments that fail to enforce Bowser’s executive order face potential warnings, fines and the revocation of licenses, though the order also notes: “The enforcement provisions of this Order shall not be applied to persons in the federal government or legislative branch of the District government while those persons are on duty.”

The Bidens’ behavior echoed that of Bowser, who has repeatedly been photographed flouting her own mask mandates.

Hours before her indoor mask mandate went into effect in July, Bowser was photographed without a face mask during her own birthday celebration with comedian Dave Chappelle.

Hours after her indoor mask mandate went into effect, she was photographed without a mask during an indoor wedding reception.

Bowser sparked backlash again in September when she tweeted a picture of herself with a group of women at an indoor Jack and Jill summit without a mask.

Actually, this is not at all shocking.

The Democrat Elite, including President Joe and “Dr.” Jill Biden, have believed themselves to be the next coming of the French Aristocracy for some time now.

I mean, look at the clucking hens on Daytime Time Shows like “The View” and “The Talk” telling “common” Americans how they should do everything that the Democrats in the Federal Government tell us to do.

And yet, even some of them are beginning to wake up…those whom the Far Left Fascists haven’t scared witless, yet.

Just like the Communists ruling the Soviet Union lived “high on the hog” while the Proletariat (Working Class) struggled, so do today’s Far Left Democrats enjoy their life of luxury while attempting to instill fear in the hearts of average Americans in order to maintain control over a populace who is beginning to wake up to their plan to radically change America into a Democratic Socialist (Communist) country.

The door-to-door “Vaccine Brown Shirts” and the threats of Mandates and lockdowns are, again, a means to control average Americans.

By the way, is it just me…or have you noticed that the “Delta Variant Surge” has been cranking up just in time to interfere with the Midterm Elections?

My wife and I both got COVID-19 earlier this year and were severely sick for a month.

On the advice of our doctors, two well-respected men in the field of Internal Medicine, we took the vaccine.


Not the Biden Administration’s or any of the Dancing Monkeys’ in Hollyweird.

The Bidens have exposed themselves as being hypocrites of the highest order.

If his own “Mask Mandates” do not apply to him…why should they apply to US?

The Democrats’ attempt to turn this nation into a Marxist Aristocracy is going to fall flat on its face.

Americans have had enough.

Until He Comes,





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