As SC Nominee KBJ Flounders During Hearings, Dems Attempt Deflection With Justice Thomas “Scandal”

As has been the pattern of the Biden Administration with every other position which they have filled, they have nominated a Far Left Democrat to become the next Supreme Court Justice of the United States of America.

The nominee is a judge who just happens to be a Black Woman.

I capitalized the above description not because of my own emphasis upon it, but because of the emphasis placed upon the ethnicity and gender of the nominee by the Liberal Democrats…instead of her credentials.

They are presently accusing Conservative Republicans of not wanting a black woman on the Supreme Court due to “Raaacism”, while at the same time coming out with some made-up scandal involving Justice Clarence Thomas, a Conservative Black Man

Their hatred toward Justice Thomas is nothing new. Please reference his Nomination Hearings in which then-Senator Joe Biden accused him of placing a pubic hair on a black woman’s can of soda pop while calling Thomas everything but a Child of God.

That strategy and the witness, an “aggrieved” woman who formerly worked with Thomas whom the Democrats brought forth, did not hold up under questioning.

Fortunately, the present strategy I mentioned earlier, which the Liberal Democrats are imploring, championed by the likes of overpaid and never right Liberal Columnist Jennifer Ruben of the Washington Post, will not hold up, either.

The reason that it won’t hold up is because the Democrats’ Nominee, Judge Ketanjii Brown Jackson, has a history of recommending lenient sentences for pedophiles.

She’s not embarrassed by this. In fact, she has defended it this past week during the Senate Hearings proclaiming that some pedophiles deserve light sentences.

Are you kidding me?

Our country’s Legal System is built on laws having been written by our Founding Fathers following traditional Judeo-Christian Beliefs involving ethical and moral behavior.

Today’s Far Left Democrats are determined to make Americans subjugated to their failed political ideology which eschews normal ethical and moral behavior while embracing perversion.

The soulless and weak-minded are easier to control.

Until He Comes,


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