WSJ Poll Shows Voters Side With Republicans Over Democrats to Handle Key Issues Heading Into 2022 …57% Disapprove of Biden’s Job Performance

Biden WSJ Poll

Americans are waking up. reports that

Republicans have some strong signals for momentum with President Joe Biden’s first year in office wrapping up, as voters mostly siding with Republicans over Democrats to handle the key issues heading into 2022, a midterm election year, according to the latest The Wall Street Journal poll released Tuesday.

Republicans are stronger on the securing the border, immigration, crime, taxes, inflation, controlling spending, the economy, and dealing with China. Democrats are stronger on healthcare, education, and social programs.

Republicans top Democrats as the preferred party in Congress to handle these issues by the following margins:

Securing the border 36 percentage points.
Reducing crime 20 percentage points.
Holding the line on taxes 19 percentage points.
Getting inflation under control 18 percentage points.
Deal with China 17 percentage points.
Control federal spending 16 percentage points.
Fixing immigration 14 percentage points.
Reduce the deficit 13 percentage points.
Rebuilding the economy 11 percentage points.
Economic policy 9 percentage points.
Make it easier to return to work 9 percentage points.

Democrats do top Republicans as the preferred party in Congress to handle by the following margins:

Make healthcare affordable 22 percentage points.
Getting pandemic under control 16 percentage points.
Reduce prescription drugs cost 14 percentage points.
Protect Social Security and Medicare 13 percentage points.
Improve education 9 percentage points.
Rebuilding infrastructure 7 percentage points.
Making the tax system fair 7 percentage points.
Look out for the middle class 5 percentage points.

The poll also found President Joe Biden sinking on approval among voters: 57% said they disapprove of Biden’s job performance, with 46% strongly disapproving, and more voters said they would vote for a Republican (44%) than a Democrat (41%) if they election were held today. Notably, the sample included a plurality of voters (47%) who voted for Biden and just 41% that voted for former President Donald Trump.

The Wall Street Journal poll was conducted Nov. 16-22 among 1,500 registered voters. The results had a margin of error of plus or minus 2.5 percentage points.

The Democrats have been in a state of denial since a few months into Biden’s Presidency when things started to circle around the porcelain receptacle.

As Sleepy Joe’s Dementia continues to progress, his handlers are having a harder and harder time keeping him presentable to the American Public.

However, that’s the least of their worries.

The tone-deaf arrogance of the Democrat Elite has trapped them in a bubble of Political Ignorance.

They believed that the majority of Americans would support their ridiculous Far Left Agenda and now, they are actually shocked and mortified that their “Grand Strategy” did not work.

Their first mistake was overestimating their own intelligence and underestimating the intelligence of average Americans.

If you are a Democrat and you do not believe me, you need to watch a college football game and listen to the “Let’s Go Brandon” or “FJB” chants echo through the stadium.

At this point in his presidency, Joe Biden is less popular than Millard Fillmore.

Meanwhile, around the world, both our allies and our enemies have taken notice of President’s weakness.

Our friends are scared and our enemies are laughing their butts off while they are planning to take advantage of our situation.

Meanwhile, the Democrat Elite are going full steam ahead in attempting to get “Build, Back, Better” through Congress.

They have to.

A Political Tsunami is coming in 2022 that is going to take away their political power in Congress and make Biden a lamer duck than he already is.

If Democrats were as smart as they proclaim themselves to be, they would make a course correction in both their domestic and foreign policies.

But, they can’t.

AOC and the rest of the Far Left Democrats are running the show.

The Democrats have become a victim of their own device.

They rigged the 2020 Presidential Election seeking ultimate power in DC only to be on the precipice of losing it for the next 50 years…at least.

Until He Comes,





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