A Matter of Indoctrination

I was watching “Fox and Friends” this morning and they were talking about how this present generation of students responded in a poll that 1/5 of them belonged to the “Alphabet Community”.

You know the one I’m talking about. Those who were referred to as being of an “alternate lifestyle” until recently.

When I was in college in the late 1970s, I took a course on it that was called “The Sociology of Deviant Behavior”.

Americans are facing the fact that for students have been by social engineers disguised at teachers, who have been filling young minds full of mush with political and social ideas that run not only against what traditional American society has viewed as normal but the political ideas themselves are traitorous.

The murderous sociopath who turned Russia into a Marxist Nation, Vladimir Lenin, stated that if you gave him your children for 8 years he would turn them into Marxists.

That single statement fully explains how we got into the predicament we are facing as a nation.

American parents have allowed the schools to teach their children the opposite political, social, and cultural ideology of Traditional American Society, purposely indoctrinating them to rebel against Traditional American Faith and Values.

What I find quite revealing is that now that those who have been purposely indoctrinating our children are being caught and called on the carpet for it, they act as if they have done nothing wrong.

Their reaction reveals them to be the ideologues which we are all doing them as.

Yes, there are still great teachers out there who still believe in America. They want to educate our children but they are constricted by the system which they are teaching in and by pressure on them to conform.

The good news is, I believe that we will be seeing local school board members who claimed that parents had no say as to what their children were taught voted out and concerned parents voted in to take their places.

That is a good start. However, we’ve got to go out there and vote out all of those Marxist Ideologues who would enslave Americans as their “New Proletariat”.

This is not just a fight to regain cultural and societal norms.

There is a fight going on between “Princes and Principalities”

This was foretold by Jesus Christ, whose entry into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey we will remember on Palm Sunday.

I have read The Book and I know how this ends.

Tbat being said,I believe we are called upon to “fight the Good Fight” until then.

Until He Comes,


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